Reinforcements At WR For Vikings In 2010?

Posted by Mike Wobschall on August 11, 2010 – 11:32 am

Another day of training camp practices, and another day of no Percy Harvin or Sidney Rice on the practice field. We’ve written about this a couple of times here on the Blog during 2010 Verizon Vikings Training Camp and the prevailing positive spin on this situation is that the absence of 2 of the club’s top 3 WRs is giving others on the WR depth chart a chance to showcase their abilities.

That’s true. But now I want to take it a step further.

Who is making the most of that opportunity? I’ll qualify my opinion by reminding you that we’re far from being able to make a final judgment on the matter because we haven’t even played 1 preseason game yet. This decision won’t ultimately be made until after the 4th preseason game, which is in early September.

For now, though, I’d point to Jaymar Johnson and Logan Payne as 2 players who might be able to carve out a roster spot for themselves in light of the unavailability of Harvin and Rice during camp. Both Harvin and Rice should be ready to go once the regular season comes around, and both Bernard Berrian and Greg Lewis have had good camps and will be on the roster. But I wonder if the absence of Harvin and Rice for such an extended time during training camp might cause Vikings brass to consider keeping 1 more WR than originally planned.

If so, a solid camp from Payne and 2+ years of experience in this system from Johnson make them the top candidates to land the job, in my eyes. Johnson is slight in frame, but he’s continually improved since the Vikings grabbed him with a 7th round draft pick in 2008. Johnson was at Winter Park on a daily basis this offseason and he possesses the straight-line speed and shifty feet necessary to compete for a roster spot. Payne has slowly worked his way into a good training camp, plodding along in the early days but picking up steam along the way. He carries himself well on the football field and doesn’t seem to miss any assignments. I’ve also noticed him on kick coverage units, which is going to increase his chances.

As we stated, there’s a long way to go before this decision is made. But for the time being, don’t sleep on Johnson or Payne just yet.

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9 Responses to “Reinforcements At WR For Vikings In 2010?”

  1. By Shaquille T. on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    I hope Rice and Harvin will be ready for the season. Also I hope Henderson returns back to form and C. Griffrin. We have too many key injuries. I’m not concerned about Favre right now, I’m more concerned about our teams health. Good thing we brought in Sheppard and drafted Cook in the second round to help us out at the cornerback position. I have confidence in T jack, but i would rather have Favre for another season, but if that doesn’t happen I will be behind T jack 100%. I believe we need to win the super bowl to get a new stadium. I’m a MINNESOTA VIKINGS FAN, not just a vikings fan. Which means vikings should stay in MINNESOTA FOREVER.

  2. By PurplePeopleEater on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    This article restates exactly what I have been thinking, 6 WRs on the depth chart with Lewis, Johnson and Payne as the backups. That almost insists that we have only 3 RBs on the team though, simply because there won’t be room for more. Peterson obviously will be the starter, and it’s hard to believe that we’d let the 2nd round draftee hit the road. That leaves Ryan Moats, Ian Johnson, Albert Young and Darius Reynaud competing for the last spot. Fromwhat I’ve been hearing Albert Young is at the top of this list right now, but it’d be a shame to have to cut the others. Espescially Reynaud, I always saw skills in him that I thought were going to make him a pretty respectable starter some day. Keep an eye on these guys even after we are forced to cut them, they’ll be making some noise in whatever team nabs them off of free agency.

  3. By JoshTheViking on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    I can definately see them using Joshson or Payne as temporary replacements for Harvin and Rice, even with the chance that one of the 2 would be a extended stay on the regular roster. Also, keep in mind we could always look at D. Reynauld as a good WR position as well. Worse case scenario, if they are short on WR, havent they talked about using Joe Webb as a possible fill-in? Or will he be getting some time in as a QB, though I would image that being during the pre-season. Cant wait to see what his potentiol could be for the team.
    I definately agree with Shaquille T., the Vikings are the MINNESOTA VIKINGS. Not the L.A. Vikings, or any other state’s Vikings. We definately need to nab the Superbowl this time around if we plan on getting the team the new stadium. Though a little more money from Zigi rather then the state of Minnesota towards a new stadium would help as well.
    I am flying up from Annapolis, MD just to see the team play a few games this year. Can’t wait to see Vikings win it all this year!
    SKOL Vikings!

