Game One for 2009

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on August 24, 2009 – 11:29 am

This is my 12th season coaching the MVC.  I love every NEW year.  The excitement of the rookies, the pride of seeing veteran team members returning, the thrill of each team in the NFL starting at 0 – 0, a clean slate for everyone to begin – it is awesome!

Something this year feels different though – it has since our tryouts.  Our “inside joke” for the cheerleaders came out of that feeling – we say often at practice “This is our year!” and the call and response in return is everyone on the team yelling “YES!”  We even had tank tops made with this message on it.  So, you can imagine our excitement, along with everyone else last week when we signed Brett Favre.  It didn’t seem quite real until the game on Friday.  I was standing on the sidelines monitoring the ladies routines and formation lines when he ran onto the field for his first play early in the game.  I have never seen anything like it…….it looked like a sea of diamonds sparkling or twinkling stars in the sky.  I think every person in the Metrodome who had a camera began snapping a photo of the first time Brett was on the field as a Viking.  Then the same thing happened as he made his first pass – stars, flashing and lights across the Metrodome.  AMAZING!!!!  “I am watching history be made” was the thought that ran thru my mind in that moment.  It was here and then gone in a flash, (pun intended ?) but it was special to witness.

I hope this season has many more of those moments and maybe a Super Bowl ring – come on lets dream!  Sometimes dreams do come true!  We sure have a lot to cheer about this season.

Tami Krause

Head Coach – Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

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