Ranking NFL Team Helmets

Posted by Mike Wobschall on May 18, 2011 – 12:56 pm

In another sign that we are indeed in the midst of a work stoppage, ESPN has used its latest edition of Power Rankings to break down NFL team helmets. has a team of bloggers – one blogger allocated to each of the 6 divisions – and they’ve teamed up to rank the best team helmets.

The Vikings came in ranked 7th on the list with 22 points, while the Pittsburgh Steelers easily took 1st place honors with 50 total points and the Indianapolis Colts came in 2nd with 41. Other NFC North teams in the Top 10 were the Packers (4th) and the Bears (9th); the Lions were 17th.

So what do you think? Where does the Vikings helmet rank in terms of aesthetic appeal?

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  1. By Shawn on May 18, 2011 | Reply


  2. By Titus on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Wow, is this a sign of things to come? I hope we have a season.
    I do believe our helmet design is unique in it appears as something you would really wear. I mean, come on, who would wear an emblem of a lion on their head, or a big G or C on the side of their scalp? Steelers? That is crazy– Vikes’ helmet design is one of the best. Buccaneers– now there’s a winner.

  3. By DRS on May 18, 2011 | Reply

  4. By Carl K on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    The Browns made the top ten! Wow, the Bengals have a cooler looking helmet than they do.

    What is so great about Da Bears helmet? The Seahawks have a much nicer helmet than the stinkin Bears. The Vikings should be #1 in the helmet department for sure. ESPN needs a recount.

    Yes, the Buccaneers have a nice looking helmet too.

  5. By DRS on May 18, 2011 | Reply

  6. By DRS on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Ranking team helmets, really? Are there not more important things to blog about?

  7. By DRS on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    No more Minnesota Vikings if Dayton and the rest of the law makers keep going this way.

  8. By Mike Wobschall on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    I’m open to blogging about anything, including ranking team helmets. It’s a lockout man! Developments are slow to happen. But I’m open to suggestions. What topics would be interesting? Let me know and I’ll opine on them.

  9. By DRS on May 18, 2011 | Reply

  10. By DRS on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Mike how about what the Viking will do if the Minnesota government will not pay for their share of the new stadium.

  11. By DRS on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    What states want the Vikings to move to their area if the politicians fail to do their job?

  12. By DRS on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Or will the Vikings not move and be forced to play in the dome?

  13. By DRS on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    I think knowing what is going on with the stadium issue is top of the heap and the when will the CBA be settled is next. I think the fans deserve that much.

  14. By DRS on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    The best NFL helmet is the Minnesota’s and the Seahawks; in my opinion.

  15. By DRS on May 18, 2011 | Reply

  16. By DRS on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Oops that should have been, The best NFL helmet is Minnesota’s and then the Seahawks; in my opinion. Soory, a type-o.

  17. By NovaScotiaVike on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    #1 Vikings, a distant second………..the Falcons.

  18. By DRS on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Go Vikings, Hope you will stay in Minnesota in spite of the Government. Have to go, God bless U-All.

  19. By odin on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Chicago and Green bay both in the top 10?
    There is no design to either of those helmets….
    plain helmet with an alphabetic letter on the side….. big whoop!
    no style whatsoever.
    Plus, Green Bay’s helmet is YELLOW! what a masculine color that is……
    I would have to Rank Bengals helmet #1.
    MN #2 Dallas #3

    any helmet that is plain, 1 color with an alphabetic letter on the side does not even merit recognition as a professional sports team.

  20. By Frederick Jones on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Okay, let me get this straight 8 guys voted on the best helmets. Are you serious. How can you call that a fair trial ! ! ! I’m pretty sure RIGHT NOW that any of us bloggers are as capable of judging helmets !

