Another Side Of Childress On Memorial Day

Posted by Mike Wobschall on June 1, 2010 – 2:58 pm

Monday was of course Memorial Day, a day in which many of us are able to stay away from the office in the name of honoring those who died while serving our country in the military. While we Minnesotans typically enjoy things such as BBQs and the outdoors on Memorial Day, hopefully we’re also taking time to think about those who made the ultimate sacrifice while defending our Nation.

But Memorial Day also serves as a time to remember those who who are currently serving in the military. As the Star Tribune’s Judd Zulgad points out, that’s precisely how Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress’ perspective of Memorial Day is shaped. His son, Andrew, joined the Marines in 2008 and was recently deployed to the Middle East.

“I’m always fascinated just to hear whatever he’ll say,” Zulgad quoted Childress as saying last Thursday. “I can’t drill down very far but just some of the banter [was nice].”

Childress spoke with Zulgad and others at the Vikings annual golf tournament last Thursday and spoke about this very topic. Check out the link included above to read what the Vikings head coach had to say.

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Making Friends In Hayward, WI Over Memorial Day Weekend

Posted by Mike Wobschall on June 1, 2010 – 1:44 pm

So the Mrs. and I spent Memorial Day weekend with friends of ours at their cabin in Hayward, Wisconsin. And aside from engaging in fun activities such as fishing, kayaking and mini-golf, just to name a few, we were also able to make a new friend.

One stop we always make when in Hayward is at a place called West’s Dairy and Ice Cream Cafe, which is a small, mom-and-pop type of ice cream parlor located in the heart of quaint downtown Hayward. They have some of the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted and a trip to Hayward would not be complete without visiting West’s Dairy. We went there 3 times over the weekend.

As we were at the cash register during our first visit over the weekend, the gal who helped us with our ice cream recognized me as “the guy from” and also explained that she was a huge Vikings fan. This was the first time something like this had happened to me and I was rendered almost speechless (while at the same time I was telling myself to “act like you’ve been here before!”). Even more surprising to me was that “the guy from” was noticed in Hayward, WI, right in the middle of Packer country.

So here’s a shout out to my new friend, Kasie, and her wonderful place of employment that produces some of the best ice cream you’ll ever taste. There will be a Vikings-themed care package in the mail for Kasie soon.

I’m already looking forward to my next trip to Hayward and West’s Dairy.

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National Guard Chopper Visits Winter Park

Posted by Mike Wobschall on June 1, 2010 – 11:47 am

The Vikings wrapped up another OTA practice at Winter Park on Tuesday morning. But the real story of the day came just after practice concluded.

Several members of the Vikings organization, including Head Coach Brad Childress, were picked up via helicopter by the National Guard in the backyard of Winter Park. The National Guard chopper landed on the practice fields, picked up the Vikings contingent and then soared away. You could just feel the power of the helicopter as it approached, landed and then lifted away from the facility. It was remarkable to witness and just really something that is awe-striking.

The contingent of players, coaches and other Vikings staff will visit and tour National Guard base. If I hear more details about the excursion, I’ll be sure to share them with you. In the meantime, enjoy a few photos from the event, or click here to view a full gallery of images from earlier today.

National Guard Helicopter

A National Guard helicopter lands at Winter Park on Tuesday.

Listening To Instructions

The Vikings contingent is given instructions just prior to boarding the chopper.

Lining Up To Board Chopper

Vikings contingent lines up to board the National Guard chopper.

All Aboard!

Head Coach Brad Childress is the last to board the National Guard chopper before it departs Winter Park.

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OTAs Resume This Week

Posted by Mike Wobschall on June 1, 2010 – 8:52 am

Welcome back after a long Memorial Day weekend. Hope it was fun and safe for all of you.

The Vikings will resume OTAs this week with 4 more practice scheduled, beginning this morning. I’m on the way out to the practice fields right now and will be back with observations and thoughts from OTA #9.

It will also be a busy week for the Vikings off the field, too, with a visit from Special Olympics Minnesota athletes and the annual Playground Build on the docket over the next few days.

That’s it for now, but be sure to return later this morning and into the afternoon for coverage of the Vikings and OTAs.

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This Week’s Mailbag Is Posted

Posted by Mike Wobschall on June 1, 2010 – 7:04 am

Because of Memorial Day, we have a special “Tuesday Edition” of the Monday Morning Mailbag for you this week. It has been posted and you can read it by clicking here.

Do you have a comment/question you’d like answered in the Monday Morning Mailbag? If so, send an email to me at and remember to include your name and town.

We can’t post ever comment/question, but we will respond to every question submitted.

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