Vikings Make Roster Moves, Sign DE Stylez G White

Posted by Mike Wobschall on August 22, 2011 – 1:56 pm

The Vikings made a pair of roster moves on Monday.

Offensive lineman Scott Kooistra injured his neck in Saturday’s preseason game against Seattle and has been placed on the Reserve/Injured list. With the roster opening, the Vikings tried out and signed DE Stylez G White.

The injury to Kooistra comes at a time when he was moving up the depth chart and playing multiple positions along the offensive line. He was taking reps with the first-team offense at RG and even started in that spot against the Seahawks. Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier described Kooistra’s injury as serious.

White was at Winter Park today and if his names sounds familiar it’s probably because you remember him from his time playing at the University of Minnesota. White was a 7th-round pick of the Houston Texans in 2002 and has played for the Atlanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans, New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins, Chicago Bears, Orlando Predators and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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43 Responses to “Vikings Make Roster Moves, Sign DE Stylez G White”

  1. By Carl K on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    Mike Wobs- Quick post on this news, Thanks.
    But why a DE? Could Robison get cut? I thought our DE position was deep and playing well?

  2. By Zach on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    Robison won’t get cut, he’s going to start. It’s just Minnesota giving a Minnesota grad a shot to play. It doesn’t matter cause the odds of him making the roster are slim to none. Kooistra getting hurt kind of blows though. Not that he was the next Steve Hutchinson, but it’s nice to have versitile depth which he would’ve brought. At least DeGeare has been working in at tackle too, so he’ll be more versitile.

  3. By Carl K on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    Over the last 4 years with Tampa, S. White has played in 63 games and has 24 sacks and has averaged over 34 tackles per year. That is more than just a local kid fighting to make a roster?

  4. By Kenny on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    I am not sold on Robinson at all. Every 1 talks about his high motor and that he never stops but alot of players have that ..that alone doesnt make you good it just makes you a hard worker. I liked him as back up but dont know what coaches saw from him in games to jus sign him to fat contract and hand him starting nod. Remeber years ago we had a Dt named Chris Havan i think that was his name he had the same traits High motor, never stops and he sucked never really did much as starter and was cut years later. S. White gives us depth and he can get at the QB 24 sacks the last 4yrs come on he will be a good fit, especially if robinson doesnt pan out to be what the Brass thinks

  5. By Dave on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    Um, Kenny? First, it’s Chris Hovan, not Havan. Also, it’s Brian Robison, not Robinson. If you’re going to be a fan of the team, learn how to spell the players’ names.

    Second, Hovan played 10 years in the NFL and had 149 career starts. In his second and third seasons with the Vikings, he combined for 11.5 sacks — very good for an interior d-lineman. He was named 2nd team All-NFL by the AP in his third season. Was he a perennial Pro Bowler? Nope. But to say that he “sucked” and “never really did much as a starter” is simply revisionist history. In fact, he was a solid-to-good player for most of his career, including the Vikings. Get your facts straight before posting.

  6. By Kenny on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    Dave Dave Dave…..I am a true fan. I am on her like evryone else voicing my opinion. You have a right to think differently but do not make this a unpleasnt blog site. Please Lets say focus on what we have to say. When you make comments Like Learn to spell names correctly before you post ..come on man like it matters. I work 55 hours a week and im a single dad that has son full time so excuse me if i have typos . Wow jus because i didnt get the spellings right that means im not a true fan? im on here like every 1 else dont make this a attack thing. As far as Hovan ..what i was saying is that he was labeled a high motor player and they had loftly goals for him. So i watched every gane since 97 and its my opinion that he wasnt good as they believed he would be. Which is why he wasnt resigned. You can dispute facts or stats but dont make this a personal thing with me and attacking me as a fan cuz of typos cuz i wont go away. Just have fun man cool out.

  7. By Viking Joe on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    I just hope the secondary holds up !! Chris Hovan had a few good years with the Vikings, but to say anymore than that is a joke, he was a serviceable player, Robison will do fine, it’s not like Edwards was great, he was a decent DE. I’d like to see the Vikings have 10 wins and be a wildcard team, and hope McNabb has a wonderful year, 28 TD’s and 15 interceptions, maybe the Vikes will give him an extension !!!