    My tally:

    1: MN Vikings (mainly because I’m biased)
    2. Eagles (ranked 16th according to ESPN’s 8 Guys Voting)
    3. Who really cares.
    32. How can anyone pick the Browns for any other spot. Their uniforms
    are okay. The helmet has nothing on it. (ESPN’s Eight–Clev is #8)

    It just goes to show you, ANYONE CAN THINK ANYTHING no MATTER HOW CRAZY!!! You can think anything!

  21. By Titus on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    The Titans helmet has some pizazz. The Browns helmet looks like a spoiled orange. By the way, I was being sarcastic about the Buccaneers in my earlier post– I am not a fan of that helmet.

    Anyway, what’s next? Let’s play– rank that thing– every Wednesday.
    Honestly, I have looked at various stadiums– interesting to compare the designs, capacity, etc.

  22. By Carl K on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Mike – I am not sure what limitations you have with the lockout?? I don’t think you can talk to players, but if you can talk to other vikings staffers like trainers or coaches, here are a few ideas.

    #1 – Question and answers with some Viking staff.
    #2 – Do the trainers and doctors think Rice is ok – I don’t think he played much in the last game? Is he 100%? What is the update on Harvin’s headaches. Is Ponder 100% heathy?
    #3 – Rick Speilman’s brother Chis is a radio guy for Ohio State… can he give us more details about Ross Homan? More indepth coverage of our draft pick!
    #4 – What can we expect from our new offense? Will it have a two TE set most of the time? Will we use a fullback?
    #5 – Frazier has said he wants a younger roster? Which older guys will really need to work to make the team?

    I know you are not a journalist, but can you knock on some Vikings staff member’s doors and dig up a story or two? Can you get an interview with some of our scouts to talk about what they see in our draft picks?

  23. By Carl K on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Ok Titus, your turn to tell Mike what he could write about.

  24. By Mike B on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Vikings Helmet is definately 1
    Jags would be 2
    Pats 3
    tampa bay 4

    My opinion

  25. By Carl K on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Mike Wobschall -
    I love the Monday Morning Mail Bag! Good stuff. How about a Thursday question and answer session with a different staff person each week. It would be cool to get to know other Viking personnel.

    Studwell, Singletary, Pagac and Musgrave just to name a few. I think they can share some good stuff without spilling too many beans.

    I really like the fact that you put yourself out here… and are so accessible to the fans . That is really cool. Thanks!

  26. By Frederick Jones on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    @Carl K,

    I read one of your blogs with interest. You said that you have seen the Vikings in 3 different stadiums outside of the state of Minnesota. You also stated that you picked the Vikings as your team when you were younger because your brother rooted for another team. (Steelers?)

    I’ve always wondered how people from other places wound up rooting for an out of state team.

    My younger brother liked the Chevy Camaro, I liked the Pontiac Firebird.
    Heck those models look almost the same to me now!

  27. By Frederick Jones on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    You never hear much about Studwell. I watched most, or all of the games he played. The guy must have done some legendary things as a player.

    I once saw him in a drill at training camp. They were taking turns hitting some blocking device (not a sled). Everyone took his turn.
    Studwell took his…BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, etc. That bag knew that it had been HIT ! ! ! And all the players stood around and watched ! ! !

  28. By Frederick Jones on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Latest update on the recruitment of Vince Young at QB:

    Yes: 4

    No: 10

    By the way I voted yes. Hopefully this is an accurate tally.

    Please vote only once. To be discontinued if there are no more votes.

  29. By Titus on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Fred I attended university in Ohio for a couple years– I was surprised how many Vikings fans are there– especially with two teams in that state (they hate each other I think as much or worse than Green Bay-MN). One of my best friends there just loved the Vikings and he was from the Canton area– I guess part of the love if because of the early years when the Vikings were legends playing outside in below zero– they really had an identity.

  30. By Titus on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Slight typo– part of the love is– not if.

  31. By Frederick Jones on May 18, 2011 | Reply


    You are right in that is a good reason those helmets do not belong in the top ten. I have always liked the Bears helmets, but I doubt that I would put them in the top ten.

