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Posted by Mike Wobschall on December 5, 2010 – 7:54 pm

With their 38-14 win over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, the Vikings have won consecutive games for the first time this season. On top of that, they did it with Favre knocked out of the game, 3 starters unable to go due to injury, Joe Webb playing WR and Tarvaris Jackson coming off the bench.

With all of those developments, I’m sure there are questions. Do you have a comment or question? If you do, submit it to the Monday Morning Mailbag. To submit your comment or question, send it via email to me at or include it in the comments section below this blog entry.

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  1. By Raul; Miami,FL on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    Where do overpaid and under performing players like Madieu Williams and Bernard Berrian stand for next year?

  2. By Frederick Jones on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    Remember — The team formerly known as the bears are now known by the name EBARS or ebars. Which ever you prefer.

    In fact if you want to, invent your own name for the team I mentioned above, currently known as the ebars. or EBARS

  3. By Alexander Lawson on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    I believe Jackson has the ability to extend plays with his feet, an ability that Brett Favre is lacking. I would like to see T-Jack as the starter from here on out, but i have a couple of questions. First, what are the chances that he will end up starting, or at least playing more from here on out? Second, do you think the Vikings will make an effort to re-sign T-Jack for next year?

  4. By melissa on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    Ditto Loadholt. Compare them to Favre. On the third play today, he is hit in the back and slammed to the ground~totally unprotected. This play will be noted as an interception against him. Whose man was Moats??? The O line isn’t aware when the game first starts, so needless injury like this happens. We remember what Favre can do when he had Tauscher & Rivera on the Green Bay line. Real glad the game was won today, but still it isn’t nearly as interesting to watch with Favre out. Things are going in a better direction, but it’s sad not everybody is giving 100%.

  5. By Woodboat on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Mike.

    It was nice to see the the Vikes get a decisive victory. I would like an honest opinion of Tavaris Jackson’s play. I was impressed with a few of his throws, notably Rice’s 2nd TD catch.

    It looked to me that he hasn’t progressed much as a QB since his last start, however. With all the interceptions, and I don’t include the interception ball he threw that Rice miraculously turned into a TD, and the b alls thrown late and behind on the crossing patterns, it looks like the same old Tavaris to me.

    I totally missed Webb as a WR on the field. If that’s where they intend to play him in the future, I sincerely hope the Vikings college scouts are working overtime ranking potential QBs for the upcoming draft.

  6. By Woodboat on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    I believe Moats was the responsibility of the DeGeare on that particular play. The rookie was beat multiple times during the game, but I can’t lay all the blame at his feet. It takes a while for an O Line to gel…. apparantly this one will take the rest of the season :)

  7. By Woodboat on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    I find T Jackson a compelling watch. You never know what he is going to do or where the ball is going to go. Or whose hands it will end up in. Or if it will still be in the field of play when the dust settles.

  8. By DRS on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    Coach Frazier will you keep Brett on the side line for his health? Will you do something about the Offensive Line? What can be done about the secondary of the defense? Is there someone on the practice tam that would play better than your starters? What is happening with the upcoming lock out?

  9. By DRS on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    Coach when will you do something about the O-Line so your QBs will not get hurt?

  10. By Spence on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    Is ChIs Cook going to play next Sunday- The Vikings are gonna play a very explosive passing attack against the Giants next week. So are we going to get him back after not playing for 2 games due to injury?

  11. By Caleb A on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    Will Joe Webb be playing WR for the rest of the season or was this just a temporary thing?

  12. By K'net on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    Next game is against the Giants, who I remember gave Cutler a concussion when they played the Bears, and appear to be highly ranked on both offense and defense and have a record that shows it. With our offensive line banged up, how do we plan on keeping our QB from getting banged up again?

  13. By mike on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    why was Hank Baskett deactivated for the game against the bills? He may not be the best WR out there, but he can still make plays when given the chance. What will his role be for the vikings in the upcoming games?

