What Happened At OTAs?

Posted by Mike Wobschall on June 1, 2012 – 6:46 am

The Vikings have completed their first three days of Organized Team Activities (OTAs) as they march through the offseason program in preparation for the 2012 season. It was a busy, productive and positive week overall for the team, as they put in great work on the field and closed the week with their annual playground build at a local school in Minneapolis.

In case you missed our wall-to-wall coverage of OTAs this week, here are a bunch of quick-hitters and links to get you caught up…

Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin raced up a hill a bunch of times and we have video of it.

QB Christian Ponder is a big self-critic and because of that has progressed well during the offseason.

WR Jerome Simpson told us he loves his new team, his new QB and his new position coach.

Cool video of OTA #1.

– RB Toby Gerhart, the guest on this week’s Wobcast, comes from an athletic family and is good-to-go for the 2012 season.

We talked about CB Antoine Winfield a lot in this week’s Pick 6 (video mailbag feature).

– And in this blog entry about OTA #1.

– The week concluded with a cool annual community event that makes a direct and profound impact.

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18 Responses to “What Happened At OTAs?”

  1. By Bigfan1 on Jun 1, 2012 | Reply

    Why did the Vikings spend $25 million on TE John Carlson when his days were numbered in Seattle? They also paid Hilliard a running back from Miami $615K for running 41 yards last year. What a job.

  2. By SHA on Jun 1, 2012 | Reply

    How is Bethel-Thompson doing in OTA’s?

  3. By Spencer on Jun 1, 2012 | Reply

    *Chris Cook made an “impressive” INT against Devin Aromoshadu.

  4. By Parody on Jun 1, 2012 | Reply

    Bigfan1 – For a player who has been in the league for 3-years, Hilliard is earning the league minnimum. Check out the chart on this link:

    Just because we signed these guys doesn’t mean that they’ll earn the money agreed to. Players get cut all the time, and there’s 37 men on our roster right now who won’t be earning salaries with the Vikings come late August.

  5. By DRS on Jun 1, 2012 | Reply

    This ideal if forwarded from the previous blog, how about we call the Vikings defense the purple gane.

  6. By DRS on Jun 1, 2012 | Reply

    Or we could call them the Berserkers.

    Berserker – a frenzied Norse warrior – a member of a group of ancient Norse warriors who fought with wild unrestrained aggression

  7. By DRS on Jun 1, 2012 | Reply

    We could chant, let’s go Vikings, let’s go Berserkers and win, win, win.

  8. By DRS on Jun 1, 2012 | Reply

    Odin’s hall where the berserkers do not fall for we are the Sons of Odin

  9. By Bill on Jun 1, 2012 | Reply

    Let’s at least field a decent defense before we starting handing out nicknames…

  10. By DRS on Jun 1, 2012 | Reply

    Vikings secondary, in search of its identity, loses Allen
    Article by: DAN WIEDERER ,
    Star Tribune Updated: May 31, 2012 – 8:13 AM

    ‘It takes time’

    Williams knew what he was getting into when he arrived in mid- January, inheriting a pushover pass defense that opposing quarterbacks bullied for 4,019 yards, 34 touchdowns and a startling 68.2 completion percentage last season.

    The defensive coordinator knows improvement is mandatory. Still, he has no plans to dramatically change the system.

    The personnel refurbishment should help.

  11. By DRS on Jun 1, 2012 | Reply

    Bill, it cannot hurt to get a nickname to inspirer the team, to get the character of the team established.

  12. By DRS on Jun 1, 2012 | Reply


  13. By plungerrrr on Jun 1, 2012 | Reply

    Time we here in Vikings world face the fact that when the 2012 season is over we will be drafting in the top 5 again for the 2013 draft, i see it as highly unlikely that we will win a division game this year, Most likely A.P. Is gonna get re-injured sometime around week 7 (he runs too hard) i would gather, and toby wont finish the season either with his knee problems, so we will finish the season on a 3rd string back. Also Management needs to cut its losses with Phil Loadhalt? RT, been watching this kid since they drafted him, and he is garbage at Right Tackle, and the rest of the line aside from kalil is a bunch of nobodys..well sullivan is in the mix but he can only do so much. Also get used to the fact that after another loosing season Leslie Frazier’s days in MN are over. Jared allen is due rite around 12 million dollars at the end of this season. So look for the tight-waud management to trade him away to get out of spending more money. EIther way by the time this vikings team comes around A.P. Wont be there neither will Jared allen. And most likely Ponder will turn out to be a bust. Lets all take note that the Vikings orginization hit the Panic button when they drafted this kid in the first round 11th pick i think it was. Everyone said he was a second round talent and were shocked that he went that high. Management didn’t do near enuff this year. You cant put a team together with 2nd rate talent, and thats what this organization is. For those of you that think Harvin will be the answer your wrong there too. he misses 5 games a season due to headaches, so he wont be there when the season is on the line, if memory serves me we lost dang near every game percy didnt play in so theres almost a for sure 5 losses a season rite there, Also for free agency they vikings did next to nothing. There big pickup was a TE who is injury prone. So he will be a bench warmer as well. Only guy im looking forward to seeing is Josh Robinson. Carr is a decent DB. And Antoine Winfield hasnt finished a season like ever, so we will be shuffling around that secondary as well. By the time the new stadium is built we will probably be back to a .500 team if the Foodball gods are kind.