  32. By PAUL M. on May 18, 2011 | Reply





  33. By Titus on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    I hope they keep the roof open for all football games– other events, they can close it, but let the elements in– it won’t ever be as brutal as the old met– but you can let some natural air conditioning, especially for teams from nice climates.

  34. By Frederick Jones on May 18, 2011 | Reply


    I was born in Ohio. That is a great football state, one of the best.

  35. By Frederick Jones on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    @Paul M,

    I bet a lot of people would agree with you on the road uniforms. They should at least keep wearing the purple pants, if it’s legal.

  36. By Titus on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Wow, Fred I knew we had a kinship– I was born in New York, though.

  37. By Titus on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    I always thought the road uniforms were a disadvantage– you do better when you feel confident in your style– and Paul wrote it better than anyone– ALBINO VIKINGS– ha ha ha!! Funny.

  38. By PAUL M. on May 18, 2011 | Reply







  39. By Titus on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    What Paul just described is what I am talking about– I have found Vikings fans all over the country– and as we see on this site, all over the world. Ever since the Vikes went inside, they lost part of their identity and mystique. I say the roof should always be open during football– I do understand why we need a roof because the stadium needs to be utilized for many events to make it worthwhile.

  40. By Carl K on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Fred – thanks for keeping track of the Vince Young vote. It has been fun to follow that. I am glad one of my blogs grabbed your interest (I didn’t think any body really read my junk). Yes, I fell in love with the Vikings when I was 9 years old rooting against my brother’s team. I liked the way the Viking’s helmet looked back then and I am still crazy about those horns today. It was easy to root for Tarkenton, Foreman, Eller, Page, Krause and the rest of the Purple People Eaters.

  41. By Shawn on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Will it take the Vikings leaving Minnesota to see how Republican leadership is?

  42. By Carl K on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    I miss Bud Grant. Those were the good old days!

  43. By Shawn on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Have we not seen enough …

    WMDs? nope

    take from middle class and give to upper class? doesnt sound like fiscal resposibility to me … sounds like a scam

    lead through fear and hate

    Vikings stadium means nothing to them…

  44. By Parody on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    I’m embarrassed that the Vikings made the list with the likes of the Packers, Cowboys and Browns on the same list. What makes their helmets interesting at all?

    Packers and Bears: we put a letter on our helmet! How much more unique can it get? ANSWER: Browns! We painted our helmets completely orange! That says BROWNs all the way!

    I’m not sure about the Steelers being unique, but I’ve always guessed that the logo has some relation to the steel industry. Still, they by no means deserve to be #1.

    The Bengals on the other hand have about the most unique and fitting helmets in the NFL and didn’t even make the list. The wing on the Eagles’ helmets deserves a spot too, as does the Rams’ horns, the Fleurs de Lis of the Saints, and the Bucs’ pirate flag.

    So since I’m adding 5-helmets to the list, I should remove 5 as well to make it my top ten. Packers, Bears and Browns are already gone, so I’m going to say that the Raiders and Steelers need to follow.

  45. By Parody on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Now that I look it over a bit closer, I think I’m taking down the Dolphins and Chargers too, in favor of the Patriots and Falcons. It was a bit of a tough decision for those last two spots, but I still think that the Dolphins, Chargers, Seahawks, Titans and Ravens round out my top-15.

  46. By Carl K on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Da Bear’s helmet would look much better if it had a cute little teddy bear on it.

  47. By Titus on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Tour de France starts in about 6 weeks.

  48. By Frederick Jones on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    There was some A W E S O M E writing on this blog tonight!

    Paul’s rendition about how he saw Kapp in the snowstorm almost made me cry. Man, that brought back memories ! ! ! Too bad they lost Joe Kapp to Free Agency.

    So you see why I like the name Joe Webb ! ! !

  49. By Frederick Jones on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    Perhaps the Vikings could be selective with the roof.

