Spielman On Favre, Vikings QB Situation

Posted by cjsiewert on February 26, 2010 – 11:01 am

With team officials from the Vikings mulling over their prospect options at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis this weekend, one question is sure to still be looming after the Combine is complete: Who will be under center for the Vikings come training camp?

The Vikings would love to see future Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre back for his 20th NFL season, but there has been no indication from Favre or his agent, Bus Cook, on whether or not he will return this fall.

When asked by reporters about the absent indication from Favre on his return, Vikings VP of Player Personnel Rick Spielman showed no agitation to the question.

“Brett will make his decision when he makes his decision,” he said.

Although many people may feel uneasy about the Vikings giving Favre as much time as he needs to make a decision on his future with the team, Spielman does not feel that this puts the organization in a difficult position.

“I don’t think it’s tough,” he said.  “I think everybody feels comfortable with T-Jack (Tarvaris Jackson) and with Sage (Rosenfels).  We have stated that we would love to have [Favre] back, but we’ll just keep on going about our normal business and continue building our team as we go through these processes over the next six months and see where we end up.”

Favre, who has not made any sort of public appearance since the devastating loss to the Saints in the NFC Championship Game on Jan. 24, is scheduled to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on March 4.  Without question, most Vikings fans will tune-in to next Thursday’s airing of the late night talk show hoping for an answer on his future with the Vikings, but nobody can be certain given Favre’s unpredictability.

Spielman mentioned that Favre’s scheduled appearance was news to him and that he would probably be sound asleep at the time the show airs (10:35 p.m.).

“I’m an early riser and early to bed guy,” he said.

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5 Responses to “Spielman On Favre, Vikings QB Situation”

  1. By Dale Francis on Feb 26, 2010 | Reply

    I think a good thing needs time no matter what the situation.Brett should take all the time he needs to deside .He gave us a super season even though the Vikings were cheated out the opertunity to go to the Big Dance.If he dose return I believe there will be no question we’ll get it all.We experianced alot things and learned from them.the bad things well be in the past and we will go onand prosper from all our mistakes.Iam 59 and have watch the Vikes since the beginning.It’s been heart breaking to see them stumple so many times.But with Brett back well kick that door down for sure I just know it.Go Vikings Ill be watching and backing you all the way.

  2. By Mr. Conway on Feb 26, 2010 | Reply

    Colt mybe the most under ratted as ever never has much talent passed the first since Dan M or Joe M if Min lets him fall then IDK what the Vikings are looking forward to couse is not QB the Vikings can bring in very very good DB’s off of free Agency & pick up Colt at Number 30 & that will be as a great pick as Percy H or evean Adrain P!

  3. By Alan on Feb 27, 2010 | Reply

    Hope Brett does come back for one more year, we just need some corners, safeties, and maybe a linebacker and an OL, to give Brett better protection and to anchor opposite Hutch. And if we don’t bring back T-Jack, then we can draft a young QB, like a McCoy, not a Tebow, to learn from a Hall of Famer. I seriously think we have the least pieces to place in a super bowl puzzle, and if we make great picks and add ons through the offseason, and if Brett completes some ota’s and training camp, he could have another phenomonal season, especially if AP does away with the fumbles. Go Vikes! :)

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