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Posted by Mike Wobschall on March 11, 2011 – 8:24 am

Collective Bargaining Agreement or not, there are still questions surrounding the Vikings as the offseason continues. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

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  1. By Rogerthevikefan on Mar 11, 2011 | Reply

    When is Temples pro day? Dt M. Wilkinson is a beast 6’4 300 plus pounds could fill the void left if Pat moves on like most people believe. Has Stephen Paea knee checked out? He is another guy who could fill Pat’s shoes. I think he played for Oregen State.

  2. By AP on Mar 11, 2011 | Reply

    Mike, looks like we are in a rebuilding mode too many missing pieces on this team, we are not going to the superbowl anytime soon. This draft doesn’t look too strong. What position do you think the vikes will draft in the first round? Its a little interesting this year because we have so many pressing needs.

  3. By Bryan on Mar 11, 2011 | Reply

    Mike, with a split with the owners and union, how does this affect our stadium drive?

  4. By Joe M. on Mar 11, 2011 | Reply

    do you think it would be a good idea for the vikings to trade down to get mike pouncey I think he could do good at RG. also do you think Locker or Mallet could be a good fit?
    Thanks I will be happy if we do 1 of those things.
    PS it would be a good B-day present.
    GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. By Rogerthevikefan on Mar 11, 2011 | Reply

    Mike Pouncey would really beef up the Oline. He could take over for Sully if he doesn’t work out or he could take over for Herrera. But DeGeare could get the Rg spot and Pouncey would then be center.

  6. By Chad on Mar 12, 2011 | Reply

    Given that there is now a lockout, I dont think this plan would work, but heres what I have been thinking would be an effective way to address our offseason needs:
    Our major needs are QB, OL, S, and with or without Sidney, WR. I think through free agency, we should try to get Darren Sharper back to Minnesota. He could almost instantly improve our secondary and then we wont need much from the draft in that area. Now as for OL, I think at pick 12 we should take either OG Pouncey or OT Costanzo. And for QB, as much as I like Joe Webb and want him to someday be a franchise QB for us, I dont see the staff looking at him that way, so I have been thinking that if we could find some OL help through free agency, then we could take Cam Newton at pick 12. And finally, WR. I think we could find two good receivers between rounds 2 and 4. I like Randall Cobb for round 2 and maybe Titus Young round 4 if he falls there.
    Thanks and Let me know what you think.

  7. By Carl K on Mar 12, 2011 | Reply

    The Vikings have two pl@yers, Ben Leber and Brian Robison involved in bringing the latest antitrust lawsuit agianst the NFL. I understand the current NFL rules bring antitrust scrutiny – 32 businesses with established rules restricting pl@yer movement.

    It appears the pl@yers are fighting for no restrictions. No rules or restrictions means NO DRAFT, NO FRANCHISE TAG, and NO SALARY CAP…

    No rules, gives Jerry Jones and big market teams like the Cowboys a big advantage. I don’t like the idea of open free agent recruiting every year with no salary cap. I am a big fan of the NFL draft, and I think the current rules are worth fighting for. Good Luck to the NFL owners in court.

    Mike my question to you is- Now that the union is decertified, is there any chance the owners will block the union from re-establishing after the courts make a ruling? And will the owners hold any grudges agianst player like Brady, Manning, Brees, Leber and Robison? Robison just signed a new deal, so what is his suit about?

    I am also assuming that all these guys have individual anti-trust suits.. since the union is decertified?

  8. By Carl K on Mar 12, 2011 | Reply

    Ok – I am wrong about individual antitrust lawsuits.
    It is 10 players collectively bringing a single antitrust lawsuit agianst the NFL.
    If the union is decertified, and they cannot collectively bargin, why are they able to collectively file a lawsuit?

  9. By DRS on Mar 12, 2011 | Reply

    To all the owners, it is time to fire all the over paid players in the NFL. Make a deal with the players that will play and lockout them who will not forever! Black lists them from playing, whoever they are. There are untold numbers of players who can play in the NFL who are not given the chance. By getting them you could lower the price of tickets and make the game fun once more for the everyday fan! Remember it is only a game!

