Monday Morning Mailbag Is Posted

Posted by Mike Wobschall on March 29, 2010 – 8:26 am

This week’s Monday Morning Mailbag is posted and you can read it by clicking here.

Do you have a comment or question you’d like submitted to the mailbag? If you do, email it to me at

We can’t post every comment or question but I’ll respond to each question.

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Update On McNabb Trade Talk

Posted by Mike Wobschall on March 29, 2010 – 7:30 am

The speculation has been swirling of late regarding talk of a potential Donovan McNabb trade, with much of the speculation foreshadowing a potential union between the 6-time Pro Bowler and the Vikings.

On one hand, the thought of the Vikings acquiring McNabb makes sense because of Head Coach Brad Childress’ familiarity with the QB from their days together in Philadelphia. On the other hand, the Vikings are also awaiting a decision from Brett Favre on his possible return to the team after a successful 2009 season.

With all of that said, I wanted to also pass along a couple of updates to our Saturday night blog entry about this topic. First, McNabb was on record last Wednesday saying that he’d prefer to stay and play in Philadelphia. Second, McNabb’s agent – Fletcher Smith – told Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News that he has no reason to believe a trade is imminent, and there have been no conversations with the Eagles about which teams McNabb prefers.

Also remember that the Vikings aren’t the only team being linked to McNabb. The Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders and St. Louis Rams have all been mentioned as possible destinations for McNabb should the Eagles decide to deal their starting QB.

So basically there’s been a lot of speculation and not a lot of legitimate development in this story. Maybe it’s something that was born out of pure rumor and has taken on a life of its own in the media. Or maybe it has a legitimate truth to it and the primary subjects involved in the story are posturing. We don’t really know and only time will tell.

Stay tuned to for developments on this story and all other Vikings news.

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Vikings On McNabb’s Wish List?

Posted by cjsiewert on March 27, 2010 – 7:19 pm

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more speculation about the Vikings QB situation, new reports on Friday have added some.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb may be traded and if the team were to ship its franchise QB elsewhere, the Vikings would be his first choice, according to sources close to the situation.  McNabb has motioned that he wants to stay in Philadelphia where he has played his entire career, but Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid announced Wednesday that the Eagles were being entertained with trade offers for all 3 of their QBs (McNabb, Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick).

Although the thought of adding a Pro Bowl-caliber QB such as McNabb to the Vikings may be an intriguing one, there are many barriers that stand in the way of that happening any time soon.

The most obvious of those barriers would be Brett Favre’s decision on whether to return for a 20th season or not.  The Vikings have held their ground on the notion that they will allow Favre as much time as is needed to make his decision, even if it doesn’t come until after training camp.

Another key element in this situation would be the cost.  McNabb’s ability to perform at a high level in Purple would not come cheap – with a contract extension for the 6-time Pro Bowler likely to accompany a trade.

It is believed that McNabb is the one most likely to be traded out of the 3 QBs in Philadelphia and there is a large incentive to do so soon.  The NFL draft is less than a month away and the Eagles would certainly receive draft pick compensation by dealing McNabb to another team.  The 11-year veteran is also due a $6.2 million roster bonus on May 5.

We’ll keep you posted here on if anything new comes up involving the Vikings and McNabb, but don’t count on any progression being made bearing in mind that the Vikings are waiting on Favre’s decision, which may not come any time soon.

[Update]: ESPN’s Ed Werder reports that Favre is aware that McNabb would potentially be an ideal replacement for him as the Vikings starting QB if Favre decides not to return in 2010, according to a prominent Vikings source.

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Replay Of Week 3 Classic vs. 49ers On NFL Network Sunday

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on March 27, 2010 – 3:31 pm

One of the many cool things about NFL Network is their “NFL Replay” show that airs both during the regular and offseason.  For those that haven’t seen it before or aren’t familiar with how the show works, NFL Network takes a game from the prior week or season and condenses it down into a two-hour window and mix in alternate angles of crucial replays and post-game comments from key players and members of the coaching staff(s).

Now that we’re in the midst of the offseason, NFL Replay airs starting at Noon CST each Sunday and features four games from a week from this past season.  Tomorrow, week three of the 2009 NFL season is featured, and as fans may remember, the Vikings hosted the 49ers at Mall of America Field during week three, and that game of course was capped off by QB Brett Favre’s amazing touchdown pass to WR Greg Lewis.

