Stadium Financing Plan Passes House Committee

Posted by Mike Wobschall on May 5, 2010 – 5:50 am

A House panel approved by 6-4 vote late Tuesday night a financing plan proposed by supporters of the new stadium bill that was introduced on Monday. Although the plan was approved, it also underwent change as taxes on hotel rooms, NFL memorabilia and rental cars were removed.

Those taxes were removed presumably because Governor Tim Pawlenty didn’t support the bill with them included. This Star Tribune report also says the adjusted financing plan would “all but require that a new stadium be built at the site of the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis.”

Though the taxes on hotel rooms, NFL gear and rental cars was removed, the proposal does still tap sales taxes now being used to pay for  Minneapolis’ convention center.

Several people – supporters and non-supporters – addressed the panel late Tuesday night and eventually a vote was held because legislative rules dictate that a House committee cannot meet after midnight. The hearing began so late because the committee took up “major health and human services” legislation before meeting on the stadium financing plan.

Next up for the stadium bill is more hearings. “A Senate state and local government panel said it would also vote on the proposal Wednesday morning, and another House panel also scheduled a hearing on the stadium proposal Wednesday,” according to the Star Tribune report.

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