Metrodome Ranks Last In Stadium Rankings

Posted by Mike Wobschall on February 18, 2011 – 1:15 pm

There’s a seemingly endless list of reasons a new football/multi-use stadium is needed in Minnesota, and Joe Fortenbaugh of the website has weighed in and provided yet another reason to add to the list.

In a recent item on the website, Fortenbaugh ranks all 31 NFL stadiums (there are 31 stadiums because the NY Giants and NY Jets share a venue) with a criteria that includes architecture, fans, history, location and weather. The venue in which the Vikings play their home games – Mall of America Field at the HHH Metrodome – unsurprisingly ranked 31 out of 31 in Fortenbaugh’s rankings.

Any of you who’ve been to a Vikings game recently will likely agree that the Metrodome belongs near or at the bottom of these types of rankings. And any of you who’ve been to a Vikings home game recently AND a game in any other NFL venue will surely agree that the Metrodome belongs at the bottom.

The Metrodome’s concourses are too narrow, the luxury suites are too few, parking/tailgating is not ideal, premium seating has improved over the years but is subpar, technology is lacking, etc. The fans who attend the games do a great job of making the atmosphere electric, but I know those fans could do just as good and even a better job in a new venue.

Many of you who choose to come to and read/watch our content probably already support the idea of a new football/multi-use stadium in Minnesota. But these rankings only fortify our opinion. And for those of you who are still sitting on the fence or actually oppose a new venue, it’s only going to become more difficult to support that position with rankings such as these and also stories such as these. The link in the previous sentence takes you to another story on with a headline that reads “Vikings took a hit at the ticket window in ’10” and an opening sentence that reads “Need more hard evidence the Minnesota Vikings could really use a new stadium?”

There’s really not much else to say on this issue, but there is lots more work to do. And you as fans can help. Go to to find out how you can help. One of the best ways to help is to contact your legislators and let them know how you feel on the issue.

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22 Responses to “Metrodome Ranks Last In Stadium Rankings”

  1. By Dennis on Feb 18, 2011 | Reply

    Why don’t the Vikings move to another state where they will be appreciated. Your fan base will stay with you. I live in New York and have been a huge fan for more than 40 years. I will support you no matter where you go. I have been following these stadium negotiations for longer than i can remember. It’s a joke and an embarrassment to watch my favorite team play in such a slum. Minnesota had it’s chance. Move on to a better market!

  2. By Titus on Feb 18, 2011 | Reply

    Mike– PROOF your writing!!!!!!

    There’s really not much else to say on this issue, but there is lots more work to do.

  3. By Ham on Feb 18, 2011 | Reply

    Minnesota is the best market for the Minnesota Vikings… You can’t bring 50 years of history to another state…

  4. By vikesfan78 on Feb 18, 2011 | Reply

    Ham, Totally agreed.

  5. By Jeremy on Feb 19, 2011 | Reply

    My thoughts, too, Ham!!

  6. By Nightdog on Feb 19, 2011 | Reply

    Dennis: shutup, what a stupid post.

  7. By Arrow86 on Feb 19, 2011 | Reply

    L.A. and San Antonio are the only real markets open. L.A. has had and lost it’s teams. San Antonio had it’s best chance in the Red McCombs era of Viking history. The economy isn’t helping anyone out. But, unlike several other teams the Vikings sell out their home games. This is a loyal fan base, and something will get done. If this had been addressed 10 years ago, they may have the stadium at the top of the list by now.

  8. By tom on Feb 19, 2011 | Reply

    the best way to go is to build a closed stadium for many uses. this could make alot of money

  9. By Dennis on Feb 19, 2011 | Reply

    Cleveland went to Baltimore and won a super bowl. Colts went to Indy and won a super bowl. Rams went to st. Louis. They all had more history than the vikings. Big deal, you fill one of the smallest stadiums in the league. I’m simply saying, if Minnesota is too darn cheap to give a good team a decent place to play, I am sure that there are places that will. I don’t live in Minnesota so i could care less if they leave or not. I will follow them where ever they go. I stuck with them through 4 super bowl losses and 4 or 5 ( i lost count) championship losses. I consider myself a loyal fan that would like to see my favorite team play in a decent stadium, that’s all! I wish they would come here! You can have the Buffalo Bills in return.

