Week 4 NFC North Roundup

Posted by cjsiewert on October 4, 2010 – 6:19 am

As the Vikings used their early bye week to recover from a trio of hard-fought contests against the Saints, Dolphins and Lions, the rest of the NFC North was in action Sunday.

Let’s take a look at how the Vikings divisional foes faired in Week 4…

In an early Sunday afternoon game at Lambeau Field, the Green Bay Packers squeaked out a 28-26 victory over the Detroit Lions. The Lions took control of the game in the 2nd half by ending 4 of their 6 offensive drives with scores while the defense picked off Packers QB Aaron Rogers twice. The Packers defense made the difference, though, as it held Detroit to 0 TDs in the half despite allowing the Lions to reach Green Bay territory 5 times.

Following a Charles Woodson INT return for a TD early in the 3rd quarter, the Packers increased their lead to 28-14 and seemed to be in control of the game. But the pick-6 would result in their last points of the game, giving way to Lions QB Shaun Hill and Co. The Detroit offense drove the ball into Packer territory in 5 of their 6 second half drives – GB 21, 34, 30, 6 and 37 – but was only able to muster out 4 FGs, falling just 2 points short of Green Bay.

Hill was the staple of the Lions offense, completing 34 of 54 passes for 331 yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs while also leading the team in rushing with 53 yards on 4 carries.

Sunday night’s matchup at the New Meadowlands Stadium saw a complete fallout of the Chicago Bears offense. As a result, Chicago dropped its 1st game of the season to the NY Giants 17-3. The Bears offensive line allowed 10 sacks, 9 of which landed QB Jay Cutler on his back before he was ultimately removed from the game with a concussion late in the 1st half.

The Bears offense provided a dismal performance in all facets of the game, picking up only 6 first downs (1 on a penalty), going 0-13 on 3rd down attempts and tallying a lack-luster 110 yards of total offense. Chicago also turned the ball over 3 times, once on a fumble and 2 INTs.

After Week 4, the Bears and Packers are tied atop the division at 3-1, the Vikings stay idle at 1-2 and the Lions fall to 0-4, which is certainly not a fair representation of how they have played this season.

Week 5 will have Chicago at Carolina, Detroit hosting St. Louis, Green Bay at Washington and the Vikings at the Jets on Monday night.

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16 Responses to “Week 4 NFC North Roundup”

  1. By Woodboat on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    I see the Bears finally remembered that they are the Bears. It also appears that either the Lions aren’t as bad as they have been or the Packers aren’t as good as projected…. probably both.

    Let’s get a win in NY this weekend and tighten this race up, boys!

  2. By Lisa C. on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    Good news this weekend: The Bears were dismal, the Saints are who we thought they were, and the media favorite alll powerful Pack have proven the last two weeks, they are not as wonderful as the talking heads have been saying. If the Vikes can get their offense going, get loose and get some swagger back, the sky is the limit. It’s not how you start, but how you finish.
    Skol Vikings!!!!!!

  3. By Eugene on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    Well the Bears are who we thought they were, there is some Limberger Cheese stinking up Lambeau field, the Saints are just some lucky son of a guns…its time to get ready to clean up the NFC North and it starts at Lambeau field lets make it happen this is our time let’s finish it Skol Vikings!!

  4. By Matt T. on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    A week ago, I was feeling positive about the Vikings being 1-2 going into the bye. After watching another weekend of mediocre NFC games and teams, now I’m just p!ssed the Vikings aren’t at least 2-1 going into this four-game stretch.

    Bears & Packers will most likely have a minimum 5 wins at the end of October, meaning the Vikings have to go 4-0 or 3-1 in this stretch to stay close. While it’s possible, of course, 2-2 is more likely, meaning they’ll be 2-3 games behind the division leaders going into the 2nd half.

    They’ll have to win every head-to-head battle to make the playoffs and have a shot at the division. Hopefully, they ride APs legs to 3-4 October wins.


  5. By Ryan on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    Vikings better get ready the jets are a tough match, our o-line better be ready for there blitz favre has got to release it fast or else he would end up like cutler against the giants.

  6. By NYViking on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    I’ll bet Chet was wishing he was still a Viking after last nights horrific performance. And I can’t wait til we play the Pack, and show em who should really be atop of the Division.

  7. By Pack2VikesFan on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    The Vikes should be 2-1 instead of 1-2 had it not been for Chilly’s dumb decision to go for it on 4th&2 rather than take the 3 points with a FG against Miami. Being half a game out is much better than two games out of first place! Maybe Chilly should call the Giants to see what they want for Brandon Jacobs, since he isn’t happy there and will most likely be cut or traded after this season. What about Vincent Jackson? Or dumping BB for Javon Walker, who is a much better receiver?

    Favre should be taking human growth hormone and those 5 hour energy shots before games :) But seriously, he should have attended preseason instead of working out with HS kids again; timing is horribly off as well as his conditioning.

  8. By soldier1986 on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    yeah but the recievers are not playing good either. they drop the football constantly, and run wrong routes. so its the whole offense. not just favre. and this week favre said he was going to study film and try to word on his game and asked all the recievers if they wanted to join him. who knows if they did or not i dont know

  9. By fire childress on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    nfl network announced the N.Y. jets were the best team in the league. we will see just how good the vikings are sunday. if they come out with a loss, could very well be a long year for the vikings.

  10. By fire childress on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    yeah, chilly cost us that game against Miami. we should of cut chilly loose after doing the 4th and 2 debacale

  11. By Matt T. on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    Success for Vikings vs. the Jets on Monday night all comes down to AP running the ball. We know the passing game is still working some things out, which means they’ll have to grind it out against that stout Jets defense, which hasn’t looked great, so far. Miami walked up and down the field on them last week.

    Vikings defense has been solid, so the Jets won’t put up 38 like they did vs. the Bills yesterday. Whichever team gets to 24 points will win the game.

  12. By CA Norwegian on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    fire childress… if you get your wish, will you adopt the next coaches name to your handle?

    If we play AP ball and stop trying to make the Favre game work before it is time… We can score enough to win. We have to make sure we do not give away games. The vertical game should only become focal if we have to play catch up in a hurry. I like keeping blockers like Dugan, Kleinsasser, and Tahi in there. Cut down on BB time and get the blocking downfield. Dump to Harvin, the TE’s and Backs and let them pound on the defense. Thanks for hanging onto the ball so far AP. I am with you Matt T.

  13. By Duane N on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    Stupid Lions, they almost had em. The Lions are only good for one thing, they give the Vikings a 33% chance of a division title every year.

    At least the Bears got owned.

    I really hope 9-7 wins the NFC East.

    The 4th and 2 call backfired no doubt, but it was the right call. Vikings should be able to get 2 yards. Vikings should go for almost all 4th downs when they are across opponents 45 yard line imo. Especially when Rice comes back. The Defense is good, why not?

    I know it won’t happen but it should. If the passing game gets close to last year 4th and 6 is just not that hard for the Vikings, they have so many options with Rice back.

    Anyways, expecting a good game against the Jets. Gonna be a tough win but I don’t expect the Jets offense to do what they did against the Bills. Time for Sanchez to have a bad game.

  14. By ORVikingFan on Oct 5, 2010 | Reply


  15. By Matt T. on Oct 6, 2010 | Reply

    Straight cash, homey. Funny that Favre to Moss should have happened in GB a couple years ago, but GB didn’t want to give him multi-year deal, right?

    Now it’s going to happend with the Vikings. GB has a really good team this year, but their fans should probably have their cheeseheads in an oven over this development.


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