MVC: It Takes A Community To Take Care Of Our Family

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on September 21, 2009 – 11:49 am

That is how I feel about our team.  It isn’t a one (wo)man show here.  We offer the MVC the resources to help them do their best at their job and to feel taken care of for all they do.

Expressions MD help the faces of our team – by offering techniques and products that make the ladies skin beautiful.  They also provide the team’s make-up.
Spalon Montage helps to apply the ladies make up and color/style their hair so they look like they just walked out off of a magazine ad!
Lifetime trains our team so their bodies look fit and their stamina is ready for game day!  Love it!
Golden Tan offers the ladies Mystic Tans so their bodies have a healthy and vibrant glow.
GTM gears them up with their official team warm ups.
Reebok provides them with the latest Viking fashions for off the field.
The Line Up outfits them in their swimwear and their costumes for game day.  We call them “Helga” and “Violet”.
WinCraft supplies them with poms – what’s a cheerleader without poms!?
Coaches/Staff help to motivate and encourage the team to meet their full potential.
Captains lead their team to be prepared for practices/games.

As you can see – it takes a community to take care of our MVC family!

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Top 10 Qualities of a MVC

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on September 14, 2009 – 3:05 pm

Ever wonder what I am looking for in team members for the MVC?

Here is my top 10 list of qualities I am looking for in an MVC.

1.    Motivated – I am looking for women who are “go-getters”, who take initiative, who aren’t waiting for things to happen, but are making things happen!
2.    Inspiring – Something about them needs to be inspiring.  Their life history or upbringing, their life ambition, their talent level, etc.  When you get to know this woman you are inspired by her and it makes an impact.
3.    Charitable – Compassion is necessary, along with the willingness to donate your time for a cause.  We are very lucky to be so involved in the community and if a team member doesn’t have a passion for giving back it could be a long season for them.
4.    Beautiful – Inside first!  We are looking for women who are beautiful people.  They must be caring, kind, hard working, ethical, etc.
5.    Beauty – Of course, we are also looking for women who take care of themselves and have a natural beauty about them.
6.    Talented – This could be learned talent or natural talent.  You don’t have to be the “STATE CHAMP” but you have to have the basics.
7.    Unselfish – Someone who will be looking for ways to serve the team, her teammates and the community.  We are not looking for someone who wants to be “famous”, to be “cover model for the calendar” or looking to meet their future husband.
8.    Confident – whether in front of a crowd, on-air, at a photo shoot, dancing for the judges, or performing on the sidelines we need confident women.   Now honestly, we can’t always be 100% confident, but you can “fake it till you make it” and be confident in your ability to do well – even when you are nervous.
9.    Organized – our team does many community appearances, calendar sales events, and other events on top of their personal schedule and our practice and game schedule.  You have to have good time management skills and be willing to make some sacrifices during your year as an MVC.
10.    Have a love for the Vikings – it is hard to cheer for hours on end if you don’t have a passion for performing for the purple and gold ?

Tami Krause – MVC Head Coach

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MVC: 2009-10 Costumes

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on September 9, 2009 – 1:15 pm

We unveiled our new costume, which we refer to as “Violet” in August, during pre-season.

I thought you might be interested to know what goes into preparing a new costume for the team.

I work alongside Deb Erickson from The Line Up to first create a drawing of the design we are looking to make.  I have always liked a V neckline on our costumes so that is were we begin.  (V is for Vikings!)

Deb will draw up a few mocks based on elements I have recommended and we begin to narrow down the selections for waistline, back, skirt, under brief, straps, seams, etc.  Once we have the design concept finished we select fabric.  The choices here are unending, but finding the right purple can be tricky.  Deb, and her wonderful staff then create a proto-type for us to use for sizing the team and testing the pattern and fit.  Once everyone is perfectly measured the waiting begins.  The production team at the Line Up work quickly to finish our new garments, including embellishing them with beautiful rhinestones and detailing.  I love the look of the wide waistband and V “belt buckle” we selected this year.  Then comes the grand unveiling!  The 2009 MVC loved the selection and we hope you the fans will enjoy the design as well!   I think it turned out pretty good and would sure look great in Super Bowl photos from Miami this year, don’t you agree?  GO VIKES!!

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Game One for 2009

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on August 24, 2009 – 11:29 am

This is my 12th season coaching the MVC.  I love every NEW year.  The excitement of the rookies, the pride of seeing veteran team members returning, the thrill of each team in the NFL starting at 0 – 0, a clean slate for everyone to begin – it is awesome!

Something this year feels different though – it has since our tryouts.  Our “inside joke” for the cheerleaders came out of that feeling – we say often at practice “This is our year!” and the call and response in return is everyone on the team yelling “YES!”  We even had tank tops made with this message on it.  So, you can imagine our excitement, along with everyone else last week when we signed Brett Favre.  It didn’t seem quite real until the game on Friday.  I was standing on the sidelines monitoring the ladies routines and formation lines when he ran onto the field for his first play early in the game.  I have never seen anything like it…….it looked like a sea of diamonds sparkling or twinkling stars in the sky.  I think every person in the Metrodome who had a camera began snapping a photo of the first time Brett was on the field as a Viking.  Then the same thing happened as he made his first pass – stars, flashing and lights across the Metrodome.  AMAZING!!!!  “I am watching history be made” was the thought that ran thru my mind in that moment.  It was here and then gone in a flash, (pun intended ?) but it was special to witness.

I hope this season has many more of those moments and maybe a Super Bowl ring – come on lets dream!  Sometimes dreams do come true!  We sure have a lot to cheer about this season.

Tami Krause

Head Coach – Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

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