Vikings Sign RB Caleb King, Release OL Huntley

Posted by Mike Wobschall on August 23, 2011 – 8:58 am

The NFL held the 2011 Supplemental Draft on Monday, but the Vikings elected not to select any players. On Tuesday morning, however, the Vikings signed a player who was eligible for the supplemental draft but was not selected.

The Vikings signed rookie free agent RB Caleb King, who played college football at the University of Georgia and will join a backfield in Minnesota that includes Lorenzo Booker, Tristan Davis, Toby Gerhart, Adrian Peterson and Alexander Robinson.

To make room for King, the Vikings waived OL Rod Huntley.

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  1. By Parody on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    The coaches must feel very strongly about the offensive linemen that they want to keep on the team. Not only did they refrain from making any additions when Kooistra, a potential starting RG went down, they are also cutting others to make room for a position that already was the strongest and deepest position on the team.

    The Norse Gods must be crazy.

  2. By sandiamond on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    C. King mentioned in the supplemental draft top prospects articles last week. Nice pickup vikes!

    Mcadoo signed with the Ravens
    Pryor signed with the Raiders

    49ers traded S Taylor Mays to Bengals for an undisclosed draft pick.

  3. By Kaminsko1228 on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    I don’t see why the Vikings are still signing RBs and DL considering it seems those are the two positions we have the most depth at. Why not try to add some talent to our secondary or even receivers (although I did see they had Kelvin Hayden work out yesterday)?

  4. By Chaz on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Every team will always try to get better at every position. No matter the depth, no don’t turn down a talent like King becuase you have depth. One injury chages that.

  5. By Carl K on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    @sandi- I am giving you the gold star blogger award for the Taylor Mays trade info. I heard it from you first. thanks

    Caleb King was a great prep prospect. I think he is a good blocker an is an every down type of back.

    I think the Vikings really want a good RB on the practice squad. They must not be that impressed with Alexander Robinson or Tristan Davis.

  6. By DRS on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

  7. By DRS on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

  8. By DRS on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

  9. By DRS on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Minnesota to the Vikings, do not worry, we have fixed the dome. So play in it and we will get to your request for a new stadium some year. Besides, you are not going to move so why should we care, Great attitude Minnesota. Was not that the attitude that lost you the North Stars and the Lakers? Minnesota wake up before it is too late and the Vikings are gone.

    Vikings please fix your d-secondary so that you can cover your opponent’s receivers.

  10. By DRS on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    have a good day every one.

  11. By mnsoldier on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    I would trade gerhardt, I know he is a good back but he just does not fit in our scheme and he would benefit from moving to another team. Get a late 1st round or early 2nd round for him or a better DB, CB or FS. That is what we need. Get rid of kleiny, he is big and strong but old and due for a break down. We have some great new TE’s that would be a shame to lose. Kleiny would catch on to another team or try to trade him of you can.

    I know some of you will say no to my ideas, I am just looking beyond this year. look what short sightedness did to the team the last 4 years. Make some moves to stabilize the team for the future, kind like what the Patriots are doing, theyhave tons of extra picks for the next 4 years because they are looking beyond this year. It is called planning and projecting needs before they happen. Ya know it is the same thing Kraft does for one of his many companies.

  12. By Don on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Yes he is an ok player..But with all the needs..I don’t think we should have done it..

  13. By jv3rnon on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Vikes we need a WR,C,RT,DE, and S. Berrian aint the number 1 should have got Braylon Edwards, should have jump on Olin Kreutz for center, Bushrod for tackle,Antwan Odom for DE and Taylor Mays for S. I also know Vikes can’t afforcd all of them but atleast 2 of them would have been great.

  14. By Don on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…

  15. By Shawn on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Berrian is still on the team? I dont remember seeing him since …. hmmm

    Is Berrian the guy we had 3 years ago that had a 99 yard TD reception? What ever happened to that guy?

  16. By Kyle on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    No moves can be done til greenway and Peterson are given contract extensions.

  17. By Carl K on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Caleb King is a former top 5 in the nation RB coimg out of high school. He had loads of potential but didn’t live up to all the fanfare and hipe. King has ran forty times between 4.4 and 4.56. From a physical skills stand point he has potential and an upside to be a good NFL RB. I have also read that he also has shown flashes of brilliance on tape.

    He had some off the field issues that kept him from getting alot of playing time at Georgia. The knock on King is he maybe immature and lacking of self discipline. It will be interesting to see how much the Vikings play him in the last preseason game.

