Our Super Bowl Predictions

Posted by Mike Wobschall on February 5, 2010 – 1:31 pm

We normally shy away from making NFL predictions on this blog, primarily because the thought of providing cork board material for a potential future opponent is a scary one.

But this Sunday’s Super Bowl is obviously the last game of the season, so it’s safe to make a prediction on this particular game.

Before we get to the predictions, though, I wanted to point out that a few people with great football minds whose opinions we respect vary quite a bit in their predictions for Super Bowl XLIV. Our buddy Paul Allen, who is the voice of the Vikings Radio Network and hosts a radio show on KFAN from 9-noon, sounds like he sees the Saints winning. But Kevin Seifert of and former Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy see Indianapolis winning convincingly.

This just goes to show that no one knows anything for sure and that all the speculation and predictions don’t really matter. What matters is what happens on the field on Sunday.

Anyway, here are our predictions:

Mike: Colts 38, Saints 21
I’m trying not to over-think this matchup, which is how I came up with the Colts winning and with the margin being so wide. It’s my impulse prediction and I’m going with it.

The primary motivation behind this gut feeling is that the Vikings took apart the Saints defense – scoring 28 points and out-gaining the Saints 475 yards to 257 – in spite of a myriad of mistakes and turnovers. Indianapolis will not make an equal amount of mistakes and the Saints defense will pay the price.

The running game has been overlooked in the buildup to this game, but for good reason – we have Peyton Manning and Drew Brees going against each other. With that said, however, the Saints might benefit from making the run a factor in this game. Saints RBs Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas are better than what the Colts have to offer.

Ultimately, though, Manning will out-perform Brees and will lead the Colts to victory. I like how Indianapolis’ secondary matches up with the Saints receivers and I don’t like how any defense, let alone New Orleans’, matches up against the Colts passing game.

Ryan: Colts 31, Saints 23
As bored as I personally am with the Colts and Peyton Manning, the bottom line is that they haven’t lost a game all year when they’ve tried/needed to win, and Manning is the best player in the NFL today at the most important position.  It does worry me that DE Dwight Freeney will be far from 100% if he’s even active for the game with his ankle injury, but not enough to swing who I think will win the game.

The Saints peaked after they beat the Patriots on Monday Night Football in week 12, and have had some pretty shaky efforts since then, including an improbable overtime win at Washington and home loss to the lowly Buccaneers.  They smoked the Cardinals in the Divisional Round and then we all know the story behind their win over the Vikings to advance to the Super Bowl.

I just don’t foresee the Colts turning the ball over like the Vikings and many other teams did against the Saints defense, which is the only way I can see the Saints winning this game.

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43 Responses to “Our Super Bowl Predictions”

  1. By TW Vike on Feb 5, 2010 | Reply

    COLTS44-AINTS17. They wont get away with hitting Peyton(The NFLs poster BOY) the way they did Favre & Warner!

  2. By Robin S. on Feb 5, 2010 | Reply

    I hope they are right and the Colts win. They deserve to win because they don’t try to hurt the other players. They are a respectable team like the Vikings. I like everyone on the Colts team. On the Saints team I only like Drew Brees. I don’t think their defense deserves a ring. They should have been kicked out of the last game the way they played so dirty. I bet the officials won’t let them hurt Peyton like they did Brett. That was disgusting. Love the Vikings! Love Brett. Go Colts!

  3. By Bruce on Feb 5, 2010 | Reply

    I hope the Saints win because Manning gets way too much attention and he should have never won this year’s MVP! Plus if the Saints win it will show that the Vikings would have too of not for turnovers and bad officiating!

  4. By m. andre on Feb 5, 2010 | Reply

    I don’t see either team scoring over 28 points….I could be wrong: I’ll go with
    24 – 17 Colts win!

  5. By TW Vike on Feb 5, 2010 | Reply

    COLTS44-Aints17 !