    When we play the Patriots for sure. (Consider opening it only when the Pats have the ball ! ! !)

    Any passing team gets the roof treatment.

  50. By Frederick Jones on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    The Vikings could fit their team to an open air stadium. Frazier wants a running team. If that doesn’t happen, or there are key players hurt, close the dome and throw the ball.


    Perhaps the Vince Young votes can show that it MIGHT be a mistake to get him. It seems as though most bloggers are not completely sold on V Young. I voted for him, but am a little scared about his attitude, which only he can change.

  51. By JIM on May 18, 2011 | Reply

    The Vikes helmets need to go to the Viking logo instead of the plain old horn look, move into the 21st century gang..Same with the uniforms..Move up to the “newer” look like the ravens.

  52. By Rocksalt on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    NO WAY! The Vikes horn is classic…
    Vikes 1
    Rams 2
    Bengals 3
    all have designs, not logos

  53. By Kelly on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Mike, you should ban people like DRS for trolling.

  54. By Malte on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Packers helmet is UGLY as heII

  55. By Carl K on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Fred – I have been on both sides of the fence with Vince Young.
    At the very beginning I didn’t like the idea of VY being a Viking… but I slowly began to warm up to the idea after our new QB coach Craig Johnson said good things about Vince. After the Vikings drafting Ponder, I have slowly drifted away from the Vince Young idea. I am not really in favor of it and I am not completely against it. I am also not crazy about NcNabb or any of the FA QB choices either. I say lets go with Ponder and work Webb into the offense as a wildcat/backupQB/WR (because that is what he is). Lets not waste money or a roster spot on a back up free agent veteran QB. Lets spend that money on a position like Safety, OLB, DL or as you suggest and Olineman.

  56. By no1vikingsfan on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    @ Fred! OK! here ya go, Vince Young? NO! he will be looking foir a starting job, that job is already filled with the Vikings.
    I agree with most of you here, how in the world did the Pack, Bears, come on!! I would had picked the Bills and Rams before those 2, I also like the Eagles and Falcons helmets as well, even the Raiders helmet should have finished higher than the Pack or Bears.

  57. By no1vikingsfan on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    @ Carl K. That’s fine and dandy, but if we left Ponder, Webb and Bomar as our teams QB’s your looking at a combined total of about 5 years NFL experience, this surely will not do, we have to bring in an experienced QB, a successful veteran QB that will accept the 2nd string job and help our young QB’s mature in the game that also can do the job if called upon.

  58. By Carl K on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    @no1vikingsfan- good point. But what quality QB will really get excited about carrying a clip board and helping a young smart first round draft pick (Ponder) and fighting a hungry Joe Webb for playing time?

  59. By Carl K on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    It could happen, but IMO the Vikings will need to pay that (low grade veteran) QB as if he was a quality starter… or they will need to settle for the best QB that no team wants. It is hard for me to get excited about that.

  60. By bubba on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    “one blogger allocated to each of the 6 divisions” labour dispute must be the reason we lost a couple divisions.

  61. By no1vikingsfan on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    @ Carl K: I am sure Brett Favre would not mind at all just carrying around a clipboard, hahaha!! To be honest I really think Hasselbeck would be a very good option, being 36 years old and near the end of his career, a clipboard may just be what the doctor ordered, yet still get the job done.

  62. By Carl K on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    @no1vikingsfan – I like Hasselbeck or Bulger. It can be done. I like what the Jet have with Brunell and what the Lion have with Shaun Hill. That would be ideal!

  63. By Carl K on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    @no1vikingsfan – Adam Caplan agrees with you that the Vikings will need to bring in a veteran QB because Ponder may not be ready to start right away.

    Fredrick – Adam also thinks Brandon Fusco could challenge John Sullivan for the starting center job down the line.

    He also writes this:
    The Vikings might have gotten a huge steal with offensive tackle Demarcus Love in the sixth round. He had a much high draft grade from several teams, so he could have enough upside to eventually challenge Bryant McKinnie.