So, tune in tomorrow at Noon or set you DVR to relieve that epic game, and make sure to stay tuned to NFL Network each Sunday during the offseason to relive several of the great games / memories from last season.  As you’d expect, NFL Network goes in chronological order, so next Sunday — April 4 — will feature select games from week four of the NFL season, including Minnesota’s 30-23 victory over the Green Bay Packers.  Given how last season went for the Vikings, expect several games featuring your favorite squad to be picked to air on Sundays during the spring / summer.

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Childress Addresses Vikings Safety Position

Posted by Mike Wobschall on March 25, 2010 – 4:01 pm

If you’ve been following Mock Madness on or are paying attention to any other sort of pre-draft speculation, you’ve surely noticed that safety is a popular pick among draft prognosticators.

There are a few 1st-round caliber safeties in this year’s draft-eligible class and the sentiment I gather from fans is that many are unhappy with the performance of starting safeties Tyrell Johnson and Madieu Williams, so the projections make sense.

Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress has not publicly shared that same sentiment about his safeties and in speaking with Judd Zulgad of the Star Tribune at this week’s NFL owners’ meetings he even said Johnson and Williams played well in the Vikings pair of playoff games.

But he also told Zulgad that the Vikings will continue to add good players to the roster, regardless of position.

“I thought [they] played really well in the playoffs,” Childress said of Johnson and Williams. “With that said, you continue to add good players. Jamarca (Sanford) will have had that one trip around the block and none of them are…they are never going to step away from competing and competition makes your team better as opposed to guys that say, ‘Hey, I’ve got mine, you guys go ahead and get yours.’

“We’ve always identified and promoted guys that if there’s a move it’s with merit, it’s not just because he’s a good competitor…[Jamarca] learned things about our defense and he will play that much faster this year.”

If the Vikings do select a safety in this year’s draft, it’ll mark the 3rd consecutive year they’ve done so. In 2008, Johnson was the team’s 2nd round pick and then Sanford was chosen in the 7th round of the 2009 draft.

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A Thousand Thanks After 1,000 Entries

Posted by Mike Wobschall on March 25, 2010 – 2:10 pm

We’ve reached a milestone here on the Blog – our 1,000th entry. But before we get to the 1,001st entry, we want to thank you for being here to share the first 1,000.

The Blog as we now know it was born when was re-launched last summer. The 1,000 entries that we’ve posted since that point are evidence of our intentions to deliver you the most accurate and comprehensive Vikings coverage possible. But the more than 11,000 comments that have been posted after those entries is a clear indication of your passion for the Vikings and interest in the NFL.

There’s a lot to look forward to on the Blog this offseason, from draft coverage  to speculation about Brett Favre’s status for 2010 to periodic glances around the NFC North, so please continue visiting us.

Whether you’re a long-time reader of the Blog or a new visitor to the site, we’d like to say “thank you” for your readership and support. We promise to continue improving our product and we look forward to the next 1,000 entries.

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Mock Madness And March Madness On The Same Day

Posted by Mike Wobschall on March 25, 2010 – 7:14 am

March Madness resumes this evening as half of the remaining field takes the court for Sweet 16 action. But before you start thinking about settling in to watch some hoops, check out’s Mock Madness.

For the 3rd straight year, is feeding off the hype of March Madness and doing a weekly feature called Mock Madness, which tracks the draft projections of several national football observers, such as Pat Kirwan of and both Mel Kiper, Jr. and Todd McShay of ESPN.

The feature began last week with Mock Madness 1.0 and this week’s edition has also been posted. Be sure to follow along each week and keep up with all of the draft speculation.

Mock Madness 1.0
Mock Madness 2.0

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A Look At Schefter’s Top 5 Remaining Free Agents

Posted by Mike Wobschall on March 24, 2010 – 9:10 am

In a recent blog entry, ESPN’s Adam Schefter lists his top 5 remaining free agents and gives a brief analysis of each player. Most NFL teams are beginning to concentrate primarily on next month’s draft, but they still must keep their eye on the free agent market.

With that in mind, let’s take a look – from the Vikings perspective – at Schefter’s list of top remaining free agents and see how they might or might not fit with the Purple.