  6. By Doug on Feb 5, 2010 | Reply

    @Bruce. . .You’re absolutely RIGHT!. The entire league is swinging on Manning’s d*ck. If anyone remembers Peyton was horrible in the playoffs. He threw INT and the Colts were usually a one and done team. Even when they finally won that Super Bowl in 2006 they went back to being 1 and done in the playoffs losing to Chargers twice. Manning’s good in the regular season, he always manage to win 12+ games but people are forgetting that he couldn’t win a playoff game. For a QB and his team that wins 12 games a year and always make the playoff for the past 11 years but only has ONE Super Bowl appearance: I guess what I’m saying is why is the league and everyone on NFL Network saying that Peyton Manning is the best? Now they are saying if he wins another ring on Sunday then he is the greatest of all time. I’m no’t gonna root for the Saints but I hope they knock his ass out like Warner and Favre and he throws 3 INT like Brady. Anyone have any thoughts?….

  7. By Robin S. on Feb 5, 2010 | Reply

    Doug, you are right…..Peyton is not the best quarterback ever and I don’t know why or how they come up with that. He throws a lot of interceptions, like this year. Brett should have been the offensive player of the year. The only way the Saints can win is if they play dirty. I really think The Vikings could have beat the Colts and won the Super Bowl. I hope Brett and his whole team come back next year and they win the Super Bowl. The Vikings are the best team. They just have to hold the ball where it can’t be knocked out and they have to protect Brett. In that last game, Drew kept missing his guys with the ball. It is really a shame that we lost. The better team doesn’t always win. The refs will have to do better on Sunday, everyone will be watching. I really wish they could both lose. Ha, Ha!!

  8. By Doug on Feb 6, 2010 | Reply

    @ Robin I do think Brett Fave should have received the MVP this year. He was able to put up 4200 yards while Peterson had a good year(1300 yards and 18 touchdowns). Colts they barely even run the ball. To them that’s their “Wild Cat” so of course Manning is going to have numbers but I’m not sure if the MVP is awarded by popularity or by votes. I still think Brett should have gotten it though for the reasons you stated as well. I don’t think they base it on stats though because they gave it to manning before the final 2 games so I guess it is a popularity contest and let’s face it there are ALOT of Favre Haters. especially on the NFL Network. If you ever watch Total Access Rod Woodson always throws dirt on Favre’s name and never credits him when he does well. If he does come back I hope he doesn’t say anything to the media. Just come back and play. If he doesn’t come back let’s just stay with Sage and Tavaris because I honestly feel Favre boosted everyone’s confidence on that team.

  9. By tracy on Feb 6, 2010 | Reply

    The Saints, with the help of poor ref calls/non calls managed to beat the Vikings in OT after routing the NFC champion Cardinals. I don’t seee the Colts, who trailed a 9-7 wild card team at half time, and faced no 10 win or higher team in the post season can be seen as having faced an ample test as of yet this post season. The momentum is on the Saints side. The Colts come across as stale and tired.

  10. By lionsrgr8 on Feb 6, 2010 | Reply

    Wow the superbowl. My class is routing for the saints. There is this one kid who doesn’t follow sports and last week he came in saying ” so how was that bowl?” then we got him to believe that the Yankees were in it. It was so funny.

  11. By lionsrgr8 on Feb 6, 2010 | Reply

    Saints- 28 colts- 19
    come vist my blog lionsrgr8 blog

  12. By Larry, Charlotte, NC on Feb 6, 2010 | Reply

    I want the colts to win because what the saints defense did to Brett, all those late hits and no calls, that was crazy even Sharper hittting Brett late. Don’t like Manning either but hate the saints defense more.

