Looking Forward To The NFL Draft

Posted by cjsiewert on March 23, 2010 – 6:43 am

With the 2010 NFL Draft now less than a month away (April 22), speculation on which teams will select which players will hit full swing.  But instead of offering my opinion on who the Vikings should consider, I’d like to speculate on what positions (in no particular order) the Vikings might address and how it will impact the depth on the roster.

CB – There are a few question marks at this position, especially considering that Cedric Griffin and Antoine Winfield will be coming off of injuries.  It’s good that Benny Sapp will return because he provides stability at the position and there’s reason to be optimistic about Asher Allen, though he still needs to gain experience. Statistically, the Vikings ranked 19th in passing yards allowed and just 26th in INTs, so perhaps the Vikings address this position during the draft to add talent and depth to a unit with a lot of potential.

S – Madieu Williams has directed traffic in the secondary since signing before the 2008 season, but drafting another safety would push Williams and fellow starter Tyrell Johnson and it would also provide friendly competition between reserves Husain Abdullah, Eric Frampton and Jamarca Sanford, who have all spent the majority of their playing time on special teams.

DT – Yes, the Vikings did just sign Jimmy Kennedy to a multi-year deal, but Pat Williams will be entering his 14th season and adding another young DT would certainly help out with depth at this position.

LB – Chad Greenway and Ben Leber have obviously proven themselves to be steady contributors for the Vikings defense, but the uncertainty of E.J. Henderson’s return may lead to a LB being drafted this year.

RB – The Vikings lost arguably the best 3rd down back in the NFL with Chester Taylor’s departure to Chicago. This loss of experience could have the Vikings looking for a solution in a complementary player to All-Pro RB Adrian Peterson.  The Vikings may feel comfortable in Albert Young, though, and that might steer them away from using a draft pick on a RB in 2010.

OL – Not to say that the Vikings’ offensive line needs help – 2 Pro Bowlers in Bryant McKinnie and Steve Hutchinson along with 1st-year stand-out Phil Loadholt – but the Vikings may want to add some extra protection and depth along the line for future Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre.

Keep in mind that drafting based on a perceived team need is not always the best route to take.  Case and point – the 2007 draft. Taylor was coming off a career-best 1,216 rushing yards and 6 TDs.  The RB position seemed to be the least of the Vikings worries heading into the 2007 season, but despite Taylor’s accomplishments the Vikings used their 1st round pick (#7 overall) on RB Adrian Peterson.

And I can be almost certain that nobody is opposed to that decision now.

Also, the WR position didn’t appear to be an immediate need during last year’s draft, but Florida’s Percy Harvin offered a versatility that couldn’t be passed up.  Result: 2009 Rookie of the Year and the Vikings’ 2nd ROY in the past 3 seasons (Peterson in 2007).

All things considered, I would look for the Vikings to select the best available player that fits their needs rather than having a predetermined selection by position.

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3 Responses to “Looking Forward To The NFL Draft”

  1. By marcus on Mar 27, 2010 | Reply

    dre’ bly is on the market? and sure up the the safty spot in the first round draft! and build other need in the other rounds!!!! maybe T,G and MLB even C slot.any thing to help the O-line so the running game can open back up! that will save brett deep in the season

  2. By Dujuan Woods on Mar 27, 2010 | Reply

    ok this is what we need to do pursue Donavan McNabb with his scrambling abilty we will have more ball pocessions Brett was a great pocket passer but when he is in troble he had to take the sack that’s a given up down Don will make something happen with his legs. Brett has a time period with me if he dosent make up his mind we lose but if we pursue Donavan we could have the same or an even better season than last season…think about it.

  3. By Raul on Apr 3, 2010 | Reply

    What about Kevin Mawae? UFA that paved the way for CJ’s 2,000 yards. Remember that when AD rushed for 1,760 in his 2nd year this team had Matt Birk at center. Now that he’s with the Ravens he paved the way for Ray Rice. Also the Jets with Nick Mangold have a great run game.. We want a better run support/pass protecting O-Line and Favre to get hit less? You can’t do it without a veteran center. Kevin Mawae is the man. The time is now for the Vikings to win and you can’t go around drafting young players if you want to seize the moment and the Lombardi trophy. Oh and AD can be an “All Downs” back, we didn’t choose his talent at #7 overall for nothing.

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