McNabb Says Offense Is Coming Along; Practice Observations

Posted by Mike Wobschall on August 24, 2011 – 3:41 pm

Vikings QB Donovan McNabb met with reporters after practice on Wednesday, just three days before the Vikings suit up for preseason game #3. Typically the third preseason game is when starters see the most playing time, so Saturday night’s contest against the Dallas Cowboys should give us a pretty good glimpse into just how much progress the Vikings offense has made.

Remember, coming off a lockout that canceled all Organized Team Activities (OTAs) and minicamps in addition to a new Offensive Coordinator and starting QB has the Vikings a bit behind the 8 ball. But the Vikings won’t use that as an excuse for poor play, largely because many other teams are enduring the same or similar disadvantages and also because there’s a sense among many on this team that the offense is making strides.

“We’re getting very close, we’re getting very close,” McNabb said about the chemistry developing between himself and the receivers. “I’m excited with where we’re at right now and those guys kind of have a feel of where I may place the ball [when] they come out of their routes. I have a feel of how they’re going to come out of their routes.

“But again, each game is different and it’s a learning process for all of us and hopefully once the whistle blows come Game One we’re right where we want to be.”

That’s the goal – to be ready to go once Week 1 rolls around and then to continue getting better from that point forward. It seemed as if the Vikings offense made a step forward in that effort on Wednesday. During one full team period of practice, I was standing just behind Musgrave and I heard him complement the Vikings offense a number of times on their spacing and timing.

“We had a good day today,” Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier said after practice, speaking about his entire team. “I really believe we got better in some areas. We worked a little bit of short yardage, some goal line and some two-minute. Great weather again for us to practice in, which really helps a lot as you’re trying to mold the team and get the team ready for our third preseason game.

“I think we’re moving in the right direction,” Frazier continued. “This game on [Thursday] night will give us a better indication of where we are and how far we have to go to be ready for our first regular season game.”

Here are a few observations from practice…

– The Vikings worked for roughly two hours on Wednesday in full pads and in warm, breezy conditions.

– Vikings TE Visanthe Shiancoe, who returned to practice from a hamstring injury on Tuesday, was not out on the field taking part in practice on Wednesday. Frazier said Shiancoe incurred a setback, but said it was not a major setback. The Vikings ultimately decided to hold him back on Wednesday rather than risk further injury.

– With Shiancoe on the sidelines, rookie TE Kyle Rudolph saw a few more reps. He’s had a tremendous training camp so far and he was very good on Wednesday. The one aspect of Rudolph’s game that I notice the most is how sure-handed he is; you rarely, if ever, see him take his eye off the ball before he secures it and moves upfield. He also rarely traps the football against his body to catch it.

– There was some pretty good action in the goal line portion of Wednesday’s practice. On three straight plays, the Vikings defense made stops against the scout team. On the first play, DT Letroy Guion penetrated and stopped a run in the backfield. On the second play, the offense used a play-action fake to try and fool the defense but LB Erin Henderson did not bite and was able to tip the pass and cause an incompletion. On the third and final play of the series, DT Christian Ballard and CB Cedric Griffin combined to stop a run short of the goal line.

– WR Percy Harvin made the play of the day on a pass from rookie QB Christian Ponder. Harvin was flying down the left sideline and was able to catch up to and dive under a pass that Ponder had launched downfield. Harvin came up with the ball, secured it all the way to the ground and then quickly got to his feet and completed the play by dashing to the endzone. This was one of the plays when Musgrave complemented Ponder and Harvin on “great timing.” In fact, Musgrave made the “great timing” comment as Ponder’s pass was in the air and about 75% of the way to where Harvin ended up making the catch.

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CB Cedric Griffin May Get A Look On Saturday; Harvin Update

Posted by Mike Wobschall on August 18, 2011 – 6:17 am

The Vikings had a “good, spirited” practice on Wednesday at Winter Park, according to Head Coach Leslie Frazier. The team worked out in full pads and under ideal conditions as they continue preparations for this Saturday’s preseason game in Seattle.

Frazier pointed out that Wednesday’s practice included periods where the team worked in backed-up, two-minute, goal line and short-yardage situations.

But right now the main issues for the Vikings revolve around some minor injuries and how playing time for the second preseason game will be distributed. Several players have missed a practice or two this week coming off of last weekend’s preseason opener, but the good news is the team isn’t dealing with any major injuries.

