Can’t Rule Anything Out For Vikings In Round 2

Posted by Mike Wobschall on April 23, 2010 – 9:18 am

The 1st round of the NFL was filled with anticipation for Vikings fans as they watched several players often linked to the Vikings fall down the draft board, including QBs Jimmy Clausen and Tim Tebow as well as a bunch of DBs. Ultimately, though, the Vikings traded out of the 1st round to acquire more picks and now Day 2 of the draft is in focus for the Vikings.

While on the surface it may seem disappointing that the Vikings came away from the 1st round without a pick, consider that the trade with Detroit last night allowed the Vikings to move to the top of rounds 2 and 4 and also acquire an extra 7th round pick. Now in total, the Vikings have 9 picks in the draft’s final 6 rounds, including 4 picks in the next 66 slots. For a personnel department that’s drafted 2 of the past 3 rookies of the year and has also talented players in late rounds as Brian Robison (4th round), John Sullivan (6th round) and Jamarca Sanford (7th round), that many picks allows lots of flexibility.

So, the question is, what can we expect from the Viking today? Expect anything and everything from taking Clausen or McCoy to moving on a DB to making more trades. As Star Tribune writer Judd Zulgad pointed out on our pal Paul Allen’s KFAN radio show this morning, 9 picks in the next 6 rounds seems like a bit too many and maybe another trade by the Vikings – to move up in a round – is on the horizon.

“That is one thing that is a huge advantage,” Vikings VP of Player Personnel Rick Spielman said on Thursday evening. “If there is a player and you are sitting in the bottom of the second (round) and you want to go and get that player now you have some ammunition to do that as well. It gives you a lot more flexibility as you finish out this draft of being able to move up or back which is something that we really haven’t had since I’ve been here.”

Spielman does have a history of moving up in rounds 2-7 to get players he covets (think: Robison), so perhaps another trade is on the horizon. Or, as Spielman also pointed out Thursday evening, the Vikings may use tonight’s early 2nd round pick to nab 1 of the 4 players they value as late 1st-round talent.

Anyway you look at it, tonight’s 2nd and 3rd rounds will be excititng and interesting for Vikings fans.

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