    IMO, I think Love would be a great upgrade at RG. I see him as a solid interior run blocker for AP. Fred can I have a smiley face?

  64. By no1vikingsfan on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    @ Carl K: I don’t think the Vikings should even entertain the thought of bringing in a QB to challenge Webb or Ponder for the starting role, it should be specified that you will be back up to either Webb or Ponder, Ponder being said to be the most NFL ready QB of this years draft class should prove it, I am not much for believing in seasoning a rookie QB before he gets a shot. It would not look good for the Vikings organization when going out of there way in telling us fans and the media how much confidence they have in him and that he was worth the 12th overall pick only to have Ponder sit on the bench, so I think the Vikes best make sure he is ready.

    HAHAHA @ McKinnie, there will be a challenge for the starting role this year, what a slug.

  65. By Carl K on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Adam Caplan writes for Sorry I forgot to mention that.

  66. By no1vikingsfan on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Remember that game agianst the Niners in the 09 season, the final seconds Lewis pass? How could you forget right!! go find that play in youtube, look for McKinnie, you will get a serious laugh.

  67. By Spanky8 on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    whatever name ends up on the new stadium, i think the field should be named “BUD GRANT FIELD” and do it now before anything happens to Bud. This would be a great way to honor him for all hes done for us and the state of Minnesota.

  68. By Parody on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    no1vikingsfan – I jut took your suggestion, and frankly I’m flabergasted. I thought that McKinnie was voted into the pro bowl that year, but that play made him look like he was lucky to even be on the field. He tapped the end a couple of times and then stepped out of the way and carelessly watched the defender run 5-yards to pummel Favre as he’s releasing the ball.

    The closest thing to a laugh that I got out of it was that McKinnie twitched toward the defender just before Favre got hit, as if he only then realized that the play was still live…

  69. By Parody on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Here’s the clip that I watched:

    The play starts at about 23-seconds into it.

  70. By Slim Manthey on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    I queried the followers for new ideas since we are down to discussing who has the best looking helmet. That is a very biased question, there is no helmet better than the Vikings, and just to prove my point, it would look the best under the lights of a Super Bowl!
    Back to the other thought, How many of the former Vikings, Coaches, players etc are involved with the stadium issue? I know if Grant, Tarkenton, or Eller were to do some town hall type speaking to the senior corporate executives in the Twin Cities area (and the are a bunch of them) that we might be able to get this funding deficit mitigated. Love your column, just trying to assist with “other than CBA” type discussions. Also….why don’t all teams have cheerleaders, now that will flood your email basket! Who has the best?? Again, MVC are the finest.
    Slim of Stafford

  71. By Frederick Jones on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Vince Young is not doing too well as a Viking QB choice:

    Yes: 4 No: 11

    Now let’s see if anyone that likes Vince Young will step up to the plate !

    I admit to voting for V Young. Most of us are on the fence towards him.
    Does his talent/knowledge overcome his attitude? Most say NO.

  72. By Frederick Jones on May 19, 2011 | Reply


    We are not looking for an average NFL Offensive Line or Defensive Secondary, which is what we have right now.
    :) :) :( :) :)

  73. By no1vikingsfan on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    To me it looks like McKinnie didn’t hold is block very well, the rest did ok, CT even stood his block up, it is just 1 play, but it didn’t look to good for McKinnie and yes he was voted in to the pro-bowl as was most of the OL that year, just ask Fred. lol

  74. By Slim Manthey on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    I agree with Spanky8, Since the stadium is in its planning stages, what has to be done, (petitions, web page, mail outs, phone calls) to get the new stadium named after Bud Grant. If you don’t agree, or are asking why, you shouldn’t be blogging on the Vikings site.

  75. By Frederick Jones on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Slim Manthey,

    I agree that the new stadium should be named after Bud Grant.


    I think only Mckinnie and Hutchinson made the PB in 2009.