“The further you get along,” Frazier said of training camp, “you’re going to have some bumps and bruises and fortunately for us, we haven’t had any major issues. There’s nothing more than muscle pulls or strains and you’ll get through those in time.”

The highest-profile player to miss time so far has been WR Percy Harvin, who has a mild rib injury and has missed most of practice over the past two days. Frazier indicated that Harvin is fine but that the team is being careful. In fact, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Harvin was held out of Saturday’s game to ensure that he fully heals. His role on the team is pretty well-defined, so it might actually be more beneficial to have him sit than to have him play, largely so the coaching staff can get a look at other players behind Harvin on the depth chart.

A guy who has looked great in training camp but who didn’t make it onto the field last weekend is CB Cedric Griffin. He’s coming back from a knee injury that ended his 2010 season early and it sounds like he might get on the field for a few minutes on Saturday night in Seattle.

“At least a series,” Frazier said when asked how much Griffin might play on Saturday. “That’s where we’re thinking right now. We’ll see how he does tomorrow (Thursday) in practice, how he finishes and if he finishes fine we may try to get him a series.”

As questionable as the secondary looked last weekend, keep in mind that the team’s two best CBs (Griffin and Antoine Winfield) didn’t play. It seems only fair that Griffin and Winfield be allowed on the field before an iron-clad judgment can be cast on the progress of the secondary from the end of last season to the beginning of this season.

Speaking of the Vikings secondary, there’s another guy who didn’t get on the field last weekend but who has been having a superb camp. It’s rookie S Mistral Raymond, and he was held out last weekend because he tweaked his hamstring on the final play of the Mankato version of training camp.

Raymond is an impressive-looking athlete at the safety position. He has good size (6-1, 194 pounds) but also has the agility, quickness and speed you look for in a starting NFL DB. Raymond actually played some CB in college, so it’ll be interesting to see if he has the combination of aggressiveness and coverage ability you look for in an NFL safety.

“He’s a guy we’re anxious to take a look at in a game situation but we feel pretty good about his athleticism and how well he’s picked up things on defense,” Frazier said of Raymond. “Now it’s a matter of how he plays against other opponents but we’re looking forward to watching him play.”

Vikings fans should be, too. With questionable play at times over the last couple of seasons at safety, Raymond is one of a few players with an eye on a starting job in the Vikings secondary. The competition at safety, specifically, is thick and I think it will yield positive results for the Vikings defense.

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Trend Or Mirage?

Posted by Mike Wobschall on August 14, 2011 – 10:52 am

Much of my attention so far in the aftermath of the Vikings preseason opener in Tennessee has been on the QBs. Much of the fans’ attention has been on criticizing the offensive line and secondary. So for a moment let’s focus on a few other topics from Saturday night’s game and discuss whether they are trends that we can anticipate continuing or mirages that were just a flash in the pan.

Let us know what you think by leaving your thoughts in the comments section below this entry…

Lorenzo Booker flying all over the field
From an individual standpoint, RB Lorenzo Booker flashed on the field more than any other player for the Vikings. Many Vikings fans will remember Booker as “the guy who came on late last season and returned a few kicks.” But on Saturday night he had a different role. In the end, Booker finished with 9 carries for 47 yards (5.2 yards per carry), including a run of 20 yards. He also had 3 receptions for 32 yards and a kickoff return for 26 yards.

More than just the numbers, though, Booker displayed his above-average speed and his outstanding quickness. He has a wiggle to him when the ball is in his hands and rarely does the first defender bring him to the ground. In fairness, we must note that he did lose a fumble on Saturday night and that turnover led to a Tennessee TD. That cannot continue if Booker is going to remain a factor for the Vikings.

Trend or Mirage: I say this is a trend. Booker immediately bonded with QB Donovan McNabb (they were together in Philadelphia during the 2008 season) and I think he’s going to be a safety net for McNabb in the Vikings offense. Booker is a great change-of-pace RB, he’ll be valuable on 3rd downs and, perhaps most importantly, he could be the primary kickoff returner. If Booker can prove reliable as a kick returner, it will allow the Vikings to preserve Percy Harvin from that role and increase Harvin’s touches on offense.