  8. By Kenny on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    @ Vikings Joe Yes you are correct. I should’nt have said Hovan sucked ..he had a few solid yrs and was not much after that, you are correct! I think we will win 10-11 games….we face some tough teams this YR. Mcnabb i think will have one of his best yrs just like Farve did his 1st yr.

  9. By Viking Joe on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    I feel tht McNabb should have a bounce back year, after the way he was dealt with by Washington, He is hungry, so to speak, I hope we resign him for 2-3 more years, and give Ponder time to learn, I feel CB Cook should be moved to safety,he is just not a good corner, or at the very least make him strictly a nickel corner, regarding Peterson, they’ll resign him to a long term deal. I think second place in the NFC North is highly possible, Idon’t like GB, but I respect them, as far as the Bears and the Lions, I think the Vikes can go 3-1 against them, maybe split with GB.

  10. By tru-speed on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    (old Players!) are just that! Old player! i feel like we have great backups! so if a player aint playing Good! he will be an old player!

  11. By Carl K on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    Stylez White had 137 tackles and 24 sacks in 4 years with Tampa. Ray Edwards had 29.5 sacks and 182 total tackles in 5 years with the Vikings.

    Is Robison getting out played by E. Griffen, C. Ballard, D’Aundre Reed or Adrian Awasom?

    Maybe another team wants to trade for Robison or Everson Griffen?

    It just seems like we are now over loaded with DEs, and holes in other ares? Could we be getting ready to trade for Taylor Mays? Do the 49ers need a DE?

  12. By MattyT on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    Let’s get the Hovan thing straight. The lofty goals were placed upon him because he was known as a high-motor player AND a 1st-round draft pick. In retrospect, Hovan doesn’t seem like he’s had a very good career in the league, ESPECIALLY when you compare him to another 1st-round DT we drafted, Kevin Williams.

    Stylez G. White has played well in his Tampa Bay tenure, and with Kevin Williams’ injury, gives our D-line some more flexibility, if we want to play White at DE on 3rd downs, and put Robison at DT.

  13. By Carl K on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    I just read the latest blog about the Kevin Williams foot injury. MattyT I think you are right… I knew there had to be a reason to sigh S White. Thanks for turning the light on for me.

  14. By Gustave on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    I still wait for new additions or trades, Safety, OT, CB, DT, and C…..The Vikes Maybe trade DE to another team….

  15. By Tfunk on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    Seems like the scouting for our defense leaves much to be desired…

    Hovan was the first thing that popped into to my mind too…we need someone to push Robison…

    Allen and Cook need to step up or stick Sherels in there and give him a shot….hopefully one of the safeties will step up to because they haven’t been very overwhelming…glad M. Williams is gone….

    I think K. Williams needs to shed a couple pounds…

    Why are we wasting picks on a tight end in the second round? no one had any idea that mckinney wouldn’t come in fat????

    I love AP but we need to trade him and get some picks and fix some weaknesses…we got gerhart and some other good backs behind him…you dont overpay for a running back…look at shannahan…he could probably stick me behind his line and I’d be a good fantasy back…

  16. By Viking Joe on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    The Vikings will resign Peterson, what has Shanahan’s team done lately, the only positive action was we got a heck of a QB from the so-called mastermind!!
    Gerhart is good, but he is no AP !!

  17. By Dvyne_Viking on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    Tfunk are you an actual idiot or did you just wanna type the most idiotic thing you could think off? Trade AP????? for some draft picks?? Why would you trade the best back in the league for unproven draft picks?! Smh. people will post ANYTHING

  18. By Old School on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    Living in Tampabay……I’ve watched Stylez White play for the Bucs….when I was forced to watch……….

    He sucks!

  19. By Melvin on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    Robison will definitely not get cut. I think it took them highly too long to give him a legitimate shot. Robison will get the job done and make people wonder why it took soooo long to get his chance as an every day player.

  20. By Arrow86 on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply


    I believe you meant Hovan, who left the Vikings to sign with the Buccaneers and ended up wearing a Super Bowl ring. Robison will play well. Will he be the next Mark Gastineau? No, but look where being Mark Gastineau got Mark Gastineau.