  76. By Touchdown on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    No VY to Minnie. We have Ponder, Bomar, Webb and I think we are going to get Mcnabb

  77. By no1vikingsfan on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Honestly I don’t think any of our lineman is beyond repair or is a lost cause, other than that, for the sake of the future we need to start thinking about the LG position, because Hutchinson is getting up there in age, were good to go for now I think.

  78. By Parody on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Slim – I don’t agree that a stadium should be named after Grant. This is not showing him any disrespect, I just don’t believe that his efforts are enough to warrant naming consideration.

    Chances are that the stadium will eventually be named after some sort of corporation that is sponsoring the stadium anyways, as this has become the norm in professional sports around the state. That is why we have the Target Field, Target Center and XCel Energy Center. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if a company like Best Buy decided to slap their name on the Vikings’ new home in Arden Hills.

  79. By Parody on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    no1vikingsfan – I think that DeGeare has been tagged as Hutchinson’s eventual replacement. He showed good potential when he filled in during injuries last year as a rookie, and I think he is the most talented backup that was kept on the roster this year.

  80. By no1vikingsfan on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    @ Fred: hahaha!! oohh yea! for some reason I thought another lineman was in there, I thought since McKinnie was dismissed, he was replaced by another Viking, but ain’t that how Harvin got in there?

  81. By Parody on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    I think RG is the biggest question mark right now. Love will push McKinnie and Loadholt for their starting roles, while Fusco will give Sullivan competition, but there’s no real threat to Herrera’s job right now.

  82. By no1vikingsfan on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    I think naming a new stadium Minnesota purple nation field might convince the state lawmakers, hahaha!!

  83. By no1vikingsfan on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    @ Parody: you know talking about that block by McKinnie in that niner game, I remember having my eyes glued to Favre, as I am sure the whole world was at the time, but I just got a glimpse out of the corner of my eye Mckinnie losing his block and that block heading full speed right at Favre, I remember yelling at the TV NNNOOOOOOOO!! MCKINNIE YOU KNUCKLEHEAD!! Guess that’s why its still a nightmare even though it turned out good, lol

  84. By Parody on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    @no1vikingsfan – I was at that game with my dad, and that last play is all that I remember from it now. It’s one of the fewtimes in my life that time actually seemed to slow down, as I held my breath and watched Favre dance in the backfield forever while the clock ticked down from :12, then watching the ball float across the field in slow motion. Needless to say, I went crazy when he caught the ball and later when the refs confirmed the TD after the review. It was definitely the most exciting moment I’ve experienced at a professional sporting event. Although, it also was pretty fun watching the Cowboys get schooled in the playoff game a couple months later, when all the “experts” credited them as the strong favorites.

    Unfortunately, the one miraculous play was enough to convince management to waste a roster spot on the otherwise completely non-existant career of Greg Lewis.

  85. By Parody on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    But I rarely concentrate on the performance of the offensive line. I’m always looking for the open receivers downfield. But when looking at the blocking in that play, McKinnie’s lack of effort is completely unexcusable, especially at such a critical time in the game. Favre was able to dodge a dropped block on the front side when the RB lost his man, but he kept on playing by setting up as a receiver after the defender got by. Favre was lucky to have gotten rid of the ball just milliseconds before getting blindsided by McKinnie’s man.

  86. By Michael M on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    I’m in agreement with Paul M, Titus, Spanky8. The memories of the purple, and the white horns in the snow storms makes me a little teary eyed. I don’t care where they play as long as it’s in Minnesota and outdoors. Coach Grant deserves to have this stadium named after him. I understand a corporations vanity”greed” but, this man is truly the NUMBER 1 VIKING.

  87. By NovaScotiaVike on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Name the local dump after Brad Childress and when he dies, bury him there.

