Thursday Morning Update: Stadium Bill, Williams Wall

Posted by Mike Wobschall on May 6, 2010 – 9:03 am

A few important news items involving the Vikings are coming down today. Let’s take a quick look at both of them…

Stadium Bill: After a glitzy introduction by legislators at the state capitol on Monday, the stadium bill has encountered some turmoil. After a few adjustments, the bill’s financing plan was passed late Tuesday night by a House committee. But then another House committee struck down the proposal via a 10-9 vote, which caused even more changes to the financing plan when it was discussed by a Senate panel. Ultimately, the bill remains alive but it seems much of the momentum generated by Monday’s exciting announcement has been subdued.

Williams Wall: Hennepin County District Judge Gary Larson will likely issue a ruling in the case involving the lawsuit filed by Kevin Williams and Pat Williams against the NFL. As the Star Tribune’s Chip Scoggins suggested, today’s ruling will be another step forward in this case but it will also certainly be appealed by whichever sides comes out on the short end.

UPDATE: Judge Larson ruled today that the Williamses must serve their 4-game suspension, but as we pointed out in the original report, the Williamses will appeal the ruling and they’ll also ask Judge Larson to keep in place the restraining order that allows the DTs to play while the litigation continues.

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