Christian Ballard notches a QB sack
The Vikings selected DL Christian Ballard with their fourth-round pick in last April’s draft and they took him with the thought that he could bolster the defensive line’s depth because he can play both inside at DT and outside at DE. Ballard was productive at both spots while playing for the University of Iowa and I’ve seen nothing so far in training camp that indicates he can’t be productive at either spot in the NFL.

On Saturday night during the 2nd quarter, Ballard crashed the pocked and sacked QB Jake Locker on 3rd and 2, ending the Titans drive and forcing a punt. That’s the kind of disruption the Vikings hoped to see from Ballard.

Trend or Mirage: Looks like a trend to me. Although he hasn’t had an outstanding camp, he has played well enough so far, especially with the sack on Saturday night, to inspire confidence that he can be a member of the DL rotation this season.

Vikings secondary suspect again
It was only the first preseason game, so we don’t want to draw a water-tight conclusion yet. But unfortunately we saw more of the same from the Vikings secondary on Saturday night. Granted, Tennessee only scored 14 points for the game, but there were times when it felt like both Matt Hasselbeck and Locker had no problem finding holes in coverage. Also, the Vikings didn’t generate much of a pass rush all night – except for Ballard’s sack – and that doesn’t help the secondary cover anybody.

Both Asher Allen and Chris Cook will be criticized for the next week for their play in Saturday night’s game. Also, fans will be quite vocal about the need for an improvement at safety. Given how the secondary performed last year and also how Saturday night unfolded, this is a fair complaint. But as upset as you are fans, at how the secondary has played, I hope you are just as open to seeing improvement in the weeks ahead.

Trend or Mirage: I think it’s a mirage. My expectation is the Vikings pass rush will be better in 2011 than it was in 2010 and I also think the return of Cedric Griffin to the starting lineup (he didn’t play Saturday night) will make a huge difference in the secondary. I know head coach Leslie Frazier believes in Cook and if the second-round pick from last year can gain some confidence and play well, the Vikings can quickly turn what was once a major weakness into a serviceable to strong part of the team. Yes, we saw a few things we didn’t want to see on Saturday night, but we have three preseason games and a whole lot more training camp to go before the regular season begins on September 11 in San Diego.

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Talking Points: Coach Frazier Press Conference

Posted by Mike Wobschall on August 1, 2011 – 5:05 pm

Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier held a press conference after Monday’s opening practice and he obviously was asked about a lot of relevant topics. We’ll post the press conference in on-demand format soon, so you’ll be able to listen and watch it in its entirety.

Until then, here are a few comments I thought were of particular significance:

– The Vikings signed free agent OT Charlie Johnson on Monday. He was actually in Mankato for practice but was unable to suit up because of a new CBA rule that requires players with new contracts to sit out of practice until the new League starts (August 4). But it was good to see Johnson in camp because he is permitted to sit in meetings and bond with his teammates in the dorm. Frazier said the plan for Johnson is to get him in the offensive line rotation and see what he can do. Johnson was most recently in Indianapolis, where he protected Peyton Manning’s blindside. But he has some versatility and is a candidate to slide down the line and perhaps play some guard as well.

– Staying with the offensive line, Frazier said that starting RG Anthony Herrera will open camp on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list. Herrera is coming back from an ACL injury and also a triceps injury, so this development is not unexpected. Frazier said the goal is not to rush Herrera back into action; rather, the goal is to get him ready to play once the season arrives.

– Former Vikings WR Randy Moss is going to retire, according to his agent, Joel Segal. Frazier was very complimentary about Moss when asked to comment about the WR, saying he was a tremendous player and a (future) Hall of Famer. Frazier said he had a good relationship with Moss when they were together in Minnesota last year and he also commented that Moss commanded two and sometimes even three players in coverage during his prime. Before some of you get too excited, I still don’t see Moss as a good fit here, even with Frazier saying so many nice things about him.

– We’ve talked about CB Cedric Griffin quite a bit on lately, and Frazier was asked about him on Monday as well. Frazier described Griffin as a “key component” to the Vikings defense and to the team. The Vikings plan is to take it slow with Griffin, largely because they weren’t able to be with him during the offseason to fully monitor his progress. As is the case with Herrera, the goal with Griffin is to make sure he’s ready to play once the regular season rolls around.

