Frazier Shares Thoughts On Sunday’s Developments

Posted by Mike Wobschall on December 26, 2010 – 2:27 pm

It’s been a hectic past few hours – and weeks for that matter – for Vikings Interim Head Coach Leslie Frazier. But he did take a few moments out of this busy day to chat with briefly at the team hotel to provide some reaction to today’s developments.

Here’s what he had to say…

“I sense that the guys wanted information. They wanted to know what was going on, what was happening. Once that information was conveyed, it seemed as if they understood the situation. They knew exactly what we needed to do to stay focused on what we came up here to do, and that’s to get a win against the Eagles. I didn’t sense discouragement, I didn’t sense disappointment. I sensed relief in knowing (when and where) the game was going to be played.”

“One of the good things about the Minnesota Vikings is we have great people working within our organization. As I’ve tried to make decisions, I’ve been able to rely on a lot of competent people within our organization for support and advice. I haven’t had to make all decisions alone; I’ve had people giving me input who are sound in their responsibilities. It’s helped me to hopefully make the right decisions. We’ve got great people working for our organization and they’ve been a great support.”

“You’d like to be able to pick up the phone and ask someone, ‘Hey, how did you handle this when your roof collapsed?’ There aren’t very many, if any, that have experienced what we’ve experienced, or at the level that we’ve experienced it. Or dealing with some of the injuries; some situations we’ve had to face during this period. But I know for me, I’ve learned a lot through it. Things I think will help me in the future. I think we’ll look back at it one day and say ‘That’s one of the reasons we’re playing as well or doing as well as an organization as we are nowbecause of that experience in 2010.’”

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Thoughts From Vikings Players On Moving Game To Tuesday Night

Posted by Mike Wobschall on December 26, 2010 – 1:18 pm

As you know by now, tonight’s Vikings-Eagles game has been postponed due to weather and is not scheduled for Tuesday night. The Vikings gathered as a team earlier this afternoon to go over details and we were able to catch up with a bunch of players following that meeting to hear their thoughts on the situation.

Here’s what they had to say…

Adrian Peterson: “Hey, at least it’s another couple of days to heal. We just have to handle this like we have everything else that has gone on this season. Coach Frazier told us to continue to stick together, to stay focused, and that’s what we’ll do. This is just another bump in the road.”

Jared Allen: “What else can you say? Just add this to the list for the 2010 season. But you know what, we have to remain together as a team and keep a positive mind frame. It’s important to be a professional and be ready to play on Tuesday night.”

Chad Greenway: “It’s just another interesting twist to our season. It’s been tough to deal with all the distractions and this just adds to it. We’ll be staying here for a couple nights, so we’ll treat it like a (college) bowl game. In a bowl game you’re typically there for about a week and we’ll be here for about three days. But it has that feel. Everybody is here together; we’ll be hanging out. I’ll probably go get a cheese steak tonight and just hang out.”

“At this point, there is so much time. We have to take some time just to relax, watch a couple movies and hang out. When it comes down to it, tomorrow we’ll get back into our game planning. We’ll watch some more film and keep interested in what’s going on instead of getting lost in the craziness.”

Ryan Longwell: “It’s tough, especially in a season that you didn’t think any more curve balls could happen. This is a rough one being away from our families during Christmas and being stuck in Philly. At the same time you realize that you’ve got to reconfigure the mind for Tuesday night and show up ready to play.”

On what the leadership committee discussed with Interim Head Coach Leslie Frazier: “A couple different angles. One is the logistics of being stuck in a hotel. Usually we’re a hotel for one night so guys bring one change of clothes and that’s it. Now we’ll be here for three days and we have to figure out how to take care of guys. So the logistics is one thing. Two is keeping your mind right. We have every reason, because of the season, to say ‘this is the last straw and I’m checking out.’ But this is the NFL and you can’t do that. You have to show up ready to play Tuesday night and that’s what we’re trying to get the young guys and everybody to understand.”

Percy Harvin: “Football is football, no matter what day you play it. They’re accommodating us very well at the hotel. We get to wash our clothes, there are movies to watch and we can eat. It’s just like being at home; we’ve just got to stay here, relax and then be ready when it’s time to play.”

Visanthe Shiancoe: “As a professional athlete, as coach (Leslie Frazier) said, you can only control your attitude and your approach to it. So we have to have a positive approach to it. We get a little extra time to rest, a little extra time to be in the playbook and we’re still going to be on a national stage. We still have a chance to showcase the Vikings. We need to stay ready, no matter the circumstances.”

Joe Webb: “It’s another situation you can’t control. The only thing we can control is keeping our focus and staying composed. We need to fight through this adversity. It’s important to not check out mentally and stay in the playbook studying so we are prepared for the game.”

Heath Farwell: “We’re just going to roll with it, that’s what we have to do. We’ve had a lot of adversity this year and this is another example of it. We are professionals and we have to adapt to what’s given to us.”

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Vikings-Eagles Game Postponed Until Tuesday Night

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on December 26, 2010 – 11:37 am

The Vikings-Eagles game has been postponed until Tuesday at 7 p.m. due to the winter storm hitting the East Coast.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said via Twitter “Due to public safety concerns + uncertainty of snow emergency in Phila tonight, Vikings-Eagles game has been postponed til Tuesday night.  The National Weather Service states that the winter storm warning in Philadelpha remains in effect until 1 pm ET on Monday.”

The game will still air live on NBC nationally and locally in the Twin Cities on KARE 11.

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Blizzard Bearing Down On Philly

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on December 26, 2010 – 9:53 am

The way this season has gone for the Purple — and specifically over the last two weeks or so — it shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that the weather is again threatening a Vikings game.

As fans may have heard by now, a winter storm is making it’s way towards the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the U.S., and Philadelphia — site of tonight’s Vikings-Eagles game — is right in the path of the storm.  Eight to 12 inches of snow is exepcted in Philly today through tomorrow, with winds between 30-40 mph also will create “blizzard like” conditions according to reports.

All that being said, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said via Twitter this morning that the league is discussing postponing tonight’s game and that fans should “stand by.”

So, we’ll do just that for now, but stand by for the latest info on (hopefully) tonight’s game against the Eagles.

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