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Posted by Mike Wobschall on June 2, 2011 – 8:58 am

The NFL news cycle has been a bit slow recently, but there are still important issues to discuss in the Vikings world. We’ll use the Stadium Q&A feature and the Monday Morning Mailbag to address those issues.

To submit a comment or question, send an email to me at You can also submit your comment or question in the comments section below this entry.

Remember to include your name and town on the comment/email. We can’t post every comment/question, but we’ll try to answer each question.

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30 Responses to “Submit Your Mailbag And Stadium Questions”

  1. By joshK on Jun 2, 2011 | Reply

    tell somone to do donations or a way overpriced raffle, tons of rich people would love to donate 5-10 grand. and im sure normal people would donate as well. get it done

  2. By Ootsa Jimmy on Jun 2, 2011 | Reply

    Will the Canucks win the Stanley Cup?

  3. By Stoney on Jun 2, 2011 | Reply

    Oosta, you can bank on it!

  4. By Ootsa Jimmy on Jun 2, 2011 | Reply

    Thanks, that’s what I want to hear! Cheering for Boston is like cheering for the Bears.

  5. By Carl K on Jun 2, 2011 | Reply

    Mike Wobschall,
    The St. Paul Pioneer Press quoted Coach Frazier as saying the plan is for Tyrell Johnson to compete with Madieu Williams for the free safety job. Frazier wants Johnson to step it up… and Frazier is willing to give him every chance to come through. Tyrell Johnson can play both safety positions and is entering the final year of his rookie contract.

    Why was Tyrell used so sparingly in 2010? Do you agree with Frazier that Tyrell has potential to be a starter? Is he heathy? Can he stay healthy?

  6. By Carl K on Jun 2, 2011 | Reply

    Mike Mayock had Tyrell Johnson as the #1 safety in the 2008 draft class. Johnson was a standout at Arkansas State who was a four year starter that excelled at creating plays.

    After starting 22 games in his first 2 years with the Vikings… Johnson only had 2 starts in 2010. Should I get my hopes up that 2011 will be his year?

  7. By Parody on Jun 2, 2011 | Reply

    I sure hope Tyrell steps it up this year. One of those two needs to become a solid starter for us, and I don’t think it’s in the cards for Williams.

  8. By Titus on Jun 2, 2011 | Reply

    Will the new stadium be called Chilly Field?

  9. By Parody on Jun 2, 2011 | Reply

    Might as well call it Lambo Field, just to see the reaction from our neighbors to the East.

  10. By Titus on Jun 2, 2011 | Reply

    Anyone recall when the new MN Zoo came to town? I walked with a friend 12 miles to raise money to bring the Beluga whales to the Zoo– a lot of people showed up.

    If a lot of people are opposed to the stadium costs–why not have a fundraiser for those who want the Vikings to stay? Let’s suppose it’s a fifth of the state– 1 million people and they each give between 20 and 500 dollars. We could raise a substantial amount of money. Have a walk from the metrodome to the arden hills site– and people’s workplaces could sponsor per mile walked on top of the walker’s own donations.

  11. By Frederick Jones on Jun 2, 2011 | Reply


    It’s a good idea to have some sort of fundraiser for the Vikings stadium. Most people don’t think of a sports franchise as a charity.

    I am not opposed to our taxes paying for part of the stadium.

  12. By Kelly on Jun 2, 2011 | Reply

    I like the idea, and someone could set up a facebook page with a link for donations. Maybe if we start, the legislature will see this is something that needs to be done. We can’t let an offramp be the demise of our great Vikings! Skol!

  13. By Kelly on Jun 2, 2011 | Reply

    Mike, do you think there is a chance of the Wilfs possibly building an open air stadium on their own or with local assistance if the state cannot agree to a deal this year? I know it would be harder to secure local funding because of the limited non Viking revenues that it would generate, but the cost could be signifigantly less than a retractable roof. It also would not have to be built to last 40 or 50 years because the Vikings wouldn’t have to necessarily sign any kind of long term deal with the state. I would rather have a facility with a roof for my own personal enjoyment of the cold weather games but I would go see the Vikings play in a swamp if I had to. As long as its not in L.A. Kelly from Barron, Wisconsin.