  88. By NovaScotiaVike on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    In the “I’m glad I didn’t pay for this” department: Last night the girlfriend “convinced” me to go to a phychic with her, expecting me to ask her something concerning our relationship. I instead asked her where the Vikings would be playing in two years. She told me they would still be in …………..INDIANAPOLIS.

  89. By Frederick Jones on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Vince Young Vote

    Yes: 4

    No: 11

    @Parody :
    The field will be called something like Bud Grant Best Buy Field

  90. By NovaScotiaVike on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    *Psychic, whatever, they are all full of sh1t.

  91. By NovaScotiaVike on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Fred, put me down as a “no” on Vince Young. Too much of a headcase.

  92. By Gubber on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    I have a top 5 list for helmets.
    1) Texans
    2) Vikings
    3) Chiefs
    4) Dolphins
    5) Patriots

    All of these to me are very colourful, creative, but no gaudy. Just my opinion.


  93. By Nick on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    About the headline, who really cares? More importantly, I already put my hat in the ring for Vince by the way.

    @Parody, I agree RG is a big concern, personally I think Herrera stinks and either of Demarcus Love or Chris Degeare would be an upgrade, also excited about Fusco’s potential, reckon he could push Sullivan this season.

    Like to see us go get Deandre McDaniel and Ian Williams as soon as the impasse ends, these guys were undrafted middle rounders and would fill areas of need.

  94. By Carl K on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    My top 5 free agent wish list.

    #1 – Re-sign Sidney Rice. This is a must!
    I think Musgrave will use a two TE set often… so this will help Mckinnie and Loadholt. I don’t think we need to address OT in FA.
    #2 – Harvey Dahl RG- Musgrave worked with Dahl in Atlanta. He plays with a nasty streak. (might be some bad blood between him and Singletary?)
    #3 – Quinton Mikell probowl safety in his prime. He is unrestricted and Philly drafted a safety in the 2nd rd.
    #4 – Manny Lawson OLB. Singletary seemed to like him in San Fran.
    #5 – Matt Hasselback/Marc Bulger QB – veteran to backup C. Ponder

    If our corners can stay heathy they will be fine.
    We have good depth on the Dline so I think we are ok there.

  95. By Titus on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Not sure about naming the field after Bud Grant.

  96. By Mike B on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Depending on how long this lockout goes will determine if we need a vet QB. I am hoping this will be resolved before the 4th of July. I don’t thik the NFL or Players can afford to lose the season. Lots of revenue will be lost and fan base too. I agree about resigning Rice that is a must sign. It appears he wants to come back with his working out with Ponder and Harvin. Have a great Day

  97. By CA Norwegian on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    1) Vikings – ready to spear you
    2) Rams – ready to ram you.
    3) Seahawks – ready to peck you
    4) Fins – ready to bottle you.
    5) Chargers – ready to zap you…(Vick shoulda gone there [dog zapper])

    letters are for texters.

  98. By DRS on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Shawn, what party is Dayton? You’re Governor! What side of the issue is he?

  99. By Titus on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Dayton is to the left.

  100. By Sue G Vikes 4 Ever on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    Nova, You are kidding me…she said INDY? Worst Psychic ever!!!!! How far do we have tofall when we are debating helmets? This is just sad,,, we should be debating which vet QB they should be going afterl

  101. By Parody on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    @ Sue – We’ve been debating the vet QB issue A LOT in the past few months.

    Instead, I’d like to propose that we hear some more depth on what the players are demanding and what the Owners are offering in the CBA dispute, and then debate on how reasonable each side is being.

  102. By Stans on May 20, 2011 | Reply

    At the end of the day the gas tank might not be full, and the fridge half empty but u can embrace your loved purple as one of your own. a repreive injoyed every sunday/monday. The vikings are a symbol of minnesota’s resilance as show last year. A becon of hope in a during a dark minnesota night.

  103. By Carl K on May 20, 2011 | Reply

    @Nova – The Superbowl will be in INDY this year. Maybe the Psychic was getting some signals crossed. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this good be a good sign.