  10. By abdihafid ali on Mar 12, 2011 | Reply

    We all know the vikings are short of widerecivers why even bring up the talk about not resigning berrian because i think he can still be a very productive player and he has superbowl experience, and also why isnt there any attention on joe webb, i think he deserves a chance to compete for the starting job, him and cam newton are exactly the same

  11. By DRS on Mar 12, 2011 | Reply

    Does worrying about players at this time make any sense? With the lockout nothing matters, there will be no season this year. As I see it. Go Vikings 2012.

  12. By DRS on Mar 12, 2011 | Reply

    Got to go. God bless U-all.

  13. By Will on Mar 12, 2011 | Reply

    What do you think of Ahmad Black, the Gators safety? I would love to trade down slightly with our first round pick, pick up a third rounder and draft Black with it. He’s a safe tackler and has good ball skills. He’s undersized at 5’8 but I like the look of him.

  14. By Carl K on Mar 12, 2011 | Reply

    Are the pl@yers actual partners with the NFL?? Or are they just employees??
    Yes, I think the pl@yers have some rights when it comes to some of the antitrust scrutiny reguarding restricting player movement… but if I were told by my boss that I needed to take a pay cut… I don’t think I could get away with saying “wait, we have a great parnership going, and I want to see your books to justifie this. If you don’t show me your books, I will see you in court.”

    In my “real world”, this approach just some how doesn’t work well.

  15. By Carl K on Mar 12, 2011 | Reply

    Part of me wants to boo these pl@yers… and part of me wants to boycott NFL football.

    As a fan, it will be hard to boo a guy like Drew or Payton just for standing up for what they believe in.
    And it will be equally difficult to point a finger at the owners and walk away from the NFL and the game I love.

    Today, I am sick to my stomach…. I think it is very sad that the owners and players don’t trust each other… but they fully trust that the fans will stand beside them through this mess.

  16. By Mike on Mar 12, 2011 | Reply

    Given that there is a lockout, how does this effect guys like Sidney Rice status with or without the Minnesota Vikings? In addition, what does this mean for moving forward on a new stadium? What are the good and the bad parts about the new stadium with this lockout if there is any good or bad news?

  17. By Nick on Mar 12, 2011 | Reply

    Go get Mallet in the first. I fear he wont be there in the second. The guy has the strongest arm and typifies what LF said he wanted a few weeks ago, the next Flacco or Ryan.

  18. By Aceviking on Mar 12, 2011 | Reply

    Nick- I think the person who represents that role the most is Pat Devlin of Delaware.

  19. By Jonesy on Mar 12, 2011 | Reply

    I read an article from a sports web site that will remain nameless, in which they discussed howthe lockout might be beneficial to the city of LA, and possibly getting an NFL franchise down there. Of course, the Vikings were the fist team mentioned with them basically not having a home if a 2011-12 season doesn’t happen, and a stadium deal doesn’t come through. Do you think the Wilfs will use the lockout as an opportunity to seek this? Personally I hope not

  20. By PurpleNation on Mar 13, 2011 | Reply

    Here’s to hoping we don’t see Madieu Williams looking “LOST” in the defensive secondary next year or 2012 (Whenever the next NFL season starts)

  21. By mike on Mar 13, 2011 | Reply

    You are the best team.I will be love you forever. cheap jerseys forever!

  22. By K'net on Mar 13, 2011 | Reply

    With the recent arrests of Everson Griffen and Chris Cook is their cause for concern about the players’ behavior? While they are all in charge of their own behavior this still reflects poorly on the organization and its fans. This could also mean missed games and distracted players. While I know a player’s personal issues don’t directly relate to their business as a professional athlete, and so it may not be seen as the fans’ business, I still think it is worth mentioning that most fans feel let down and disappointed in these players and hope that we do not have to read about any further arrests or legal issues.

  23. By vikesfan78 on Mar 13, 2011 | Reply

    What is the Wilf’s position on moving the team? Is it strictly a business decision or will the fact that the Vikes have been here for 50 years play into the decision. We jave already had a team ( NorthStars) move in the middle of the night…. I would hate to see another “home team” leave.

  24. By Shawn on Mar 13, 2011 | Reply


    Since Darren Sharpers 2nd to last season with us , fans have watched the absolute horrendous play at the safety position. We are statistically among the worst secondaries in forced turnovers for the last 3 years and I dont think a calculator could add up all the missed tackles our safeties make, and i can only think of 2 solid hits in the last 3 years from our safeties. So my question is why did we pass on a safety who has caused more turnovers in the last 3 years than any other … two times?


