Submit Your Question For Coach Frazier

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on November 23, 2010 – 10:00 am

Fans can now submit their question for Vikings Interim Head Coach Leslie Frazier to answer on this week’s episode of Vikings GamePlan.  To submit your question for Coach Frazier, click here.

Vikings GamePlan presented by Sports Authority is the official Minnesota Vikings pregame TV show. Co-Produced by Vikings Entertainment Network and FS North, GamePlan airs on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM on both KARE 11 and FS North. Vikings radio Play-by-Play man Paul Allen gives viewers an inside look at what to expect in the upcoming game through exclusive Film Study with Interim Head Coach Leslie Frazier. KARE 11’s Tim McNiff goes head-to-head with opponent’s media in the popular Media Matchup. GamePlan also wires Vikings players during the game bringing you closer than anyone else can!

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Moving Forward With Frazier

Posted by cjsiewert on November 23, 2010 – 6:53 am

Seven losses over 10 games, alleged finger-pointing amongst teammates and any questions about the player’s support of their head coach can and will be put to a rest from an organizational standpoint, and Vikings Interim Head Coach Leslie Frazier made that perfectly clear during his introductory press conference on Monday.

“There’s really no reason, no benefit for us to stand up or talk to anyone about what has happened in the past and try and explain away what has happened in the past,” Frazier said. “The most important thing that we can do as a group is to embrace this moment, take advantage of it and correct whatever situation there is that has contributed to our being three-and-seven, period.”

Along with the expectation that his players put forth their best effort “every single snap,” as Mike covered, Frazier stressed an expectation of nothing less than a team effort from each player, rather than an individual effort. It is clear that Frazier will not tolerate selfish play amongst his players.

“I don’t think that there is anybody on our team that can stand back and say, ‘You know what, I’ve done my part, I’m not the reason we’re three-and-seven,’” Frazier acknowledged. “And if we have a guy like that, that guy is being a selfish individual. We want guys that understand the importance of team, and that’s whether you’re on the offensive line, whether you’re a running back or quarterback or wide receiver. That’s the mantra across the board.

“There is nobody on our team right now that is satisfied with where we are and should be able to say that ‘I’m doing my part.’ No. We got to do better across the board.”

Frazier and his team’s effort will be put to the test this Sunday in Washington against the Redskins. Perhaps the most daunting task of playing the Redskins for Frazier’s first game at the helm is the fact that it will be played at FedEx Field. The Vikings have not won a road game in over a year – they beat the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on Nov. 11 last season.

Frazier mentioned that he will be making calls to Brad Childress for advise over the remainder of the season, and the most relevant advise that he might ask this week is how to beat the Redskins in their own house.

In Childress’ first regular season game as head coach of the Vikings in 2006, the Vikings beat the Redskins at FedEx Field by a mark of 19-16. The victory marked Childress’ first win as a head coach in the NFL and you can bet that Frazier will be looking for a similar result in his first appearance in that same capacity.

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