High School Coach Of The Week Spotlight

Posted by Mike Wobschall on November 3, 2011 – 6:02 am

This blog entry was written by Kimi Tonneson and is presented by the Minnesota National Guard

Minneapolis Edison High School Head Coach Mike Minnema was recognized earlier this season as a winner of the Minnesota Viking High School Coach of the Week Program. Minnema has coached the Tommies varsity football program over the past four years.

Minnema has always wanted to be a football coach.

“I played football for 17 years and when I decided to go into teaching it was always my goal and my dream to be a head football coach.”

After 10 years of coaching middle school football, Minnema was hired to teach and coach at Edison High, the school where his father taught science in the 1970s.

Being back at the school brings about personal memories that mean a lot to Minnema.

“I think back to being a little kid running around when my dad was teaching here,” Minnema recalled. “Being back where he started his career is special to me.”

Two of Mike’s top coaching goals this year are teaching his team responsibility and the ability to overcome adversity. He wants his players to “continue to battle through no matter what the score is.”

“We are not going to give up on each other and we are going to keep on fighting through to the end,” said Minnema.

During Edison’s Homecoming game this year the team was up 14-0, but then gave up two touchdowns, tying the game at 14. The Tommies did not let that adversity stop them. They took it as a challenge and stepped up.

“At half time we talked about continuing to keep the foot on the gas and what we needed to do to finish the game and win the game,” Minnema said.

In the second half they were able to turn it around and earn a 53-30 victory.

Edison has a diverse coaching staff, but one particular coach stands out: Chris Rogers, a former defensive back for the Vikings.

Rogers brings a wealth knowledge and leadership to the Tommies.

“Chris has been a big asset to us and not just for the football knowledge that he brings to the table with his past career.” said Minnema. “We are fortunate to have him.”

During the high school season the Vikings recognized 10 weekly winners of the Vikings/High School Coach of the Week Award. Each coach was awarded $1,000 for their football program.

At the conclusion of the high school season, the Vikings will name a Coach of the Year and give a $2,000 grant to that coach’s high school program.

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    Come on man. What about coach Mat Mahony. for the Fairmont Cardinals.

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