  10. By Ham on Feb 20, 2011 | Reply

    You’re a terrible fan dude… Seriously lol… I don’t expect you to know what the Vikings mean to this state and how much the team needs this state. I don’t see any other market that would have fans as loyal as the ones in MN. Frankly if you don’t live here your opinion doesn’t really mean anything.

  11. By scott on Feb 20, 2011 | Reply

    enough of thid nonsense just build a stadium for them get on with it quit wasting time

  12. By Bryan on Feb 20, 2011 | Reply

    I agree Ham, The MINNESOTA VIKINGS belong in Minnesota. Ice fishing, beautyful summers, and Viking Football is what makes this the best place to live. And I have’nt even mentioned the lutefisk dinners. Das Goot…SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. By Donnie on Feb 20, 2011 | Reply

    I am a diehard Viking fan that started watching them in 1973.I live in Kentucky where everybody bleeds for the Wildcats.We now have a Pro team in Tennessee which is about 75 miles away.I can`t switch teams.
    I do believe the Vikings belong in Minnesota.Anywhere else would not seem right.

  14. By Ben on Feb 20, 2011 | Reply

    Hey Dennis lets send The Giants, Jets and the Bills to Alaska! Sound Rediculous? well so does sending the Vikings anywhere else than right here in Minnesota! haha I am 21 and eat sleep and breath vikings football as does every other man in Minnesota. And we are all behind our team here! Every Fan Here WANTS a new stadium, but it doesnt happen in 5 months man! We Love Our Vikes! Other states can find other teams.

  15. By Joe on Feb 20, 2011 | Reply

    Taking the Vikings out of Minnesota would be like taking the F out of NFL! We need the Vikings!

  16. By wagne549 on Feb 20, 2011 | Reply

    I love the Vikings, but I’m not entirely certain a taxpayer paid-for stadium is completely worth it. The state has a huge deficient and is cutting funding to high education, where it needed, and they’re considering paying for a stadium. Sure, having a pro sports team is great but I would much rather see them remodel the U of M stadium (I’m no expert so I’m not certain if this is viable) than build a whole new one while other programs in the state go underfunded or are cut that need the money more. I’ve only seen Twins games at the Metrodome so I can’t comment on Vikings games but to me not having an “ideal” stadium doesn’t seem like enough criteria to build a whole new one. I guess I’m frugal though.

  17. By Justin F on Feb 21, 2011 | Reply

    Dennis, you are a moron. A loyal Viking fan means you want the Vikings to stay in MN. You sir are a phony. You are nothing more than a liar. I could go on and on and rant more about your idiocy, but I’ll just leave it to this post.

  18. By Lee on Feb 21, 2011 | Reply

    It is completely understandable in this economy to not want to spend tax dollars on a new stadium, but it is the job of our legislators to take care of the best interest of Minnesota residents. There are numerous things that our government could do working with the Vikings to help land a stadium without contributing tax dollars: How about a lottery/casino with proceeds for the stadium.

  19. By Jackson R on Feb 21, 2011 | Reply

    I am a life long Viking fan, born and raised in MN, and the offspring of season ticket holders. I have now lived outside of MN for 30 years and will only ever root for the Vikings. If they move out of state they should cease to be the Vikings (much like the NFL worked out with Cleveland) and we should then work to bring in a new ownership to ressurect the Vikings. If a stadium is approved I will gladly contribute funds to support the construction.I stopped rooting for the ‘Stars’ the day they decamped to Dallas and could not, would not root for an LA Viking team.

  20. By Rocksalt on Feb 21, 2011 | Reply

    The Metrodome is a joke,,,,,,the crashing of the roof symbolized the crash of the team. The Viking have ranked near the bottom of the league in revenues diue to the Metropolitan Sports Commission’s hold over concessions, which is a considerable part of a team’s revenues.
    Time to get a stadium deal done. period. For all the frugal folks- don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish.
    It will cost more if we wait, lose the team, then build a facility later wiuth an upstart franchise (See MN Wild)

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