  14. By Kennie Cauthren on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    Although I was very pleased with the outcome of the game and Tarveris’ performance over all I am concerned about how much Tarveris is learning from Brett. After all he did throw 4 INT’s…….

  15. By MLS on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    I have to admit that I was a little concerned when coach said something to the effect of him not being worried about the future or next season during today’s presser. I always thought that you needed to have a clear vision for the future and that you need to develop and execute a solid plan in order to have long term success. I understand that coach Frazier wants the team to have a laser sharp focus on the next opponent, but I feel that can be still be accomplished while preparing for the future.

    I believe that Jackson should get all of the reps for practice and for the remaining games this season. This would be an opportune time to find out if he has what it takes to be consistently successful and if he has the mental strength to overcome adversity. Favre has already made it clear that he has no intention of playing beyond this season.

  16. By mike on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    tarvaris came in and did a good job for a guy who hasn’t played this season. It seems like some peoples would rather see us lose with favre then win without him. Im tired of hearing peoples bash our o-line how can you block for someone who holds on to the ball to long did anyone see ow long he held the ball on the play he got injured o-lines can’t block all day for one play.

  17. By mike on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    Bench madiu williams first and for most he’s terrible. I like our over all pressure on the QB today, and i liked the play of t jack to he had the bills d on their heels opening things up for all day that’s what we needed all season keep it up go vikes..

  18. By melissa on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    . We have players quitting on routes, running the wrong route, dropping the ball, and forget anyone jumping up for it. That’s why Sidney Rice stands out so much, because he makes the effort. Favre throws a hard ball right on the numbers and we’ve seen it dropped in the end zone! Today T. Jackson was intercepted repeatedly. What does this tell you? The QB is going to take responsibility at the press conference, but most of the time it’s just being gracious. While the injuries pile on. By Dec.everyone should be fully committed to doing their best, never perfect, but totally trying. Those who aren’t are blowing it for the rest who are fighting all the way.

  19. By Robins on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    Why doesn’t our oline protect Brett? This has been the worst year for him with all of these injuries, yet he never complains. I have seen MS Brady get hit and yell at his fellow players but Brett has never done that. He is the Ironman but his body can take only so much. Why didn’t the Vikings make Sidney Rice get his surgery earlier? You can see what a difference he makes on our team. I believe if he had played the whole year, we would have gone to the Super Bowl.

  20. By Joe on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    It seems to me that Visanthe

  21. By Joe on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    I think we have a very strong line-backing core. I know we have a very strong defense with pass defense being our weakest point as well. I was just wondering if there is any way that we could switch to a 3-4 defense instead of a 4-3 defense? Pat Williams is not getting any younger and it might help out the secondary a bit. I know it would not happen this year but it seems like it would make some sense to me.

  22. By Shawn on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply


  23. By Shawn on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    Defense gave up 20 points in the last 2 weeks … and people want to change the system lol

  24. By Canada Viking fan on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    On the play that Brett got hurt, why did Bryant Mckenie quit on his blocking job after 1 shove at the lineback that crushed Farve?

  25. By Malte on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    Hallo Mike :)

    The defense played lights out. When the offense turned the ball over, the defense quickly took the ball back. I noticed that especially Brian Robinson, Jared Allen, and actually our rookie Everson Griffen played extremely well. They played like the old viking front 4 we are used to see. When that said, our linebackers played extremely well, and the secondary did a fine job. – do you think we will see more to Everson Griffen with Ray Edwards out a couple of more weeks?
    And also – do you think if TJ is to start that we will see some package with Joe Webb also? he is an explosive player.