  13. By Lance on Feb 6, 2010 | Reply

    Anybody else see the players talk on media day?The saints sound nervous and the colts sound more relaxed. However, the saints sounded really nervous before they played our Vikings. The fun part of watching football is nobody knows what will happen and who will win the super bowl. Somebody mentioned why didn’t Brett recieve MVP. Very good question. Brett’s numbers were far superior to Manning’s numbers with a better qb rating. Brett should have won MVP and Adrian should have won Fed-Ex ground player of the year. Adrian had the most touchdowns of any running back in the leauge and he is a nightmare for defensive coordinators. At least Percy got rookie of the year. This year I have to pick between two teams I don’t like. Saints-24 Colts-21

  14. By Robin S. on Feb 6, 2010 | Reply

    I don’t know why Brett didn’t get the MVP award because he definitely did deserve it and played better then anyone else. I don’t know why there are Brett haters out there. I will never undestand their stupidity. My family is from Wisconsin so we were Packer fans all of our lives. We now live in Florida and we have always and will always love and respect Brett. He did so much for the Packers. They were losers for over 20 years when he joined them. He made them big again. He has so much heart and is such an honest, caring person and truly loves the game. He has introduced us to the Vikings and we will forever be Viking fans. I have no respect for the Packer organization. Brett has introduced all of my friends to the Vikings too. It doesn’t matter where they are from or who their team is, everyone I know are now Viking fans because of Brett. We now love all of the Vikings. They are such a great group of men. They are very respectable. That is just one thing Brett brings to a team….. a lot of fans who love to watch him and his team play ball. We appreciate and respect Coach Childress and the Vikings organization for bringing Brett to the Vikings. Thank you! He is too great of a player not to be playing football! Thanks to all of the team for a fun season!

  15. By m. andre on Feb 6, 2010 | Reply

    I feel the way you do Larry as far as my feelings towards the Saints. It’s just that the Refs didn’t cause us to loose hold or control of the ball in crucial situations. So unfortunately I’m not a believer in “the game was stolen from us” vs “we lost the game”. I suspect professional athletes don’t want to give credit to officiating for their wins or losses – you still have to make it happen if you want the win by maintaining control of the clock, the ball, the scoring opportunities, the defensive stops, the possessions, etc.

  16. By lil league coach on Feb 6, 2010 | Reply

    i am a vikings fan living in indianapolis, its tuff to pick colts because of all the ribbing i have took over the vikes loss, with my brother in law even saying “they would just get beat by colts anyway”, so if they stumble i will rubb it right back, however i think the colts do have the better team, hard to pick saints, for every mistake vikes made they over came them to give themselves a chance to win, just to get it torn away by a phantom pass int call, seems like nfl wants story to be told of how a city 4 yrs removed from storm, embraced a team, and are now champs, hmmmm, anyways who cares BRING ON NEXT SEASON SKOL

  17. By Doug on Feb 6, 2010 | Reply

    Well we’ll see tomorrow. I want manning to throw 4 INT because people think he’s the greatest and he supposedly never makes mistakes. He threw 2 picks in the game against Baltimore. Baltimore could have easily won but their QB sucks. Saints showed all year long that they will give up big plays defensively but they can also create turn overs. I’m not a Saints hater but I watched all their games after they beat the Patriots and they could have easily went on a losing streak and possible miss the playoffs. If Colts do not turn over the ball then they win. If the Saints can create turnovers than the game can be in their favor.

  18. By Reece Schmidt on Feb 6, 2010 | Reply

    I have mixed feelings about the super bowl. if the saints win, the vikings could say they would have won the super bowl cuz they should have KILLED the saints. but if the colts win, then the saints don’t win the super bowl and that makes me happy cuz they don’t deserve to be there. either way, brett needs to come back cuz he makes football fun to watch. PLEASE COME BACK BRETT!!!!!!!!

  19. By paul on Feb 6, 2010 | Reply

    When is the Brett Favre lovefest going to end with you Viking fans. This is the guy you hated for 16years. You fans are like a bunch of little kids begging there parents for somemore candy, (PLEASE BRETT COME BACK) give me a break. Whats with the billboard, grow up Viking Fans and quit acting like a bunch of WIMPS

    Quit complaining about the Saints playing dirty, this is the NFL not the 8-year old girls soccer team from Blain,Minn.