  104. By no1vikingsfan on May 20, 2011 | Reply

    That’s a positive way to look at it Carl K, that Psychics crystal ball geography has a short circuit.

  105. By Carl K on May 20, 2011 | Reply

    The superbowl is in 2012. If the Vikings get home field advantage, she is right on the money.

  106. By Carl K on May 20, 2011 | Reply

    I think Ray Edwards will box T.J. Gibson tonight! Edwards is 8 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier. It doesn’t take a psychic to know Gibson might be in trouble. Robison gets a 3 year contract worth 14 mil and Ray gets a 2.3 mil – 1 year tender. I think Edwards will be ready to hit someone.

  107. By Carl K on May 20, 2011 | Reply

    The funny thing is, Chad Ochocinco made more money riding a bull for 1.5 second than what Ray will make in the ring tonight.

  108. By Carl K on May 20, 2011 | Reply

    I think Chad and Ray will find out the hard way that it is much tougher to make millions out in the real world.

  109. By Robbnar on May 20, 2011 | Reply

    Of course Vikings #1 for me, due to my loyalty. But a close second is the Chargers. For some reason I always thought it was a cool helmet.

  110. By KanVike on May 20, 2011 | Reply

    I became a Vikings fan at the age of 9 when my dad was stationed in Hampton, Virginia in the Air Force. It was 1971. My brother and I used to play football with the neighbor kids and we all wanted to be Vikings. Jim Marshall, Carl Eller but mostly I wanted to be Fran Tarkenton! We never did live in Minnesota but now that same brother and I drive from Kansas at least 2 times a season to catch a game. Vikings helmets will always be number one in my book.

  111. By Sam on May 20, 2011 | Reply

    I thought there were 8 divisions….?

  112. By Parody on May 20, 2011 | Reply

    @Sam – There were, but the West Coasts have been so sultry the past few years that maybe ESPN decided to count them out.

  113. By aussievikingsfan on May 22, 2011 | Reply

    I say no to VY, I mean, do we really want someone with attitude problems like him mentoring our young players??

  114. By Frederick Jones on May 22, 2011 | Reply


    The Vince Young vote turned out negative.

    It is unlikely his attitude will change fast. Perhaps in a few years he could be great. Right now few teams will take a chance.

  115. By DuaneN on May 23, 2011 | Reply

    Pretty obvious that the name will be Target Stadium, haha.

    I like the Jets helmuts best.

  116. By geiber on May 23, 2011 | Reply

    I personally think the vikings have the best looking helmets, purple is a great color and those mighty white horns fit perfectly on the helmet. It would be cooler if they could make the helmet look like it is ripping open to the horns but some people would not like that and i can see why and are you even allowed? or if they made the grill/face mask yellow. How did the steelers helmets win they suck especially the all black ones withouot a logo lol thats what my HS team wares. Otherwise i like the bills and the falcons the jets arent bad neither are the broncos.

  117. By echo on May 25, 2011 | Reply

    To see it from the aesthetic point of view, the NFL hemlet looks special and fantastic . It looks attactive with two white horns. Frankly speaking it can not be said to be beautiful. That’s the style. What I want tp express is that the ranking may not only be influnced by design there will be other factors.

  118. By Gmov58r on May 26, 2011 | Reply

    Vikings fan since the 60′s, suffer countless superbowl, NFC title game losses, and last minute hail mary’s!!! COWBOYS SUCK!! NO McNabb!!! GO get Sage Rosenfels from the Giants, that’s what we need now, Yeal! i like Ponder! and of course the hemlet is #1!! NEW STADIUM!!! can’t wait to see it, stuck in Maryland!! GO VIKINGS 2011 and beyond!!

  119. By davin on Jun 1, 2011 | Reply

    #1 vikings the horns awesome
    #2 eagles I love the color
    #3 browns nothing on thats cool
    #4 steelers they win and lose superbowls with it
    #5 bengals stripes

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