Blogs Readers Support Arden Hills/Ramsey County Proposal

Posted by Mike Wobschall on May 16, 2011 – 6:27 am

At the end of last week we asked readers to let us know what they think of the Arden Hills/Ramsey County stadium proposal that was unveiled at the beginning of last week. It’s an issue that certainly has more than one side, but based on your comments it’s clear that Blog readers generally support the plan.

Below I’ve highlighted a few of the readers’ comments, both in support and opposition of the proposal. Take a read through them and don’t be afraid to leave your own comment below this entry…

As a lifelong Vikings fan and a lifelong New Orleans resident, I cannot be more ecstatic about this news!!! I know the legislature has to approve everything first, but this is certainly a step in the right direction!! And when the stadium opens for Game 1, I’ll hop a flight to Arden Hills!!! Skol baby!!!!
– alan

This stadium proposal is great. This will provide a first-class facility for the Vikings. It will benefit MN in so many ways the funds spent on this will come back many times over in the future. Don’t let the cost blind side the tax payers. This is a money mine for the state. Those wages will be spent in MN and the taxes generated from this stadium will pay for this many times over. It is great the parking will be close to the stadium for true tailgating. So many pluses I hope MN’s legislature will approve in a very short time.
– Mike B.

I am excited about the Arden Hills location. The Metrodome was ok. I enjoyed it being downtown but space was always a problem. Parking issues for games was always terrible and the people selling $25 spots to park for a few hours will be nice to be done with. I know that parking will cost no matter where the stadium is but that was bad and would never correct itself. Using a location that needed to be cleaned up anyway is a great payoff. I am also glad they chose a retractable facility. In my opinion spending this much money on a facility you need to be able to use it more than a handful of Sundays a year.
– Mike

The deal look ok, the only thing I wish the legislators would do is create a referendum and let the people decide on whether they agree on accepting an increase in taxes to build this thing.
– animal26

The arrogance to ask/demand anyone but the owners pay for the stadium is sickening. I’ll pay for a stadium when they pay for my house.
– Ron H.

Great!!! Now get All Minnesotans to see the BIG PICTURE. Whether you are or aren’t a football fan…this deal will generate $$$ for the STATE OF MINNESOTA. Tourism, hotels, restaurants, etc….So you see this is bigger than football…It makes Economic sense!!! JUST DO IT!!!!! A WIN –WIN
– Dan Rehome

I LOVE THE ARDEN HILLS site, Best thing to happen to MN in a long time. Thank you Zygi and Mark Wilf and Arden Hills. Don’t give up the fight.
– Steve

While I like the Arden Hills site, I think the existing Metrodome site seems to make the most sense in terms of the infrastructure. I think there are going to be problems getting this through legislation with the amount of roadway improvements needed to the Arden Hills site. I love the fact that the stadium construction adds 9,000+ construction jobs. And while yes, I understand many folks have a hard time with public taxes being used for sports stadiums, this is a no-brainer and the return far outweighs the public investment. Bravo to the Vikings, the State and Ramsey County and yes, there are a lot of us out there that get the “big picture” of what this stadium provides. I’m very grateful we have class ownership in the Wilf Family. You’re appreciated by us Viking Fans and we thank you for doing so much in moving this organization forward for years to come.
– T SH

I think Arden Hills is perfect! I think the possibility of tailgating alone is a good enough reason to build it there. Vikings Hall of Fame and a retractable roof, bring it on! Bring on Green Bay, just like Bud said!!
– BleedingPurpleinAlaska

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