S Darren Sharper – Obviously Sharper is just 1 season removed from being a Viking, and that season entailed winning a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints while also collecting 9 INTs. But now Sharper is coming off knee surgery and the Saints have yet to express serious interest in bringing him back. Given that the Vikings have already let him walk away once, and add to that his recent knee surgery and 2 more seasons of wear and tear, he doesn’t seem to be a good fit for the Vikings. I expect he won’t get a serious look from anyone until later this offseason, and even then I think he’ll land in 1 of 2 places – New Orleans or Chicago.

WR Terrell Owens – I don’t doubt that Owens has something left in the tank, but I have serious doubts that he’d be a good fit in Minnesota. Put in the right situation, Owens could have a productive season in 2010, but I don’t think the Vikings represent the right situation.

RB Brian Westbrook – Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress is certainly familiar with Westbrook from their time together in Philadelphia. And Westbrook possesses a skill set that would fulfill the role Chester Taylor had while complementing Adrian Peterson since 2007. But age and injuries – specifically concussions and knee issues – have caught up with Westbrook. For that reason, he doesn’t seem to be a good fit for the Vikings. As with Owens, perhaps Westbrook could be productive in the right situation, but that situation doesn’t appear to exist in Minnesota.

RB Willie Parker – It was only a couple of seasons ago that Parker was at the top of his game and helping the Pittsburgh Steelers win a Super Bowl. Since then, Parker has dealt with a downturn in production, injuries and then Rashard Mendenahall coming in and taking his starting job. I haven’t watched hours of tape on him as the Vikings coaches and scouts certainly have, but from the simple “eye test” I think he might have some juice left in the tank and could fit the Vikings well. Time will tell if the Vikings pursue Parker and add him as a complement to Peterson, but it doesn’t appear to be a likelihood at this point.

G Shawn Andrews – Another player with whom Childress is familiar from their days together in Philadelphia, there are serious questions about Andrews. He’s had a tumultuous career that has been derailed by injury and issues (non-legal) off of the field, but by all accounts he’s a good guy and there’s no denying he is only a couple of seasons removed from being one of the most talented young Gs in the NFL. If Andrews is open to the possibility of fulfilling a reserve role, Minnesota could be a good fit for him. But if his injury and medical history is too concerning, the Vikings may not consider him.

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NFL Owners Approve Overtime Change

Posted by Mike Wobschall on March 23, 2010 – 2:49 pm

In what feels like a bit of an upset, NFL owners today approved a proposal recommended by the league’s competition committee that will change the structure of overtime in postseason games.  Click here to view a video from NFL Network that outlines the changes.

Rather than a true sudden death period, the new overtime structure says that if a team wins the coin toss and then kicks a FG, the other team gets the ball with a chance to tie the game (with a FG) or win it with a TD.

Essentially, it’s is “first to 6″ format that awards victory to the first team to score 6 points.

If both teams kick FGs on their 1st OT possessions, then the game continues under sudden-death rules. If the team that wins the toss scores a TD right away, then the game is over. If none of this happens and the overtime period expires, then the game is tied.

In addition to all of that, remember that this new overtime structure only applies to playoff games.

Confused yet?

The measure passed easily, with 28 NFL owners voting for it and only 4 teams voting against it. NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports that the 4 teams to vote against the changes were Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati and the Vikings.

Had this measure been in place last season, the Vikings would’ve gotten a chance to have the ball in overtime of the NFC Championship Game. Had they scored a TD on their drive – right after the Saints kicked a FG on their 1st possession – the Vikings would’ve won the game and represented the NFC in Super Bowl XLIV.

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Peterson’s Home Featured On “CMT Cribs” Episode (Video Link Included)

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on March 23, 2010 – 2:22 pm

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson’s Eden Prairie home was recently featured on an episode of “CMT Cribs,” which is a spin-off of the show MTV made famous for giving viewers an inside look at the homes and lives of actors, musicians, athletes, and celebrities in general.  The episode that featured Peterson also included two other athletes: skateboarder Tony Hawk and mixed martial artist Chuck Lidell.  Peterson’s segement of the show is first, so simply click here or the image below to watch the full episode on CMT’s website.

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