  20. By PAVikesFan on Feb 6, 2010 | Reply

    Some people are delusional in here. Peyton Manning is already in the top 5 all-time, and if he wins this game, he will be behind only Joe Montana, in my and many others opinions. This guy is the most cerebral QB ever and he knows the ins and outs of almost any defensive look. This guy deserves all the attention he gets, and for the people who said that he gets way too much attention, dont even go there b/c had we won the attention on #4 would be absolutely ridiculous, it would be sickening, so how could u say that Manning is getting too much attention????….Anyways, to the game. I think the fact that the Saints arent getting any credit for being here and no one giving them a chance, they will play off that. Sean Payton uses things like that so well to their advantage, that the team plays off that so well. I think the Colts having no running game will hurt them. They started out slow slow against both Bal and NYJ, but both those teams dont have the fi-re power that the Saints have. I think the Saints can score with the Colts, keep pace. I think the Saints take this one, 30-21

  21. By PAVikesFan on Feb 6, 2010 | Reply

    I have to agree with you Paul. I mean, dont get me wrong, I enjoyed having #4 here for a season, and I respect the heck out of him, BUT, it’s too much of a love-fest, I agree. I want someone who is home-grown, via the draft, someone who cna be our franchise QB for 10+ years. This renting of QB’s only makes it harder to be good every year. We need some continuity at the position.

  22. By Bruce on Feb 6, 2010 | Reply

    There are a lot of Associated Press writers that hate Favre. They don’t like him because of the waffling of past and because THEY though he should retire. (Like they should have the say-so!) Plus writers like Prisco and Freeman hate Favre because he proved them wrong as well as many other sports writers. Manning threw more interceptions than 24 other quarterbacks this year including his brother Eli. Manning played behind the Number #1 Tight End in the league, the Number #5 receiver in the league and the Number #1 rated O-line in the league! Plus he has been with these guys for years whereas Favre came late in the season on a new team. Manning also didn’t even make the top 5 Passer Ratings. Plus the Colts record could have easily been 9-7 because 5 games Manning played in were only won by 5 points or less! It’s funny how the fan poll on the NFL Network which had 1/2 million votes had Favre winning the MVP over Manning! But yet only 1 out of 50 sports writers gave Favre a vote! And 39 gave it to Manning! Manning is the Media Darling of the league and these sports writers should all be FIRED for being Biased! People talk about how the Pro Bowl is nothing but a popularity vote. Well guess what, the MVP is nothing but a popularity vote among sports writers! They just wanted Manning to have a 4th MVP and he didn’t even deserve his 3rd MVP. Rivers should have won that one. I would not have been upset if Brees or Johnson won it over Favre, but for Manning to win it this year really ticks me off!

  23. By TW Vike on Feb 7, 2010 | Reply

    Bruce- I too believe Favre was the MVP.( Most Viking Production) Coming to a new team & making such a BIG difference, Favre is the MVP hands down. Look at the production of Sydney,AP,Shanc,Percy,Bernard,etc. He simply made this team better. Lets forget about the MVP trophy & go get next years Lombardi !

  24. By TW Vike on Feb 7, 2010 | Reply

    paul &PAVikesFan- Im not going to lie, I want #4 to come back, if he can. If he doesnt, who do we get? Do we go with T. Jack? I like him better than Sage. McNabb, Derek Anderson? No thanx. If Brett retires, I say we go with T. Jack. Childress needs to let him play by using his arm & legs. Dont try to make him into a pure pocket passer, thats not him. He has a cannon for a arm but also has great running ability. I also agree that we need to get young Q.B. & bring him along.

