Spielman Talks About Vikings Free Agents

Posted by Mike Wobschall on February 25, 2010 – 12:39 pm

Vikings Vice President of Player Personnel Rick Spielman sat down with Vikings beat writers on Thursday after appearing on SIRIUS Satellite Radio, an annual tradition of his at the NFL Scouting Combine. Much was discussed during the sitdown and we’ll have plenty more updates throughout the next couple of days, but I wanted to quickly mention that Spielman was asked several questions about the Vikings strategy in free agency.

Teams are not allowed to talk to players who will become free agents on March 5 because they are still under contract with another team. But the Vikings are free to speak with their own pending free agents, such as RB Chester Taylor.

Others, such as DT Jimmy Kennedy, WR Greg Lewis and CB Benny Sapp are also on schedule to become free agents in the early part of March. Because the Vikings are limited in pursuing unrestricted free agents (UFAs) due to new rules that apply to the Final League Year, it’s even more important for the team to identify the players they’d like to retain.

From the sounds of it, the Vikings will try to retain most of their UFAs.

“We’ve always tried to keep our guys on the football team if we can get them back,” Spielman explained. “But sometimes, whether it’s a financial situation or something [else], it’s not always possible. Sometimes it works out.

“All our guys that are our unrestricted free agents are guys that helped us win ballgames last year and I think everybody in the organization feels strongly about at least trying to get these guys back.”

The highest-profile UFA on the Vikings roster is Taylor, who’s been an important part of the Vikings offense since he signed as a free agent back in 2006. If the Vikings are unable to reach an agreement with Taylor before March 5, the RB will be able to test the open market and assess his value.

With that said, Spielman was then asked what kind of market environment he expects given the new rules in the Final League Year. The new rules are such that the salary cap disappears, but so does the salary floor. So will teams spend money as if it’s going on trees? Or will they sit on the money because there’s no spending requirement?

“I don’t know where the market’s going because it’s a whole new deal this year,” Spielman. “I don’t know what other teams are going to do; like I said, it’s an unknown.

“But Chester is one of those guys that we would definitely want to try to sign back if we can. Just like Greg Lewis, just like Jimmy Kennedy, just like Benny Sapp. All those guys are a huge part of our success last year.”

We’ll have more updates from the conversation with Spielman posted shortly…

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5 Responses to “Spielman Talks About Vikings Free Agents”

  1. By vikingsfan1955 on Feb 25, 2010 | Reply

    I love chester taylor as a vike and he has played a big part of us becoming contenders.If he wants to start somewhere else I understand that but he should stay and get another chance for the ring.I don’t mean this in no way disrespectful but there are some good free agents that would love to play for the vikings and with westbrook being a free agent and childress being his old coach that would be a match hard to beat,AP and westbrook would be just as lethal but I would rather keep taylor he has earned the right to stay a viking.

  2. By Hge Viking Fn on Feb 25, 2010 | Reply

    I agree with you totally. Chester was our perfect third down back and i’d hate to see him go because before AP he was our franchise and I will never forget that.

  3. By GW on Feb 26, 2010 | Reply

    It’s easy to understand if Taylor decides to go elsewhere for a starting role. The Vikes are really in a good situation if they can pick up Westbrooke. There are alot of similarities between Taylor and Westbrook. The key will be to keep Westbrook healty whereas Taylor seemed pretty durable. Westbrook also brings the out of the backfield recieving similar to Taylor. I agree with many here in that we shoould pickup come quality DB’s and beef up our o line. Drafting a QB is enevitable regardless of Favre’s decision to play or not.

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