Cameron Jordan At The Mic

Posted by Mike Wobschall on February 26, 2011 – 12:02 pm

If there was an award given out at the Scouting Combine for most entertaining interview, former Cal DE Cameron Jordan would win it hands down. He entered the media center at Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday afternoon and by the time he left, everyone gathered around his podium was either shaking their head with amusement, laughing or both.

Cameron is the son of former Vikings TE Steve Jordan, the best TE in franchise history. So of course he gets a bunch of questions about being the son of a former NFL player and about potentially playing for the same team as his dad. As redundant as that must get, Cameron answers them all well and also with some humor.

“My dad was always trying to give me tips on how to be a tight end because that’s what he played,” Jordan said on Saturday. “He was just always giving me tips on how to beat a guy or control a guy and he’d give any tip that he can. I may listen to about 45 percent of it, but you know he gives me a lot of advice so I take it for what it is.”

With a big smile on his face following that answer, Jordan answered another question about what happens to the other 55% of the advice.

“He is my father, so I listen to most of the things he says but, yeah, 55 percent does slip through the ear and go out the other. He’d probably tell you the same thing.”

But that’s not all. Clearly a loquacious and happy-go-lucky type while off the field, Jordan was asked if he’s able to turn that off once he is on the field.

“If you see my film, I’m hitting people, I’m laying people out, and actually it’s sort of a switch because I still have the smile on but it’s for a different motive,” Jordan said. “It put the biggest smile on me to hit a quarterback and hear the wind come out of his chest. That puts my smile on me…when I hit a running back, you know, a running back could be 220 (pounds), he doesn’t have too much of a chance, so when I lay him out I put up a smile because I tell him I’m coming back next time, I’ll be there soon.”

As for Jordan on the field, he stands at 6-4 and weighs in at 287 pounds, which could make him a good fit in either a 3-4 scheme or the Vikings 4-3 alignment. He says he played all along the defensive line at Cal and feel comfortable playing anywhere.

“Initially when I came out I thought I would go to a 3-4 team,” Jordan explained. “But now I’ve played in a 4-3, I feel comfortable playing in a 4-3. I feel comfortable playing in a 3-4, two-gap situation and one-gap situation.

“I love to play football anywhere.”

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29 Responses to “Cameron Jordan At The Mic”

  1. By Frederick Jones on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    Draft Center Ryan Bartholomew in the first round. With a BP of 34 x 225, and a 40 or 4.8, and football experience, you cannot go wrong !

  2. By Frederick Jones on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    A good developmental QB will be available in later rounds, if you want someone to challenge Joe Webb.

  3. By Frederick Jones on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    So you can also start concentrating on drafting somebody who can actually cover a receiver on defense !

  4. By Frederick Jones on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    Good Day ! ! !

  5. By DRS on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    Frederick Jones, sounds good to me, have a great day, go vikings.

  6. By Parody on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    That was a fun read. Cam Jordan’s personality would be a great compliment to Jared Allen! They both seem to have a great love for the game and can work off of each other’s success to improve their own. I’ve seen him listed in many mock drafts as the #1 choice for the Vikings too, so it will be interesting to see how that works out.

  7. By Parody on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    Rd1: Cam Jordan
    Rd2: Ryan Bartholomew
    Rd4: QB (Koepernick if he’s still around)
    Rd5: S
    Rd5: OL
    Rd6: DT
    Rd7: K

    Re-Sign Rice, pick up a veteran QB (some reason Bulger is sounding like a good idea to me today) and fill the other holes with some promising young free agents.

  8. By Titus on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    Something tells me we are going to sweep the Packers this season.

  9. By Parody on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    Then we can trade/cut the dead weight of MWilliams, Berrian, McKinnie, and use the extra salary room to extend AP and Greenway’s contracts.

  10. By Parody on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    Something tells me your head is in the clouds Titus, but sure the heck hope you’re right!

  11. By Titus on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    Parody, I like to fly like an eagle– so? Vikings were embarrassed last year by the Pack– our defense is going to still be a top defense– they will get rodgers, I can feel it. A complete blowout at the dome– and I don’t mean the roof.

  12. By Parody on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    LOL Titus – With am improved DLine you could very well be right. That’s why I am excited to see if we go ater Jordan in the 1st round. Then we’d just need somebody to step up and fill in for Pat. Okay, that’s A LOT easier said than done, as it’s one gigantic jersey to fill. However, if they do a solid job of rotating in Evans, Guion and Kennedy they should all be fresh enough to kepp the o-line occupied while Allen and Jordan fight to see who can get to the QB faster!

