Decker At Combine, But Unable To Workout

Posted by Mike Wobschall on February 28, 2010 – 3:54 pm

Coaches and scouts – as well as those of you who are observing NFL Network’s TV coverage – are watching QBs, RBs and WRs go through their on-field workouts today at Lucas Oil Stadium.

But for Minnesota football fans it might feel as if something is missing – and it is. Golden Gopher’s WR Eric Decker is not working out because of a foot injury he sustained during the 2009 season.

Decker had one surgery already on the foot and he’ll undergo another one on March 15; he said he’ll be ready to hit the field for whichever team drafts him by June.

Speaking of the draft, how is the injury and his inability to workout for teams before the draft going to affect his standing with teams? That’s yet to be determined, but Decker seems comfortable with how things will play out.

“Unfortunately, I can’t run and compete with these guys,” Decker told Frank Tadych of “But my mindset is to go in there and sell my character, sell the smarts on the field and the consistency I’ve had over the last four seasons.”

I wasn’t able to catch up with Decker down in Indianapolis because his media session was right around the time Vikings VP of Player Personnel Rick Spielman was meeting with Twin Cities reporters. But caught up with him and you can watch the interview by clicking here.

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2 Responses to “Decker At Combine, But Unable To Workout”

  1. By Pat on Mar 1, 2010 | Reply

    This is the kind of guy you would like to see in a Vikings uniform, but the Vikings seem pretty solid at receiver already and just re-signed Greg Lewis (a olid backup and special teams player) If anything, Decker would be an amazing fourth receiver to Rice, Harvin & Berrian, pick up the slack if Harvin has migraines. Berrian, while fast, sometimes doesn’t seem phyiscal enough, so Decker could be developed into the third receiver, although I think he’s likely to be a starter elsewhere. I predict he’ll go to the Jets before any of the other receivers.

  2. By kevin young on Mar 13, 2010 | Reply

    I don’t understand why they would let a great running back like Taylor leave, and look into Tomlinson? Atleast CHester can hold onto the ball, unlike Adrean P. It seems to me after seeing the last 3-4 games they need a better offensive line to protect the best quarter back they have had for many years!
    Wouldn’t it have been better to keep Chester and trade Adrean for a couple good offensive line men? I can only hope Favre is going to be the quarterback again. But, he will get killed if they let them smash him like the Saints did. That was pretty pathetic, it was like they just let them hit Favre instead of stopping the rush by a poor team like the over rated Saints. Kevin

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