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CB Griffin Anxious To Get Back On The Field

Posted by Mike Wobschall on August 1, 2011 – 9:18 am

A long offseason of CBA and lockout rhetoric has coaches and players extra anxious to get back out on the field at 2011 Verizon Vikings Training Camp. But there might not be anyone more anxious than CB Cedric Griffin.

Griffin missed 14 games last year because of a knee injury and that came after he made a speedy recovery from the same kind of injury in the 2009 NFC Championship Game. So for two straight offseasons, Griffin was aggressively rehabbing a knee injury that ended his season the year prior.

“I’m definitely anxious to get back to playing football, just due to last season and missing quite a few games,” Griffin said. “But I’m back and ready to go. We’re going to have fun this year.”

If you know Griffin, you know that he truly is anxious to get back out on the field. Standing on the field during the ’09 Championship Game, it was disheartening to see Griffin get hurt on the kickoff to open overtime. Then last season, it was even more disheartening to see Griffin incur the same injury again.

There aren’t many players who love to play more than Griffin. He aggressively rehabbed his first knee injury to the point where he had to be held back a bit. But Griffin’s determination could not be contained and he completed the recovery process in time to return early last season. That same determination will have him ready to go this season.

 Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier had some good news on Griffin Sunday; he said Griffin won’t begin training camp on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list. But he also said the team would ease Griffin back into the flow of things.

“Based on what the doctors have told me, we kind of have to go slow early on,” Frazier said. “But we want to try to get him ready for that San Diego game. We can’t ask him to do everything that all other players are doing for this early part of camp. But we’re going to monitor his progress and take him along at a little slower pace than the rest of the players.”

With Griffin back in the fold, the Vikings CB position is instantly strengthened.

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Griffin Confident As He Rehabs Knee Injury

Posted by Mike Wobschall on December 31, 2010 – 11:53 am

On Thursday the Vikings named CB Cedric Griffin the team’s recipient of the 2010 Ed Block Courage Award, an honor NFL players do not take lightly because it’s voted on by their peers. The award is named in honor of Ed Block, the longtime head athletic trainer of the Baltimore Colts who was a pioneer in his profession and a respected humanitarian. The award is given to one player from each team who exemplifies commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and courage.

On Friday, Griffin met with reporters in the Winter Park lobby and he expressed gratitude to his teammates for honoring him with the award and he also made clear the confidence he has in his recovery from a torn ACL he suffered early in the season. The injury to Griffin this season was especially tough to take because the physical CB had suffered the same injury in his other knee during last season’s NFC Championship Game.

It was clear in listening to Griffin, though, that he’s confident he’ll return to the field for the 2011 season and not miss a beat. That’s a good sign for the Vikings and for a secondary that missed him this season. Here are a few other thoughts from his conversation with reporters…

– Griffin said one tough aspect of this injury was missing most of the season. Before 2010, he had never missed a season with injury through high school, college and the NFL.

– Asked if there were ever times in his rehab process where he felt discouraged, Griffin said no. The only time he felt frustration was on the sidelines of the NFC Championship Game last year after he suffered the first knee injury. Since then, he said, he’s learned to channel that frustration to his rehab.

– Griffin said he didn’t look at his absence from the CB position with frustration. Rather, he said he was encouraged to see other players, such as Asher Allen and Chris Cook, gain valuable experience that will make them better players in the future and that will give the Vikings secondary valuable depth going forward.

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What To Expect From Rice Today

Posted by Mike Wobschall on November 21, 2010 – 11:12 am

Vikings WR Sidney Rice will make his 2010 season debut today after an extended stint on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list because of a hip condition. Rice’s presence in the Vikings lineup gives the offense a dimension it’s been sorely missing since last season, a presence not even Randy Moss could adequately fill.

But now that Rice is officially back and a part of the active game day roster, the question is ‘What should we expect from Rice?’

I don’t know, to be honest. Rice has been careful not to set too high of expectations for himself and Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress told Ed Werder recently that 20-40 snaps might be the workload his Pro Bowl receiver sees today. On the other hand, though, this is nearly as late as Rice possibly could’ve come back to the lineup and I certainly don’t think he’d declare himself ready to play if he wasn’t truly ready.

