Getting Some High-End Steaks Ready For Our Troops In Kuwait

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on February 25, 2012 – 9:06 am

Vikings Radio Analyst Pete Bercich and Vikings Entertainment Network Executive Producer Bryan Harper are in Kuwait as part of the St. Paul based “Serving Our Troops” trip to visit Minnesota National Guard troops.  Below is their fourth blog entry regarding their trip so far.  Stay tuned to for more updates over the coming days.

This morning at Camp Arifjan we prepped the steaks for grilling this afternoon/evening. It was a true team effort as all of us worked at a very steady pace to get 3000 steaks ready. A few soldiers flagged us down to communicate their excitement for this evening’s meal. Word continues to spread… should be a HUGE crowd tonight.

Oddly enough we have had some rain in Kuwait today and the sky is orange. Hopefully it doesnt rain and put a damper on the evening. We’re ready rain or shine though. Back to the grind, stay tuned to, and for more updates as the event progresses and the 2012 project nears its end.

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  1. By DRS on Feb 25, 2012 | Reply

    To all Military personal, thank you for your service where ever you are.

  2. By snafu on Feb 25, 2012 | Reply


  3. By Frederick Jones on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    Playing the Race Card”

    Well, it’s not a game. Racism is a very serious thing
    and it is alive right now with Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin.

    American Caucasians are always looking for the great white
    hope. They won’t give up.

    Charles Barkley said it well, “when most people start watching
    a basketball game they immediately count the number of blacks
    and whites on the floor.”

    Racism will never go away, at least not in our lifetimes. Really it’s
    silly because it has been scientifically shown that we are all the same
    race genetically!!!

  4. By Frederick Jones on Feb 26, 2012 | Reply

    Titus once credited me with getting Spielman hired as GM.

    IF WE ARE GOING TO MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE AT ALL AS BLOGGERS IT WILL HAVE TO BE DONE AS ONE VERY STRONG GROUP!!! I think it’s great that you have bonded together to stay on one blog, fantastic.

    About 75% of us are in favor of picking OLs and DBs in the draft (Order not with standing!!!). Let’s keep it that way, or increase our numbers.

    I accept that I was an influence on the procedure of getting Spielman hired as the GM, but I had a lot of help. Jim Souhan or the Mpls. Tribune was one of the biggest fan boosters. And then us bloggers stepped in.

    We cannot allow the Vikings to MAKE A MISTAKE on offensive linemen and defensive backs for the THIRD YEAR in a row.

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