  13. By Parody on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    I just learned something interesting about Rice’s agent. Apparantly he’s the same guy who represents #87. That could make for some shaky ground when negotiating a new contract for Sidney knowing that everybody thinks that Berrian’s career is over, but the latest news seems to be optimistic about the chances that Rice signs a new contract before the lockout.

  14. By Titus on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    I just read that Moss might reunite with McDaniels in St. Louis.

  15. By Shawn on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    BAH that makes sense though, Rams need a WR and McDaniels was his coach … and Im aware its extremely unlikely to expect him back in purple, you might say im a dreamer but im not the only one

    84 life BBM

  16. By Joe Schmoe on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    Frederick Jones… once again: no. no, no, no, no, no. why would the vikings draft someone in the late rounds to “challenge” joe webb? joe webb IS the developmental project…. we need a bonafide starter. a free agent that can step right in or a high draft pick.

  17. By paul on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    To Titus,
    Lets see Mr.Titus, you picked the Gaints,Bears,Eagles,Falcons,Bears and Steelers all to beat THE SUPER BOWL XLV CHAMPIONS, GREEN BAY PACKERS and now your picking the Vikes to sweep G.B. in 2011

    With your record the only thing you should pick is your nose and another body below your waist on your backside.

  18. By Frederick Jones on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    @Joe Schmoe,

    I was trying to appease the fans with the mentioning of someone to compete with Joe Webb.

  19. By Frederick Jones on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply


    Obviously this Paul is not the one in the Bible ! ! !

    The pessimist is right more often than the optimist. But at least the optimist is always happy. (or something like that)

  20. By Frederick Jones on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply


    What you suggest would be great, if it works out. Hopefully it’s not a gamble to wait until round 2 to select Ryan Bartholomew. By the way there are lots of Bartholomews in Minnesota, and everyone I’ve known was a great athlete !

  21. By Frederick Jones on Feb 26, 2011 | Reply

    I’ve never heard of Koepernick. I guess I trust your instincts on that one.

  22. By Parody on Feb 27, 2011 | Reply

    I think it’s supposed to be spelled Kaepernick if that helps your searching efforts. I mispelled it the first time. I’ve been researching QB prospects from the draft and he seems to have posted some good stats in his college career including a low interception to touchdown ratio. Not a big name, but good enough to be a game manager with the other weapons that I would be keeping on the offense around him.

  23. By Parody on Feb 27, 2011 | Reply

    Fred – I actually read somewhere earlier today that the Raiders are optomistic about their chances to get Bartholomew with their first pick at #48. So with our second pick coming at #43 (I think anyways…32+11 according to the rotating tie-rule in the drafting order that Mike informed me of earlier) we could set Oakland up for a disapointment.

  24. By Nick on Feb 27, 2011 | Reply

    Round 1: Cam Jordan, said it all along!
    Round 2: Mallet or Kaepernick
    Round 4: Best DT available
    Round 5: Best S available
    Round 5: Best C/G available
    Round 6: Best CB available
    Round 7: Best WR available

    Sign Vince Young with Bomar/Webb to battle for roster spot.

  25. By wacky on Feb 27, 2011 | Reply

    the vikings are to stuiped! they will find a way to f@#k up this draft just like all the other ones! no 3rd round pick too. there 50-years of losing! thanks vikings! its better if they don’t even show up!

  26. By Parody on Feb 27, 2011 | Reply

    Wow, how much more hypocritical can you get? A guy comes in here accusing an organization of extreme ignorance, while simultaneously failing to properly spell some of the easiest words in the English language!

    to – too
    stuiped – stupid
    there – [Their or They're] I’m not certain about this one because of the failed sentence structure accompanying it.
    its – It’s

    You might want to learn how to use your Shift key as well. Your failure in that regard only made me more certain of the depth of your hypocrisy.

  27. By Carl Brodin on Feb 27, 2011 | Reply

    I have said it from the beginning trade Mckinnie for a 2nd&3rd round draft picks. Try to get Cameron Jordan DE from Cal with our 12th pick in the 1stR with pick no. 43 in the 2nd R take Ryan Barthalimew C from Syracuse then take a QB with our other 2nd R pick. Andy Daton or Jake Locker would be good. 3rd R pick take an OG or S. 4th R pick take the position you did not take with the 3rd R pick. 5th R OT or OG. 6TH r pick Best Available player. 7th R same
    Get rid of M.Williams S,B. Berian WR, P.Williams DT, that will free up some money to sign Chad Greenway and Sidney Rice to long term contracts and extend Adrian Peterson’s contract. I also think Emanuael Xeuaneau the wide reciever from Canada along with Percy Harvin would make a nice combo add Visante Shaincoe and you have some deadly offensive weapons.

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