Ultimately, given the ramifications of this game and the fact that Rice is playing for his next contract after spending half the season out of action, I expect a supreme effort from him today and I actually think he’ll score a TD. As I tweeted yesterday, Rice will be especially hand for Favre and Co. in the red zone. Remember, the Vikings anticipated working Cedric Griffin back into action slowly as he came back from a torn ACL earlier this season. But in his first action back on the field, Griffin played nearly every defensive snap.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see Rice with a similar effort today for the offense.

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Sunny Side Up – What Looked Good In Green Bay

Posted by Mike Wobschall on October 25, 2010 – 11:02 am

It’s natural to be negative coming off a tough loss like that in Green Bay where we had opportunities slip through our grasp numerous times. And there are some things for the negatives out there to harp on, but let’s take a look at a few positives from Sunday night’s game…

– Fans. The Vikings faithful were well-represented at Lambeau Field on Sunday night and I appreciated seeing that. Those Vikings fans in attendance nearly saw an improbable upset and come-from-behind victory that would’ve been the highlight of their season. Going into Lambeau Field and winning is a great feeling and the Vikings almost did it again this year. There were tons of Vikings fans there that would’ve enjoyed it.

– Adrian Peterson. Another reason the loss is so tough to take is that Peterson had such a good game, both running the football catching it. Green Bay couldn’t stop him and when all was said and done Peterson had 131 yards and 1 TD on 28 carries along with 41 receiving yards on 2 receptions, including a huge 15-yard reception with under a minute to go in the game. Peterson was breaking tackles, running away from defenders and slicing up Green Bay’s defense. Also the offensive line was run blocking well to open up holes for Peterson. The Vikings ground game is in good shape as we head to New England next week.

– Percy Harvin. What a monster for the Vikings, both on offense and special teams. Harvin lines up in the slot, in the backfield, out wide, he motions, he shifts, he’s a dangerous kickoff returner. On Sunday night Harvin had 41 rushing yards (and a 17-yard TD) on 3 carries, he had 65 receiving yards on 5 receptions and he had 81 kickoff return yards on 3 tries. And he nearly had a dramatic game-winning grab in the back of the endzone that would’ve haunted Green Bay for years. As good as it is to see Harvin carve up defenses, it’s just as good to see the Vikings coaching staff’s ability to properly utilize him.

– Antoine Winfield. He’ll go a bit unnoticed because he didn’t have any splash plays, but he was terrific against Green Bay. Winfield played a lot in the slot and that means he played a lot against WR Donald Driver, and Driver was held without a catch. He’s one of Green Bay’s most reliable offensive weapons and he’s had a catch in over 100 straight games, but Winfield took him out of the equation.

– Offensive line. I thought Vikings QB Brett Favre had good protection for most of the night. In combination with RBs and TEs, the Vikings offensive line did a good job of picking up Green Bay’s blitzes and they did an excellent job of run blocking for Peterson and Toby Gerhart. This part of the Vikings has taken on some criticism as of late and against Green Bay they were solid. I can’t help but think that part of it is because of C John Sullivan’s return to the lineup.

– Toby Gerhart. It’s been a bit of a slow start for Gerhart since he arrived here last spring, but that’s the best I’ve seen Gerhart look. He did a great job with blitz pickup and pass protection and he had a nice burst with the ball in his hands. Gerhart had 24 yards on 5 carries and he also had a 6-yard reception. More important than those numbers, though, is that Gerhart looked quick and comfortable with the ball. I like what I saw from him and I look forward to watching him continue to develop.

– Creating turnovers. The Vikings defense has been very good in 2010, but the one criticism they’ve taken on has to do with creating turnovers. But against Green Bay they forced 1 fumble and also intercepted QB Aaron Rodgers twice. The Vikings play great “bend-but-don’t-break” defense, which is great, but a key to that style of defense is ultimately coming up with turnovers after stretching out the opponent’s drive. That’s what they were able to do against Green Bay and it’s something they’ll need to continue to do going forward.

– Chad Greenway. He led all defenders in the game with 12 tackles and he also forced a fumble. Three of Greenway’s 12 tackles came for a loss, too. He’s been all over the field this year and last night was no exception. Going a step further, Greenway has come off of 2 serious knee injuries, which is exactly what CB Cedric Griffin is doing right now. Griffin needs to look no further than his very own teammate for inspiration in his rehab.