  25. By Nate on Feb 7, 2010 | Reply

    I disagree with PAVikesFan. You usually make sense on your posts but this one I do not agree with. Manning should not be considered as one of the greatest. He was one and done in the playoffs before 2006. Then the year he won that Super Bowl they were only winning games by 3 pints or less. And in that playoff Manning threw 7 interceptions to 3 touchdowns. And he didn’t have a good game in that Super Bowl. Then they went back to being 1 and done in 2007 and 2008. So if he is so great then why does he only have 1 Super Bowl appearance before today and he’s been playing for 12 years! Ben Rothlisberger has 2 and he’s so yound. Tom Brady has 4 appearances and 3 rings. I’m watching all of the media hype up this game saying Manning is the greatest of all time and the Saints have no chance. I really want the Saints to expose him. He has the greatest O Line. With an O line like that even Jamarcus Russell from the raiders would be the greatest. I guess we’ll see in a few hours

  26. By PAVikesFan on Feb 7, 2010 | Reply

    Manning is great, he runs the whole offense. It’s not what he just does in terms of his stats. He audibles into runs when it’s more favorable. You saw that on a few occasions tonight when the Saints were blitzing and he audibled into runs that Addai ripped off for first downs. You cant trick him, he’ll only beat himself. Many people, like myself, consider Joe Montana to be the greatest of all-time. However, many people just look at his SB stats. Go back and look at some of his playoff games, not very impressive. He’s thrown a bunch of INT’s,and has has some terrible playoff games, just like Peyton Manning has, and our guy Mr.#4. Yes, Peyton is 9-8 in the post-season all-time but he is 6-2 in his last 8. Once he’sfigured it out, he cant be stopped. That, sir, is my argument for him being one of the all-time best

  27. By PAVikesFan on Feb 7, 2010 | Reply

    Also, Big Ben has had some of the best defenses. Some consider last year’s Pittsburgh team to have one of the best defenses ever. Manning has had OK defenses but nothing like Big Ben has had. Tom Brady has had guys like Ty Law, Rodney Harrison, Tedy Bruschi, Richard Seymour, Mike Vrabel, Ted Washington, Vince Wilfork, Willie McGinest, etc. I remember those games when the Colts were one and done. Mike Vanderjagt could have won one of the games, but missed. Adam Vinatieri, on the other hand, made those same kicks that propelled the Pats to a SuperBowl. Manning has had some defenses that havent helped him out. They gave up those long runs vs. the Titans in the playoffs years ago, that wasnt Peyton playing defense.

  28. By TW Vike on Feb 7, 2010 | Reply

    Congrads to all you Saint fans. Great game. No bullsh*t.

  29. By Douglas Q on Feb 7, 2010 | Reply

    I told all of you Manning lovers he’s not the greatest he threw 2 picks in the most crucial times. One got called back, it shouldn’t have though. NFL network kept saying the Saints had no chance against Manning HAHAHA I feel sorry for all who bet on the Colts. At the end the commentators didn’t even talk about the int but when it was Favre they spent 2 whole weeks throwing dirt on his name. Oh well congrats to the Saints, we’ll see you next year in your dome!

  30. By paul on Feb 7, 2010 | Reply

    Mike&Ryan do you guys ever pick the winners.

  31. By TW Vike on Feb 7, 2010 | Reply

    Do the Colts know how to BLITZ? Archie Manning, today, would have beaten the Colts. Peyton or Favre ? I will take the SILVER FOX any day. Again, Congrads to the Saints. GO VIKINGS !

  32. By PAVikesFan on Feb 7, 2010 | Reply

    I’ll eat some of my words here, even though I still believe when it’s all siad and done he will be regarded as one of the top 3 best QB’s of all-time. People forget that Elway lost his first 3 Super Bowls and played poorly in his 4th. It was only after he won it the next year vs. Atlanta that he was officially regarded as one of all-time best QB’s. Manning still has plenty of years left, I’ll bet he’ll get another shot before his career is over

  33. By Douglas Q on Feb 7, 2010 | Reply

    Elway won his first Super Bowl against Greenbay. Am I wrong or are you wrong? I know he has 2 though

  34. By PAVikesFan on Feb 7, 2010 | Reply

    Yeah, 1997 season, ’98 Super Bowl, was his first and it was vs. GB. That was his 4th time in the Super Bowl. I was saying that after he beat Atlanta the year after is when he officially was in the debate for all-time greatest QB

