Chris Doleman Answers Fan-Submitted Questions From Facebook and Twitter

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on February 9, 2012 – 5:01 pm

In this post, Ann Carroll recaps the questions fan submitted for newly named Pro Football Hall of Famer Chris Doleman via Facebook and Twitter for a video that you can watch by clicking here.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Chris Doleman came into town from Atlanta Thursday afternoon to spend time with the Twin Cities media  here at Winter Park.  His first stop, the Sports Authorities studios here at the team facility.   We asked fans via Facebook and Twiter to send us questions for Doleman. We then  selected a handful of them for the Hall of Famer. Here are those questions with Doleman’s answers

Twitter Questions

@mnviksfan4life:   What was going through your head when they say you would be in the 2012 Class of the Hall of Fame?

Doleman:   I was really  numb, later on that day I got a sense of what was happening. You get a call from the hall when they announce your name to make sure you know that you are in. You go down to the hotel and they start the process. It’s a big process.

@chappynewcanaan :   Is Joey Browner a Hall of Famer?

Doleman:   I don’t know, I don’t pick. I believe Joey Browner…well, he is definitely the greatest Safety I have ever played with and that includes Ronnie Lott in Probowls and Dennis Smith out of Denver.  Joey is definitely one of those premier guys.  I would love to see him in the Ring of Honor  along with Henry Thomas and some of the  other guys I played with because they are great players

@jgarrettbaker  What was your favorite move to rush the QB?

Doleman:  My favorite most was probably a post move where that I just plant my left arm in the offensive lineman’s chest. Soon as he reaches out to balance, I would knock down his outside arm and take the corner. It worked a lot

Facebook Questions:

Jacob Schneider:   What is the best defensive end in the league today?

Doleman:       I would say Jared, Mario Williams, and Peppers in Chicago

Sahib Dambam-   Who was the toughest QB you ever sacked?

Doleman: John Elway, toughest. John is a fighter, he is a big guy, he can take a hit.  By far, John Elway

Chrisitian K:  What did you think about Jared Allen breaking your Vikings sack record?

Doleman:  You want your team to win. You want Jared to be successful.  Anything I can do to   help Jared or anyone else on the Vikings be successful I am going to do it.  Records are made to be broken .  He still has the Ring of Honor and he still has the Hall of Fame that he has to accomplish

Jeff Cagle: What was your intial reaction when Cris Carter was not included in this years Hall of Fame class?

Doleman:  I felt sorry.  I felt sorry for Cris. I felt sorry for all the guys.  These writers and selectors  spend a lot of time, I hear 7hours and 37 min picking 5 guys. So I think they got it right.  I would have said they got it wrong if they didn’t pick me you know that right??  They do things are their own pace, they have their plan.

Does Carter belong in the Hall of Fame? He defntiely belongs in the Hall of Fame. They are in the same postion they are in next year. Who is going to go in? Cris, Andre? Cris might be out two more years.  Cris went to finals list right away, but now he has been sitting there. But I do know anybody that has been on the finalist list has a 97% chance of getting into the hall. That’s a stat that they tell you. I don’t think he is in that 3%.   I think it is going to happen, he has to just be patient.  Hate to say that but what else can  you do?

Mike Schmitz  What Vikings team that you played on do you feel was the best or had the best chance to win the Super bowl

Doleman:   1989 team, no question

Jeff Go Vikings Vine   Who was your inspiration as a young athlete and why?

Doleman: Hollywood Henderson, the orginial #56

Vinny Hagen: What QB did you love sacking the most?

Doleman: Any QB that played for Green Bay!!

Thanks for all the questions fans!  If you see your name or your twitter handle, you are the winner of a Chris Doleman autographed Game Day Program from his Ring of Honor Induction!  Send your name and address to @vikingsweekly via Twitter  or to my facebook page :

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