  18. By Carl K on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Greenway got the franchise tag this year and he will make about 10 million. I don’t think he will be in a hurry to sign a long term deal. His new deal will be in the ball park of what Lance Briggs just signed: 6yrs-36mil and Clint Sessions just signed 5yr 29mil.

    Demarcus Ware got a 7yrd deal worth 79 mil but he is better than Greenway and gets alot more sacks.

    If Greenway signs now, would he give up the franchise money for this year? Yes, I think that is how it works… so that means he would lose between 2-4 million for this year if he signs a long term deal. If he rolls the dice and doesn’t sign until after this season, he runs the risk of getting injuried or having a bad year.

  19. By Tfunk on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    we need to get joe webb on the field…the kid should not be holding a clipboard…they are not going to give him the nod over ponder so they should switch him to receiver or something…

    need to trade ap and get new o-line help…getting old on the o-line and they gotta invest high picks to fix it…ap is going to take up way too much salary cap space. gerhardt/booker can do just fine….look at chris johnson, 2000 yard season and no superbowl…

  20. By CA Norwegian on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    I am very impressed with what this organization is doing. Berrian will get better, but I think others desereve a chance. Shawn shouldn’t make fun of the injury issues… It can make or break a season. Ouch!! My neck! I was upset about the team passing by gamechanger FA’s especially receivers Braylon Edwards and Plaxico. Doyah think our first team would have a score with one of those guys laying out for a TD? The whole Moss thing ha become league consensus except for the Moss fans. We need the blockig WR’s.

  21. By jeff on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Coach Frazer knew what he was getting when he signed King. And I think he will help push the Runningbacks a little more into making use of them. Musgrave likes the addition of Jimmy K & Rudolph. So I think this move frees up Jimmy K this year from being a blocking back for Adrian.

  22. By jeff on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    I’ll agree the Vikings do need a #1 wideout and personally I dont think Rice was one, he’s just a large, tall target with huge hands but, “slow”. I also believe they released him based on his past injuries and his work ethic stemming from last season where Chilly told him too “get to work”

  23. By jeff on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    I trust Frazer will grab a #1 off the market after preseason is over with and maybe even a veteran Guard that gets released.

  24. By CA Norwegian on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Turn up the pressure on 3rd & long!!! slide Robison to DT, Ballard in @DT, throw in Jerrod and 2 more DE’s. Double and Can the TE. One less pattern.
    Get well soon Kevin.

  25. By chris on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    we should have traded down and got locker or grabbed malett in the later round. pick up fairley in the first malett as number two. as for reciever we could have gotten titus young who looked amazing at boise state as well as his highlight reel. fusco and mistral, rudolph, and raymond are good picks but the rest of the picks were like ???? really? new head coach, new general manager, just two suggestions. keep in mind speilman when he was with miami the team was in last place also. history seems to repeat itself and its disgusting the packers went to the superbowl what a joke. if i was a viking i would never stoop to let the whack pack win. time to make some improvements, GO VIKINGS

  26. By chris on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    what is with us signing bears packers and eagles players every year???? why do we keep doing this, its not the minnesota packers its not the minnesota bears and it sure isnt the minnesota eagles. thank god we got rid of that mental midget childress. i hope we dont have a repeat of another childress

  27. By Arrow86 on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    I saw where Taylor Mays (S) was signed by the Bengals. I know a lot of people felt he’d be a good fit in Minnesota. But with his coach Singletary on the Vikings squad and the Vikings didn’t pursue it, tells me there must be some very large holes in his game.

    I was suprised we brought in King when Tristan Davis ran so well to end the Seahawk game.

    Have a good one!

  28. By Arrow86 on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply


    What’s with everyone calling Rice slow??? He seemed to be fast enough in 2009.

  29. By Carl K on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Berrian is a one dimensional deep threat only type of WR who will be a free agent next year. Devin Aromashadu is 6-3 and can run a 4.35 forty.
    I am sorry Mike Wobs, but I think I would cut or trade Berrian.
    #1 Harvin
    #2 Jenkins
    #3 Aromashadu
    #4 J Johnson (in 2008 Berrian said the fastest guy on the team was AP or Jaymar)
    #5 Greg Camarello ( I would try to hide Iglesias on the practice squad)

  30. By Titus on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Arrow, Davis did run well, but the key is when. As you said, it was at the end of the game, a preseason game. How would he run against the first stringers?