    Thanks – Malte – a diehard viking fan since American football was shown in Denmark :)

  26. By mossforlife on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    Ever since Tavaris Jackson came into the league it’s like theres a different expectation standard. For example many fans and sportcasters want to make sure it’s mentioned that he threw 3 Int’s. Honestly, what does one expect out of one who has not played real games for 2 seasons? He did his job point blank. “38-14″ After basically closing out Buffalo who cares about Int’s.. practice throwing the ball. To me, the previous regime was messing up his developement and fans bashing him for no reason. Arron Rogers, Cutler, Eli, Sanford, Sanchez, etc… all have stunk it up, some for an entire season or two. He earned his job 2 years ago 10-6 and playoff birth. What other QB deemed a Rookie goes 10-6, and the team does not give him a shot the following season? , and then constantly tries to find someone to replace him. What the Vikings allowed was the enhancement/progression of Cutler and Rodgers. TJ actually had playoff experience and the edge over the three QB’s in the North, Today is what the BF fans did not want to see… “TJ gives the Vikings the best chance to Win” with 3 Int’s Favoritism is sometimes a dangerous thing, especially when it is directed at one person as though he a savior. Wilf if your reading this try to get back Moss! & start TJ you’ll have the ring.

  27. By mike on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    Coach Frazier right now your coaching hoping to get the job for next year so do what you feel gives you the chance of winning so far you got two wins under your belt do not make the same mistakes chilly made because that mistake got him fired its time to build for the future coach and we all know who won’t be here in the future. I think its better to have some sort of idea of who can lead the team instead of waiting until the offseason maybe we don’t have to waste a draft pick on the position because we have someone capable of getting the job done on our roster. Right now its not about who coaches think give us the best chance of winning because that didn’t work its time to get experience and prepared to do the job because I’m sure after that pick six against the bills a lot of peoples thought we would lost but t. jack gave us a chance to win and we did we had our best game so far on both sides of the ball because our d wasn’t on the field most of the game like they use to they forced turnovers and our offense capitalized so i guess he did do a good job behind the same o-line that people been bashing because of favre’s poor play. When are we going to give our future some action so they can be prepared when its their turn to take over?

  28. By Melissa on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    Why was Hank Baskett not dressed today and why didn’t he play? I don’t understand why he hasn’t had a more active role as of late and what is his future with the team?

  29. By Cullen on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    Congratulations to the entire organization for a nice team effort in gaining this victory!

    Can we, (Vikings fans) count on a steady dose of Adrian and the rest of the running backs as the team close out this season?

    With the effectiveness of the rushing attack, is there an answer as to why it took 9 games to feature this part of the offense?

  30. By Cullen on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    With the lease for use of the Metrodome expiring at the end of the 2011 season and no new facility in the works, where will the Vikings call home if they stay in Minnesota?

    How valid are the reports that there are a couple of offers for the Vikings to be purchased and moved to the LA marketplace?

    What is the value of the franchise if it was available for sale?

  31. By Michael on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Mike. I was wondering the evaluation of Jackson’s reads on a few plays. I know that this is his first game essentially, but I just have to question his reads and decisions on some of the plays he decides on. I am hoping that these are minor tweaks that can be worked out with this weeks practice. Just hoping Bevell gets with him on it. Another question: What are the chances if Bevell leaves for the U that Frazier will change the offensive scheme? Thanks.

  32. By K Behrendt on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    I like Leslie Frazier’s demeanor on the field, and after reading the article about him in Sunday’s Pioneer Press, I realize that he is the kind of man I would be honored to know as a friend. I believe he has a multitude of gifts that will flow to his players to get the best out of them from their God given gifts of talent to their intellectual and spiritual development as great players and great men. My hope is that Zigi Wilf will hire Leslie Frazier as full time Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

  33. By Woodboat on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    Wow…. :)

    I think that there were a few guys on this team that deserve a little more credit for the win than our QB. Peterson with his 100+ yards and 3 TDs for example. Rice stealing an interception away from the Bills CB and turning a poorly thrown ball into a TD. How about the defense that was able to create so many turnovers and give the offense so many chances?

    Yeah, you can say “scoreboard”. The score isn’t a direct reflection of the QBs play. Jackson made some good throws. He made a number of average throws that every QB in the league would say are routine. My concern is that the bad throws the QB made were the same bad throws he has made in the past. Inaccuracy on the long ball. Throwing the ball too late. Throwing the ball to the point the receiver is occupying rather than where he will be when the ball gets there.