  21. By Arrow86 on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply


    I adore A.P. he’s like Derek Jeter to the Yankees, seeing him in some other uniform would be a disaster. The only way I would ever entertain the notion of seeing AP leave us is if a GM gave us a Mike Lynn deal. Half their team, and first round picks as far as the eye can seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Which isn’t gonna happen.

  22. By CA_Viking_fan on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    To all who have typos when posting: I don’t care. Keep posting! This is great to see fellow fans. I’ve had to be a closet fan all my life. I wish I found this site sooner.

  23. By Kenny on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    @ Arrow86 i meant Hovan……. but i dont see why you and dave are trying to point out facts about Hovan lol i was just comparing him as a high motor guy like Robison. I am glad he got a ring but that doesnt make you a good player …trainers get rings also and they dont even play so i dont see the point in even mentioning that. Plus lets be real….do people really think that the main reason people play in the NFL is for a ring? come on now we all know better than that. So ring or no ring i still dont think he was as good as everyone thought he would be. its just my opinion

  24. By Kenny on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    @ Matty T thank you what you said about Hovan is exactly what i was saying. Everyone in viking camp keeps saying Robison will be good and they sign him to nice contract and basically hand him the job. The 1 thing they all say is that he is a high motor type of player and while i think this is a great trait i dont thinks it is enough all the time case in point chris Hovan. He was solid for a few yrs and never great. I a viking fan so i hope Robison has 12 sacks i really do all im doing is saying im not sold on him as starter just yet. we have alot of god DBs and again im not sold on him yet. Allen needs help so he not double. Allen by the way is another high motor player but he has skill set also …so i wish Robison well and hope he is just like Allen that would be wow!

  25. By Arrow86 on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply


    Always great to have a long time Viking fan speak their mind. It gives greater depth to all of our understanding of our Vikings. I even enjoy people who view things totally different than myself.

  26. By Gern Blanston on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    I like it when the Vikings sign players. To quote lombardi: “You gots to get mo’ players”.

    Think about it.

  27. By sandiamond on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    Vikings sign less than the average nfl team. wires are silent all year. who will step up in this organization in signing free agents this year?

  28. By Joe on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    not going to go far this year wish we would go ahead and start ponder and get him experience…… I also think we are going to regret not going after Haynesworth He’s going to be a force with New England

  29. By jv3rnon on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    I really don’t know what the team saw in Robinson over Edwards. Thats why Edwards walk because they gave that deal to Robinson. As far as the o-line we need depth at every position. Center and RT mainly. Just don’t know about Loadholt and Sullivan.

  30. By Tfunk on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    All I’m saying is AP is going to want at least a Larry Fitzgerald contract which was for 120 million. Plus the Vikes were already at the salary cap which is why we had to let Rice go. That really hurt because you have to have a legitimate tall deep threat which we don’t have ipso ergo…randy moss debacle…

    If you trade AP, you get two first round picks or someone at least should be willing to give a julio jones type trade and we can rebuild the o-line and our secondary. I love winfield but he is getting up there.

    We are going to have a so so year with Donavan…he didn’t do well in washington for whatever reason…and then we have to live with the growing pains of ponder…

    seems like they need to find another position for webb…i love the guy but there is no way they invest a first round pick to reach for ponder and not give him every chance in the world to start next year…webb is way too good to be holding a clip board.

  31. By Parody on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    @Jv3rnon – Robison is cheaper, and better at getting into the backfield. His downside has been his ability to defend against the run. From the moves that coaches have made in the past few weeks, it looks like that is not a big concern. A majority of the defensive linemen that we’re seeing, including the recent addition of White, are great at getting to the QB. So it looks like the coaches want our front-4 to be notching a lot of sacks, and intend to trust Greenway and the Hendersons to take care of the running game.

  32. By Skol_Vikes98 on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    @ Kenny …. Chirs Hovan. 99. Has about 2 great seasons then fell off the radar.