  35. By Big Easy on Feb 8, 2010 | Reply

    Hey TW, how’s that crow tasting? Might want to try a little Cajun seasoning. And, it’s congrats, not congrads. What are congrads, prison inmates that just finished high school? You and Obama sure can predict football games, not. Drew Orleans, LouBreesiana vs the NotWin Cities. Saints 1-0, ‘Queens 0- what, like 47 or something like that? Eat that crow, TWinkie. CAW! CAW! LMAO at you. Now go into your waaah! waaah! mode. Enjoy the Favre watch. Brett give Peyton some advice yesterday? Pick away, TWink. Pick away.

  36. By purple08 on Feb 9, 2010 | Reply

    I can’t wait for the next big storm to wipe that piece of s h i t town off the map permanantly! So tired of hearing everyone saying how much the city deserved it. Bunch of alcoholic, uneducated hillbillies. How’s that sound Big Easy? I heard that’s what they call your mother!

  37. By staubach60 on Feb 9, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Purple! Before you call someone uneducated, perhaps you should Check the Dictionary- You Spell it PERMANENTLY! Who’s Uneducated? The Vikings are PERMANENT SUPER Bowl Losers!

  38. By Bruce on Feb 9, 2010 | Reply

    Simply amazing!!!! These BIASED media writers like Prisco are trying to explain Manning’s pick away by saying the receiver ran the wrong route!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Manning threw a pick PERIOD! Just like when you get all over Favre for throwing a pick, it’s the same deal!! The defender saw the QBs eyes and made a good play on Favre as well as Manning. SO DON’T MAKE EXCUSES FOR YOUR MEDIA DARLING MANNING WHILE CRUCIFYING FAVRE YOU BIASED JACK A**ES!

  39. By Bruce on Feb 9, 2010 | Reply

    It’s PAINFULLY obvious why Brett got only ONE MVP vote while Media Darling Manning got 39 votes! At least 500,000 on the NFL Network voting fans got it right and voted Favre over Manning! ARE YOU LISTENING YOU 39 BIASED SPORTS WRITERS? YOU HATE FAVRE BECAUSE HE PUT YOUR FOOT IN YOUR OWN MOUTH!

  40. By Big Easy on Feb 9, 2010 | Reply

    Get loose, Bruce. Favre simply threw away ANOTHER playoff game. Hey media, it’s me, Brett Favre, look at what I just did, I threw the game winning touch…. oops. Guess I should’ve double bagged it. Well, I’m off to Sear’s to buy a TV… or maybe a hammer…. TV would be good…… hammer, could pound some sense into my head, TV fun to watch…. American Idol….”Pants on the ground….” Vikings STILL no Super Bowl (translated – suck.)

  41. By arrowhead on Feb 9, 2010 | Reply

    maybe new orleans can melt down the trophy and sell the silver to pay for some school reconstruction. or a bar? ya they’d probably go with a bar

  42. By TW VIKE on Feb 9, 2010 | Reply

    purple08- Big & Easy cant help it, hes just mad because his wife(Crow) gives VIKING DISCOUNTS !

  43. By Bruce on Feb 10, 2010 | Reply

    Big Easy, what’s YOUR PROBLEM ??? You can’t admit to the TRUTH? You think there isn’t interceptions in big games by other QBs? Hmmm didn’t the MEDIA”s BOY Manning throw a interception in a BIGGER (THE BIGGEST GAME)game after Favre threw his? Favre didn’t lose that game by that interception, that game was already lost by 4-5 FUMBLES!!! AP lost the gave away the ball on the fricken 7 yd line! That was going to be anywhere from3-7 points for sure and 3 points would have been enough to prevent overtime from happening! Those 3-7 points would have put the Vikings in the Superbowl! SO GET OFF OF FAVRE’S BACK YOU FAVRE HATING SOB!

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