  31. By Titus on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    I am very confident in this group of coaches– many of them are Superbowl seasoned. Our Offensive Coordinator is one of the best in the business. Think about our coaching staff– our head coach and assistant were on the 15-1 Bear team that was invincible as far as defense. Musgrave was with the Patriots and studied under some of the elite in San Francisco.

    Take all that, add a very good veteran QB with something to prove. The best running back in the league. A decent (not fantastic, but decent) supporting cast on offense– and a very good defense that will disrupt many teams’ offenses.

    Many of our players were a play from the Superbowl two seasons ago. Our new QB has been close, but no cigar– and he wants a ring bad.

    There are a lot of intangibles here, gang. Lots. Overall, it seems to me there will be an excellent chemistry and cohesiveness to this group. We have a really solid concept of team. I think we will have an awesome year.

  32. By Parody on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Recent news suggests that Kevin Williams will be suspended for two games after testing positive for an illegal substance a few years ago. That suspension isn’t expected to be imposed until after the first regular season game.

  33. By Parody on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    So, depending on the severity of Kevin’s foot injury, we might not see him until game-4.

  34. By campfrazier on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    I said it once and I’ll say it again, with all the Superbowl Rings on this Vikings coaching staff you gotta believe they know what they are doing, cause I sure don’t, Cutting Offensive linemen and adding Running backs????? I’m confused!!!

  35. By Kyle on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    You guys are fools if you think we’re trading AP. Greenway and Peterson will be locked up long term. Trading Gerhart after 1 year? I don’t think so. The only player I could see traded is either jimmy kleinsausser or Jeff Dugan. Maybe Berrian. Asher Allen needs to be cut to make way for Scherels. He’s been around the ball all pre-season long. Chris cook shut down rice for 2 catches 11 yards so he’s rebounding from last year. I trust Frazier will let the best man win whether you were drafted or undrafted.

  36. By sandiamond on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    SEC running backs sign em’ We lost one already Love out of kentucky(failed ph). number7 draft pick this year looks bust. number 6 gone next year. I think we grabbed the best athlete on the table. practice squad. stock up+

  37. By Viking Joe on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    I’d be content to see Berrian catch 50 and have 5 TD’s, he is definitely not a # 1 WR, but that’s who we have, Jenkins should have a good year, 75 catches and 8 TD’s. Don’t forget the Vikings have one of the best running backs in the NFL, AP should have 1300 yards rushing with 12-15 TD’s.

  38. By Parody on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    I wouldn’t be surprised if AP sacrifices rushing yards for more receiving yards this year, but he’ll still be a thousand yard rusher.

  39. By Titus on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    I wouldn’t be surprised if AP rushes for 170 yards against San Diego.

  40. By Titus on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Brad Childress was one in a million.

  41. By kenny on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Hey fellow Vike fans………im sure i will take alot of flack for this comment or observation but its a blog board and we are all free to make comments. I love A.P. He is the best ground back in NFL not the best overall back. Turns out i heard his agaent is the same as Fitzgeralds? This is trouble Fitzgeralds contract brings trouble to all teams trying to resigh or extend contracts with their stars. If Chris Johnson signs a contract soon this will only add to the problems becuase A.P. agent is gonna want him to be highest paid. A.P. is very classy and he wont pulla stunt like Chris johson but he is gonna want to get paid. ..Now do we all agree that the NFL is a business first loyalty almost nevr Business? The vikis seen this possibly happening years ago which is why they drafted Gerhart. We traded up to get him and who drafts a RB in 2nd round to ba back up???? He was drafted just incase we couldnt resign A.P. and if we dont then Gehart takes over. Before u give me flax jus think about it and how it makes sense. I hope it doesnt happen though

  42. By kenny on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    sorry for typos yes i can spell but im trying to type as fast as i can. i get excited when posting every1 on here makes good points most of the time. even with my typos you can understand what im trying to convey .

  43. By Titus on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    @kenny, thank you for your insight. I am sure Gerhart was signed to fill the need to have an excellent number 2 running back, but your observations do make sense. Teams have to think of the future and prepare for all possibilities. So, who knows? Maybe he was signed to replace AP when he retires? Any of the above could be a correct answer– or all of them.

  44. By Titus on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    We need to charter a jumbo jet and load it with fans to go on a Favre-type quest to convince Randy Moss to unretire and come play with the Vikings.