    I am not suggesting that Favre would have had a better game. As so many of you love to point out, he’s not having a good season. Jacksons legs do help him mitigate the O-Line play, so that is a positive. I just can’t fathom why so many Vikings fans think that Jackson is going to develop into a quality starter in this league? I just don’t see it. I sincerely hope that the gentleman proves me wrong.

  34. By Woodboat on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    I like the job that Frazier has done thusfar as a head coach. The team is playing with more enthusiasm and energy. I hope to see the same type of ball being played in the next 3 weeks when the team is facing 3 quality squads rather than the 2 weak teams we’ve just faced in the Redskins and Bills. If the team shows up for these next 3, I’ll be behind the decision to remove the interim from his office door.

  35. By CR BONES on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    First I’d like to know what you think of Eric Bieniemy leaving for the offensive co. posittion at Colorado? And do you think it will be a distraction at all?

    Secondly, do you think that the Viking’s running back’s, Adrian and Toby will be worse off in the long run without him? Personally, I think AP wll be better without Bieniemy constantly hounding him and belittling him like a child! And less hand’s in Frazier’s cookie jar as future head coach is better for the team and our running back’s in the long run in my opinion, but what do you think? I feel we have way to big a staff, and to many opinions! I pray Mr, Wilf listen’s to his heart, and hires Mr. Frazier to be the head coach but doens’t make the same mistake he made with Chilly by giving him to much power. Let coaches coach, and manager’s manage! Especially since Mr. Wilf doens’t want to live in Minnesota, he needs to make sure the Moss thing NEVER happen’s again!

    Lastly, I want them to resign Randy Moss in the offseason so he can finish out a Viking where he started ! Red McCombs got rid of Moss out of spite for not getting a stadium, and Chilly got rid of Moss out of spite because Moss was a threat to his job! Chilly’s bad decision making didn’t sit well with Randy and he didn’t want Randy to go to Wilf about it! I feel Moss is misunderstood! He just want’s to win a championchip, and we had bad coaches who didn’t know how to handle him. I think Frazier can, cause he listen’s to his player’s! Would you agree? If not why?

  36. By SHAWN on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    lol…anyone who says keep Favre in isn’t a tru vikes fan, and just simply wants Favre in because he’s white..Also if all u seen were 2TD’s & 3piks u kno nothing about football..Tjak did so much more than that…He extended drives…(which also helped on tha Dfensive side of tha ball..and allowed them to make plays due ta fresh legs) put tha deep ball in a area where sidney could have a chance at it…Put our Ofense in tha red zone for AP ta even have a chance for tha 2 of 3 TD’s he had…and took tha pass rush away with his legs…you can give meh it was “only against tha Bills B.S” but didnt look like Favre was going ta have a fun day with tha “shi&*y” bills pass rush…oh yah tha “shi&*y” bills should have beat Pitts. in OT and gave em all they wanted..& threw up 49pts a few wks ago…

  37. By vikeforever on Dec 6, 2010 | Reply

    wow, I reading the almost impossible chance of making the playoffs, its comical. TJack did a nice job of coming in and getting a victory for us. I am not sure I want him as a starter for next season but without the Vikings really having no shot at the playoffs why keep putting in Farve to take a beating just so he can keep this streak of games played. Lets finish the season strong and do all the evaluations after they select a HC and he will decide which QB to draft or develope on his active rooster.

  38. By Nick Carlson on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    With the firing of Josh McDaniels, there are rumors that Tim Tebow will be the starter and the future of that franchise. That being said, could you see the Vikings orginazation going after a player like Kyle Orton? He has put up tremendous numbers this year and he is only in his sixth year. He seems to have his best years ahead of him and I believe he would be a great fit.

    I also want to know what the chances of Tavarius Jackson being resigned next year, I just dont see him being a “Franchise Quarterback”. I would like to see the Vikings find another quarterback.

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