  33. By Skol_Vikes98 on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    jeeze Skol — don’t be such an idiot. Of course everyone jumped all over Chris Hovan….. and I’m sure when you said 2 years you meant 2 good years with the Vikings and then he fell off, probably due to Mike Tice, and then finished his career elsewhere.
    Man Skol, its almost like your talking to yourself…

  34. By Don on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…Cut Berrian…

  35. By seymour scagnetti on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    i didn’t know kris havan was still in the league.

  36. By Hothouse on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Have you Viking fans lost it, talking about somebody that hasn’t been around for years. We will do well this year, but it will take alittle time. Let’s all be patient as Frazier knows best. My two sons golfed with the Vikings last year and had a nice long set down talk with Coach Frazier on the 19th hole and they were overly impressed with him. Both of my sons played college football in the mid 80′s. Again be patient, we have some very good leadership.

  37. By NickAtNight on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    @Don I totally agree with you. we have so many young talented guys at wr and we would be doin them a great injustice if we keep a guy like berrian that has had years to prove himself and has failed every single season hes been here. Jenkins will be our number 1, percy will play the slot on 3wr sets and he will be our #2 when were in 2wr sets, then you got camarillo, johnson, iglesias, aromashadu, burton and holmes. why keep berrian when you have all these guys that could be better than benard. its not gonna be hard to replace his numbers from last year or the year before that or the year before that. I say we cut berrian! keep jenkins, percy, camarillo, johnson, aromashadu. sign iglesias to the practice squad. let the rest go! I was scared that we were gonna suck at wr this year but after these first two games im very impressed and excited to see these guys progress throughout the year!

  38. By ikielinks on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    I believe that Bernard Berrian will have a better year than we think. Yes he had a down year. But he did perform above average when the Vikes had
    Gus Frerotte. Donovan McNabb is a good “team guy” so anything that’s better than the 6-10. the Vikings had last year is an improvement. We Viking fans are all frustrated because we want our beloved Vikings to win the Super Bowl. A strong rushing attack is needed. We need Adrian Peterson. Hopefully the receivers will be All-World and the Vikes should be on the road to respectability. But my road stops no less than a Super Bowl win.

  39. By T-Boss on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Kleinsasser ???? CMON MAN !!!!!!!

  40. By Viking Joe on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Kleinsasser is one of the Vikings best blockers, I agree he leaves alot to be desired as a pass catcher, though!!!

  41. By Vernon on Aug 24, 2011 | Reply

    Does anyone know where the Vikings are spending all their Salery Cap money they rank as the 2nd highest spending team in the NFL?? Thats the biggest reason for really ZERO free agent signings.. cept McNabb I mean where is all the MONEY allocated??? Its another reason for the Greenway/Peterson contract stalls… 2011 and the Vikings have less then 800K of spendin space under the CAP!!! ..

  42. By Carl Brodin on Aug 24, 2011 | Reply

    I still say cut Berrian from what i see of the other WR’s we have enough depth
    That and maybe having to cut Kleinssaser as much as i dont want to but it will free us some cap space we are deep at those to spots also maybe trading one of our D-lineman maybe Robison i dont want to do that either. We have to get Adrian & Chad signed or we will weaken to more spots on the team so give these two guys the respect they deserve RicK Speilman! Allen needs to go give Sherrels his chance we have given Allen his chances he’s shown nothing. Heres how the CB position should look. Winfield,Griffin,Cook,Sherrels,Burton. What do the rest of you think about this?

  43. By Carl Brodin on Aug 24, 2011 | Reply

    I saw on another blog that some one had the Vikings going with a youth movement. Let take the O-line starters Lt Johnson Lg Hutchinson C Sulivan Rg Herrara Rt Loadholt Res. Cooper C-G Fusco C-G Love G-T Brown T. D-line Re Allen Ut Williams Nt Ayodele Le Griffin Res Re Reed Ut Ballard Nt Guion Le Awasom. Honestly i say cut or trade Gerhart we do not need 2 pounders besides we signed King he will cost less for his first contract more cap money available Gerhart wont get many carries because the are going to try to use Adrian 3 downs and on the 3rd and longs we will install Booker. With cuttting Berrian,Allen,Kleinssaser & Robison that would free up alot of cap room. What do the rest of you think of this?

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