  45. By kenny on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    @ Titus Thank you….now while i like Gerhart and think he could be good if given more touches i really hope A.P. stays and i think he wants to stay. I can see Gerhart being a Peyton Hillis type if he has a full load of rushes. They are almost exact same size and speed and punish Tacklers! I stay in Moreno valley Ca. and watched Gerhart play high school ball at Colton 15mins away from me and when he was Drafted by my Fav team i was excited! But again i really hope A.P. stays Another note is that Gerhart is not a good 3rd down back.. and we will be better served with Booker as 3rd down back or just leaving AP in on 3rd downs. With that said it leaves little to no carries for Gerhart unless AP misses games due to injuries. So i think this is last yr we will see Gerhart or A.P. if A.P. resigns i think we trade GErhart next season and if AP leaves then acoarse Gerhart starts.

  46. By Parody on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    @Titus – What are you going to pay him with? We’re way too tapped out to give Moss an offer that he’ll consider, or even feed to his dogs.

    Besides, we’ll be fine with the receivers who are on board now. They’re not all superb players, but that isn’t required to have a winning team. Forgive me for making the comparison, but I’d contest that the Packers didn’t have any superb WRs last year. Donald Driver, James Jones, Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson were all decent receivers last year, but Jennings was the only one to eclipse 1000 yards, or even 700 for that matter.

    We have our thousand yard receiver in Harvin. If McNabb manages the offense well enough then Jenkins, Berrian and Aromashodu will all get 500+ yards, along with both of the top TEs snagging 400+ yards each.

  47. By kenny on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    @ Carl K im not sure Damarcus Ware is that much if at all better than Greenway…He is used way differently than Greenway he is primarly a rushing LB where Greenway is all around he gets sacks high amount of tackles and ints. If he was called on and had the option to rush the QB as much as Ware he would be better. They are asked to do different things. I personallt think that if you are not a def. lineman that sacks are over rated . Now for Def lineman if they get a sack its a big deal like J Allen getting 15 sacks is a monster season but a LB getting 15 sacks and doing not much else is not as impressive to me. Damarcus Ware had 15 sacks last yr but only 57 total tackles he is a LB with only 57 tackles same with Clay Matthews he had 13 and half sacks but only tackles Greenway had 144 tackles and 1 sack and a couple yrs ago he had 115 tackles and 5.5 sacks so i think he is as good as Ware they just used differently….either way Ware is way over paid!

  48. By kenny on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Clay Matthews had 13.5 sacks but only 60 tackles sorry i left that out

  49. By sandiamond on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    mays had an offer from chicago as a lb. not much interest this guy has a lot to prove in Cinn

  50. By slink on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    i like the pick up,but we need wr, cb and ol.

  51. By Alex on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Okay its time to start doing something right #1 Get rid of Berrian #2 Get a new wideout # Get a new Cornerback go and get Samuels from Philly and #4 Get a new o Lineman. We also dont need a nether Running back we have all day in the backfield, and Gerhart. I dont like Gerhart there but we have him and he’s good. Go get T.O. He will play for little money. Go nab him while he’s out there. Do these and we will be good. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO VIKINGS.

  52. By slink on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    greenway is way underrated…and 90 rating on madden,gotta be kidding me.

  53. By slink on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    @tfunk: no way we trade ap man,your dumb he’s tha face of our franchise.we will rebuild thru tha draft man.

  54. By MJRommel on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    I have to say that the vikings seem to be having some good team chemistry and I think that has alot to do with Coach Frazier.

    Prediction for 2011 Season: 9-7, 10-6
    *a new breakout player on Defense
    *some good wins versus difficult opponents
    *trick play or two


  55. By Carl K on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    @ Kenny- you did your home work on D Ware… Good stuff. Yes, I agree that Ware is used differently, and yes Ware is over paid.
    Dibble digit sacks will get the big contracts. Why? Because teams will worry and prepare for a guy like J Allen or D Ware more than Chad Greenway.

  56. By Kyle on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    I understand the concept behind trading Peterson, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. He’s come out and said “I want to retire as a Minnesota Viking”. Gerhart has a different skill set than Peterson. He’s like Peyton Hillis; a bruiser with soft hands. He also played center fielder for the Stanford baseball team. The Vikings will add talent no matter the position and they’re letting the best player win. I agree, depth is needed on the o line, but DeGeare will be fine at rg. Personally, herrera should be traded. Injury prone and not very effective. How many lb’s do you think they keep? Obviously, the Henderson brothers, brinkley, and greenway are locks. I hope Larry dean makes the team. He’s a physical lb singletary could get some fire out of him. Asher Allen is garbage! Scherels should take his place. Anybody disagree with me?

  57. By Titus on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Parody, maybe Moss will play for free to get a chance at a ring?