  14. By 4eversteve on Jun 3, 2011 | Reply

    Why don’t they just ask the politician for some of the billions of dollars that they stealing from tax payers every year, if that money could ever be recovered than building a stadium wouldn’t even be an issue!

  15. By no1vikingsfan on Jun 3, 2011 | Reply

    I did write a letter through e-mail to the Governor of Minnesota, which is found on the savethevikings.organization and stated that I would like to donate my 2011 state tax return to a new stadium in Arden Hills. Not sure if they read each and every e-mail sent, I had decided to send 1 e-mail at least every other day. I hope the state sees my email and give this proposal some serious consideration.

  16. By Carl K on Jun 3, 2011 | Reply

    Mike Wobschall,
    Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission Chairman Ted Mondale and Gov. Mark Dayton have reportedly said the state will pay 300 million for the stadium and no more – including the roads.

    The county is willing to pay 350 million with a sales tax increase. The Vikings have agree to kick in 407 million to add to the 300 million the state is willing to pay.

    I think that leaves 131 million for new road construction left to be negotiated. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said the NFL will help contribute to the stadium costs. Mike, do we know how much the NFL is willing to help? Any chance the NFL steps forward in the next few day and offers to cover the 131 million needed for road construction? Roger Goodell has good Public Relations skills and says all the right things… but does he or the NFL care enough about keeping the Vikings in Minnesota to step up and bridge the gap in the remaining costs?

  17. By Carl K on Jun 3, 2011 | Reply

    This stadium deal is so close… The Vikings and The Arden Hills City Council have worked so hard and covered a lot of ground in the last 3 months.

    Now would be a great time for Goodell and the NFL to come forward and commit to doing what is needed to make this stadium deal happen.


  18. By Carl K on Jun 3, 2011 | Reply

    After all, the NFL makes a 9 billion dollar profit each year…They can build a new stadium every year for the next 32 years (one for every team) and still make a profit. I AM STARTING TO GET MAD!!!

    Maybe be I just need to take a break from the NFL!

  19. By Nick on Jun 3, 2011 | Reply

    When the impasse ends we could sure use DeAndre McDaniel from Clemson to compete for the strong safety position. This guy should have gotten drafted in the middle rounds, he doesn’t have lightening speed but has great ball-hawking skills.

  20. By joshK on Jun 3, 2011 | Reply


  21. By joshK on Jun 3, 2011 | Reply

    ask wilf next time you interview him.

  22. By joshK on Jun 3, 2011 | Reply

    the vikings could give out certificates ” i helped fund the Minnesota Vikings” sort of like the packers do

  23. By Frederick Jones on Jun 3, 2011 | Reply

    @Carl K.,

    We are all impatient with the CBA, Stadium, etc. going on.

    It’s hard to know what to write anymore.

    If you weren’t frustrated, it would show that you don’t care.

  24. By DRS on Jun 3, 2011 | Reply

    Titus, a fundraiser for the Vikings stadium. I like it, maybe I would come from NM to take part.

  25. By DRS on Jun 3, 2011 | Reply

    Mike Think about it, a few $$$ from people around the world would add up! Then there would be no need for the state, would there? The Vikings and ramsy county would own the Stadium. Hardly any money to the state. what a thought.

  26. By Kelly on Jun 3, 2011 | Reply

    The Vikings fan page has nearly a million fans. Imagine if half of them gave 5 dollars or even one dollar. We could pay for the road construction ourselves.

  27. By Frederick Jones on Jun 3, 2011 | Reply

    Kelly…we should consider that if building a new stadium is completely rejected.

  28. By Berrianfancs on Jun 6, 2011 | Reply

    Are the Vikings trying to find a way to get rid of Berrian?

  29. By twr on Jun 6, 2011 | Reply

    Hey gang, I live in Calif and would donate to the stadium. If the state doesn’t want to help than they get no tax money from the Vikes. The Vikings and the county share the money. GGGGGOOOOOO Vikes

  30. By Steve on Jun 7, 2011 | Reply


    Why has there been no mention of the Naming Rights for the new stadium in Arden Hills, typically that millions of dollars from some corporation, couldn’t that be used to finish off the funding concerns regarding the roads ? I think the downtown folks are using the roads issue to try to stop the Arden Hills plan. Lets go Vikes- get it done in Arden Hills and bring real football experience back to MN. !!

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