  25. By Ekolu on Mar 13, 2011 | Reply

    Hey Mike, I just want to know where are our younger players getting their direction from. First Everson Griffen getting arrested twice, and still trying to host a party, and now Chris Cook brandishing a gun, reports of Bryant Mckinnie spending am enormous amount of money at a nightclub, I could go on, however when do we cut our losses and just rebuild a whole new personna? I believe we should start right now!

  26. By Old School on Mar 14, 2011 | Reply

    Report: Vikings DB Cook charged with brandishing weapon




  27. By cocobeware on Mar 14, 2011 | Reply

    At least this team is good in some category.

  28. By Rogerthevikefan on Mar 14, 2011 | Reply

    How about waiting to see if Cook gets charged before calling for his head. Have any of you been accused of doing something you did not do?

  29. By lui on Mar 14, 2011 | Reply

    first we need to go get sidney rice back before we get a QB

  30. By Rogerthevikefan on Mar 14, 2011 | Reply

    Get a Qb that will push Syd in the direction of resigning. Ponder, Dalton, and Devlin would do just that.

  31. By Rogerthevikefan on Mar 14, 2011 | Reply

    Ponder has good arm strength, is very accurate, decent mobility, and good decision maker. Devlin has pretty good arm strength, deadly accurate, great ball placement, decent mobility, and great decision maker. Dalton has good arm strength, very accurate, good mobility, good decision maker, and is a WINNER.

  32. By Carl K on Mar 14, 2011 | Reply

    @ roger – I would be a happy camper if we could trade back in the first round and pick up an extra pick and then land any one of those three QBs.

  33. By Jake on Mar 14, 2011 | Reply

    I agree with Obama… in a multi-billion dollar industry, there should be a way to divide it up the loot, so everyone is happy. I think the nfl should blacklist all current players, bust the union, and hire scabs and rebuild starting with this years draft class. Hire the new non union players on performance based salary. do your job for x dollars across the board and if you gain 1000 yards you get an extra million and so on! 10 pancakes thats worth a million! I know it wouldnt be that simple, but I feel like going on strike!!!!!!

  34. By Jake on Mar 14, 2011 | Reply

    how long will the big sponsors, like budwieser suspend thier advertising budget before they pull the plug!? that should be the begining of the end for the year, dont you think?

  35. By Jake on Mar 14, 2011 | Reply

    do you think soccer needs more fans?

  36. By viking joe on Mar 14, 2011 | Reply

    go out and get ANDY DALTON

  37. By Bleedpurple on Mar 15, 2011 | Reply

    Mike, I have a quick question about the new stadium. I know that people in the state of Minnesota will help to support the new stadium by paying new taxes. Is there a place that us out of statefans can show support and donate money? I think at this point every little bit helps and i am sure that there is a good number of us fans that would mail some money for the cause. We need to keep the Vikings in Minnesota! Thanks – Bleedpurple

  38. By knights88 on Mar 15, 2011 | Reply

    why dont the vikings trade a 1st or 2nd round pick for someone at the quarterback position who we no is already a solid veteran? and no matter what cam newton did at the combine everyone still no’s this guy is a 1 of a kind athlete with a little prep he could be something to watch out for!

  39. By Old School on Mar 16, 2011 | Reply

    Chris Cook is a TURD!!!!!!!

  40. By Rich on Mar 16, 2011 | Reply

    What are the Vikings Management going to do about the insensitive, inappropriate statement made by Peterson? It is clear he does not appreciate the plight millions of people went through many years ago and that he does not understand what a privileged life he is able to live.

  41. By lui on Mar 16, 2011 | Reply

    just think about it go get Donovan McNabb, Sidney rice, randy moss and use all the rest of or draft picks on defense that’s what u call a super bowl just imagine Sidney rice randy moss Percy harvin and QB Donovan McNabb

  42. By Old School on Mar 17, 2011 | Reply

    McChoke is a TURD!

  43. By Matt Ernst on Mar 17, 2011 | Reply

    Leslie Frazier, I think you know how the Viking players since the Lake Minnetonka incident have been receiving bad publicity. Which is why I ask if you can enforce a heaping dose of discipline on the players. Such as setting curfews, and telling them if they want to party, win a Super Bowl.

  44. By stephen on Mar 29, 2011 | Reply

    cam newton is were the vikings need 2 go just pic it cam newton to percy harvin

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