  58. By Frederick Jones on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Remember Michael Bennett from a few years ago? He ran for a 61 yard TD in the last game of the regular season. The Vikings released him.

    Now it may have had somethng to do with the “Love Boat” incident, but
    Bennett was out of the league in two seasons.

    Tristan Davis had a nice run in the Pre-season game. Any long run is also a product of the Offensive Line blocking.

    Hence the Vikings are not satisfied with the RB position inspite of Lorenzo
    Booker having several good runs. Zo Booker is not a lock to make the team.

  59. By Arrow86 on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply


    Don’t you think Zo Booker has a spot locked up not only because of his running skills, but because of his special teams play? I would think the Vikes might be more willing to trade Gerhardt even, to clear a spot for Booker.

  60. By Kenny on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    @ Carl K Yes i understand your logic with that and i agree with you about sack artist being paid and having to be prepared for. So you are right about that great point. I still love Greenway though lol

  61. By Carl K on Aug 24, 2011 | Reply

    @Kenny- I also love Greenway and wouldn’t trade him for anyone… I hope the Vikings and Greenway work out a deal soon.

  62. By Carl K on Aug 24, 2011 | Reply

    The one knock I have with Speilman and this organization is that they appear inept at being able to lock down and resign our good players.
    As I look at our roster, I don’t see many former Vikings that have gotten new long term deals. Here is my list of guys:
    Jim Kleinsasser
    Athony Herrera
    Cedric Griffen
    Brian Robison
    I am not sure if Winfield was resigned or if he is still on his FA contract?

  63. By Carl K on Aug 24, 2011 | Reply

    It will be very interesting to see if Speilman can resign Greenway, AP, Harvin or some of our other players.
    I would say Speilman is a great talent evaluator… so, I am beginning to believe his philosophy is not to resign his players, but to reload with young guys and/or old vets.

  64. By Parody on Aug 24, 2011 | Reply

    @Carl K – I think Harvin’s contract is through 2013, so we’re likely to ignore it for a couple more years.

    The page I found also lists WInfield, (along with Cook and Griffen), having a contract ending in 2013. For Winfield, I think we should expect him to retire by then, so there should be no expectations on a new contract for him, ever.

    Kleinsasser is old enough where we can expect this to be his last year, or at the best, his last productive year in the NFL.

    Robison signed a 3 or 4 year deal just before the lockout, so we have no worries with him in the immediate future. WIth all the DEs we have, he may end up being a scratch by the time his contract ends anyways.

    And it looks like Herrera has a contract through 2012, by which time we’ll be likely to have a much younger player to replace him who has a good chance of being more productive as well. I wouldn’t mind watching Anthony chase on over to Baltimore and reunite with his buddies Birk and McKinnie.

  65. By Parody on Aug 24, 2011 | Reply

    You are right though, that Greenway and Peterson are our biggest priorities right now. I hate to say it, but if we can’t get them a new contract before the trading deadline, we should find a decent deal for them. I too am getting tired of watching contracts end for productive players, and getting nothing when they sign with a different team.

  66. By Carl K on Aug 24, 2011 | Reply

    Parody – you are right on the money! A good GM can’t keep letting contracts expire! I realize the NFL GM position is a tough job,.. but you can’t afford to sit around and wait till the contracts expire to resign players. You have to be ahead of the game. You have to know who you can/want to resign ahead of time. If deal can be done, than DO IT early. If it can’t be done, than trade them!

    Spielman- I got my eye on you. You better not drop the b@ll on AP and Greenway!!!! These guys are worth 1st rd draft picks and more right now…don’t get cute and try putting them off. MAKE UP YOUR MIND AND DO SOMETHING.

  67. By vikefanforlife on Aug 24, 2011 | Reply

    does anybody else hate skip bayless

  68. By Arrow86 on Aug 24, 2011 | Reply


    I too do not like Skip Bayless. What has he said recently that’s gotten under your skin? I just find him arrogant.

  69. By Arrow86 on Aug 24, 2011 | Reply


    I think you’ll have plenty of elbow, and leg room on that jumbo jet to visit Moss. He is definitely among the best ever, but let him enjoy his retirement wearing his white vinyl shoes and high waisted pants like everyone else whose retired. HA!

  70. By Don on Aug 24, 2011 | Reply

    Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian.. Cut Berrian..

  71. By Viking Joe on Aug 24, 2011 | Reply

    @ Don, what are you a broken record, cut Berrian and get who? It’s a little late to cut him, have some faith in him !!!!

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