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Emptying Out The Vikings-Cowboys Notebook

Posted by Mike Wobschall on October 19, 2010 – 2:01 pm

On Wednesday we’ll begin focusing on the huge NFC North showdown between the Vikings and Green Bay, which will be featured on NBC’s broadcast of Sunday night football. Before then, though, let’s empty out the notebook from last weekend’s 24-21 victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

Percy’s Versatility
Percy Harvin has been a sensational playmaker for the Vikings since he arrived last season as a 1st-round pick. But just as impressive as the actual plays he makes on the field is his ability to impact the Vikings in so many different ways. He’s a dynamic kick returner, a productive receiver and he can line up in the backfield and act as a RB.

As a rookie last season, Harvin finished tied for 1st among all NFL rookies in receiving yards (790) and receptions (60). He also ranked 2nd in the NFC and 7th in the NFL with his team record 2,081 all-purpose yards (1,156 kickoff return, 790 receiving, 135 rushing). In total, Harvin touched the ball 117 times and averaged 17.8 yards per touch.

Against Dallas on Sunday, Harvin returned a kickoff 95 yards for a TD, the 3rd kickoff return TD of his career – more than any other Vikings player in history. He also had 3 receptions for 21 yards and lined up in the backfield to take 2 handoffs and pickup 18 yards.

“We talked about that before,” Childress said when asked about Harvin’s versatility, “about Urban Meyer saying he may have been their best running back (at Florida). In fact, he takes a great look at runs coming out of the backfield; outside runs, inside runs. We’re just trying to put the ball in his hands and get him as many touches as we can.

Childress even said the team might take a look at Harvin as a punt returner at some point because of his natural return abilities and vision in setting up blocks.

Replacing Cedric Griffin
The loss of CB Cedric Griffin to another knee injury hurts the Vikings pass defense and his absence was felt against the Cowboys. All 3 of Dallas’ TDs came via the pass, and two of the scores came with CB Lito Sheppard in coverage.

“He was in coverage on the two touchdown throws,” Childress explained on Monday. “I think we felt like he could have played a little bit better technique on the one down in the end zone, maybe could have been in inside technique to deny that slant. He was about to make a great play on the ball, it hit his hands, then [Dez] Bryant makes a great play on the ball.”

It’s not necessary to give up on Sheppard, but the Vikings must correct some of the errors that led to those 3 TDs on Sunday. The Packers have every bit as talented a WR corps as the Cowboys, so expect Aaron Rodgers and Co. to look for a way to attack the Vikings secondary.

Hopefully they’ll try to attack Asher Allen. My sense is that the pieces are falling into place for Allen, who is currently in his second season with the Vikings but is now seeing more of the field on defense. I think Allen is close to making a big defensive play and the timing would be perfect if he could do it against Green Bay. There will still be some learning moments for Allen on defense, but I like what I saw from him against the Cowboys, particularly with him being in the right position at the right time. Eventually he’ll be able to play fast without thinking, and that’s when the big plays will start to happen.

Center of Attention
Staring C John Sullivan has been dealing with a pesky calf injury all season and it’s caused him to miss some games. On Sunday against Dallas he was active but Jon Cooper started in his place – perhaps a precautionary move on the Vikings part. Although I feel the Vikings have missed Sullivan at C this year, Cooper did a good job against a stout Dallas defensive front seven. Jay Ratliff is the Cowboys defender that was lined up directly over Cooper for most of the day and though he did get a sack, he only had 3 tackles. Given Cooper’s inexperience and size disadvantage against Ratliff, it could’ve been much, much worse.

“He did a good job with the line calls,” Childress said of Cooper. “That guy [Jay] Ratliff is a hell of a football player and he gave him fits right from that first pass that he threw complete to Percy. I think he ended up kind of jittering him a little bit at the line of scrimmage and hit Brett on that particular play. But he did a great job with the line calls. Extremely competitive in there. I liked what he did getting a promotion to that starting job.”

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Griffin Placed On IR; Sherels Back On Practice Squad

Posted by Mike Wobschall on October 13, 2010 – 3:09 pm

Signing veteran CB Frank Walker wasn’t the only roster business the Vikings conducted on Wednesday.

A roster spot became available because the Vikings placed CB Cedric Griffin on IR.

The team also brought CB Marcus Sherels back to the team and placed him on the practice squad.


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