  14. By Adam on Jun 1, 2012 | Reply

    @plungerrrr everything about your post was a fail. you mix half-truths with your own guesswork and combine it to try and convince yourself that the vikings will be terrible this next year. seriously? are you just trolling or what? granted, the vikings very well COULD be bad again next year….but i highly doubt its because of the reasons you stated. the only thing i see coming true would be winfield not finishing the season….he is too physical at his small stature and his age. (too physical….like thats a bad thing lol) harvin has his headache issue cleared up. in fact, he didn’t miss a single game last season iirc. ap is not going to be the workhorse back as in the past, which will keep him healthy, and gerhart doesn’t have ‘knee problems’. he hurt his knee one time as a pro and it healed up fully. i also assume you missed the fact that loadholt is one of if not the best RT in the game at run blocking….in fact, according to football outsiders, the vikings as a team were 3rd in the league in yds/attempt running behind RT. he does need to improve in pass protection, i will grant you that. this is basically a make or break year for him.

  15. By purplegoldman on Jun 3, 2012 | Reply

    If we brought back the exact same team as last year, We would have only needed to slighty improve and that same team would have won 10 Games last year. It isn,t nearly as bad as most have made it out to be. Most are to quick to forget or truly don,t understand that they played the entire season as an experiment. The lockout- New coaches- New offence and Deffence scheme and a lot of 2nd year players and rookies as well as a pletherra of injuries, Yet we lost 7 games by 7 points or less, Thats amazing in it,s self. This year training and OTA,s- 2nd year coaches and Off/deff scheme- Huge upgrades of players at critical positions-alot of 2nd and 3rd year players as well as all of the all pros returning healthy and some very talented rookies that will excell every chance that they are given, and a team with a chip on it,s shoulder that is out to prove that they are amoung the best teams in the league. The onlything that will stop this team from finishing 1rst or 2nd in our division is the quality of our coaching this year.

  16. By Geo on Jun 5, 2012 | Reply

    Purplegoldman- Thank you for the laughs.

    “The onlything that will stop this team from finishing 1rst or 2nd in our division is the quality of our coaching this year”
    Hahaha. That is hilarious. The Vikings are struggling to be the third best team in this division. The Packers are still loaded. The Bears are better. Detroit is inconsistant, but can be really good. What offensive weapons do the Vikings have that anybody fears? Although the secondary was a focus this off season, it is still sub par in my opinion. I have high hopes for Kalil, but if he is just ok or pretty good, then that OL unit is in trouble.

    “Huge upgrades of players at critical positions”
    Upgrades from terrible to serviceable? The WR and CB corps are still below average in my opinion.

    “…and some very talented rookies that will excell every chance that they are given….”
    Really? You just know that these rookies are going to excel?? None of them have played a game yet, but you say that they will excel. I’m going to be a little more realistic and say that they will probably have periods of highs and lows.

    I was pretty happy with the VIkings draft overall, but they need more. WR, CB, interior lineman on both sides of the ball, stud LB. Spending the $$$ they did for Carlson was a mistake in my opinion. I hope he proves me wrong though.

  17. By puckertrucker on Jun 6, 2012 | Reply

    @plungerrrr: your DOOM and GLOOM makes you sound like a Packer Fan, LIONS Fan, OR Bears Fan. Your comments are the worst kind of Tripe and they don’t deserve to be stated on this web site. We are the Fans of the Vikings and we don’t need your lousey comments here. The team hasn’t even played one down of training camp, preseason, or Regular season games. So until they show that they are failing or Frazier is losing his grip go blog on someone elses web site, Preferably the Packers site. The One and Only PuckerTrucker!!!!!!!!Skol Fans

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