  4. By Jayson Kriedler on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    I have just 2 words to say: “Randy Moss”.

  5. By favre514 on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    The Vikings should try and talk to the Chargers about Jackson.

  6. By Vernon on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    Yes, Jayson Kriedler INDEED the MN Vikings should pursue Randy Moss(Yes that Randy Moss) a trade with NE would likely cost the Vikings slightly cause of his contract The guy has matured greatly! Playing for a championship still hasnt satisfied his Hunger to be better. Plus Favre comes into camp as soon as he hears Randy comes to camp. NOW what would it take?? Greg Lewis + Ian Johnson + 3rd round picks for the next 2 years for Randy + NE’s 4th round next year and 5th the following year? NE needs a potient standout back-up runner Heck Ian or Albreit could be that guy for the Patriots. The Vikings could extend Randy’s contract so he can retire a Viking, allowing Randy to work with Sidney and Percy the the way Chris Carter worked with him. Both Sidney and Percy could use the stiff competition Randy would bring cause face it Randy gets here and becomes the #1 NOT 2 or 3 the Number 1 receiver for a year at least. And Faver bombs to Moss would spark Highlight reels clippers world wide. NOT only that but soo much opens up everywhere else when a dominate Randy is on 1 side of the feild Shiancoe, Rice, Harvin and Peterson can take avantage and abuse of the oppositions secondary. Did I even mention Berrian?? He’s slated to become a fantansitic WR this year injury free and speed up to par with that of Randy in his Prime. THEN again Randy could flake with his AGE and experience, and become the “I DONT NEED CAMP” player attitude he and all the NFL has seen from Favre. Totally backfiring on the front office that would be taking a chance on bringing him in to help reach a Super Bowl. And yes I would think Randy would keep a level head if brought back to a Dome to play his final contract/seasons in the NFL. As the controlled envirnoment helps pad those numbers!!!

  7. By MossforLife on Aug 11, 2010 | Reply

    Yes we need to get back Moss, 1) He’s a Viking 2) The Minnesota Vikings Fans allowed the Media to over characterize Maybe the Best Reciever in NFL history that was on course to shatter all WR records be ridiculed for his behavior. The Media convinced us he was a bad & uncontrollable person over night. What did Moss really do but stick his foot in his mouth by not speaking politically correct. His four years with Dennis Green there were no complaints, However, the quitting of Green, the Owner Selling the Team, and the team not performing well made Randy the scapegoat. We treated this Young Man like a precious gem for 4 years until we entered rough waters and we kick him to the curve because we were not happy with the events. The Media drove that all the way home and the Randy Moss factor was no more. I hope that my Minniapolis Friends & Fans would annouced verbally throughout Minnesota that Randy Moss belongs to US! better stated “We Want Moss” You can Spend 20 Million on Favre Spend Twenty on your own. He’s still Thee Best WR that changes Opponents defensive schemes. Come on Minni get him back. Moss, Rice, & Percy will get us a SB Ring and a New Stadium. Ziggy are you reading this. Spend some more money for reassurance if Favre goes down. Tarvaris has guys to take the team over the finish line with good hands and speed.. Don’t sell yourself short now because the window of opportunity closes rapidly. Chicago hired a 20 Mil dollar Hit Man “Peppers” wake up. Pittsburg, Carolina, Arizona, New Orleans, showed the NFL how to beat the Vikings…. Full assault on the QB because running is not one of his option.

  8. By Dennis on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    I am afraid it don’t matter how good our WR, RB’s are. What matters is our offensive line. They can’t keep 7th grader from getting to our Quarter Back. or open up a whole for our RB’s to run through. and they don’t know how to run block. I’m very disappointed with the amount of money they make and they can’t keep in shape. I say start fresh next year get good players.

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