Bud Grant, E.J. Henderson Make Trip To New Orleans

Posted by Mike Wobschall on January 24, 2010 – 12:11 pm

The man largely responsible for guiding the Vikings to 4 NFC championships and 4 Super Bowl appearances, as well as an NFL title in 1969, has made the trip to New Orleans with the team as they try to capture another NFC championship and Super Bowl appearance.

Legendary head coach Bud Grant, who ruled the sidelines in Minnesota for 18 seasons (1967-1983, 1985), will be the Vikings Honorary Captain in today’s game and will be on hand to watch Brett Favre and Co. try to advance to Super Bowl XLIV.

And the man who had a large role in the Vikings suffocating defense over the past 3 seasons, LB E.J. Henderson, has also made the trip with the team. Henderson was lost for the season in Week 13 at Arizona when he suffered a leg injury. While the Vikings have since advanced through the playoffs and to the NFC Championship Game with rookie LB Jasper Brinkley in Henderson’s place, there’s no denying Henderson was a major factor for the Vikings defense during the first 12 games of the season.

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4 Responses to “Bud Grant, E.J. Henderson Make Trip To New Orleans”

  1. By Bigfan1 on Jan 24, 2010 | Reply

    Also great to have EJ there with the team.

  2. By robert on Jan 24, 2010 | Reply

    please guys show up and play your a game please i have lost my job after 13yrs and it would be the only good thing that has happend in long time be able to see my viking play in a supper bowl

  3. By stan on Jan 24, 2010 | Reply

    I’m a packer fan and i’m even going for the Vikes…hang in there Robert

  4. By Wesley Savoy on Jan 26, 2010 | Reply

    This is an open letter to Brett Favre to help make him realize that retirement is not a good option!

    First, Brett Favre your the epitome of a person that strives to learn, moves forward and battles to conquer his demons as you grow through life’s learned lessons both on and off the field.

    Brett , you may not realize it, but, you have un-intentionally given yourself a second life as a starting quarter back in the NFL that could have you playing another 2-4 years of not good, but
    GREAT football!!!

    First you have a great coach and management team with the Vikings organization that not only appreciates your ability, (unlike what you were getting from the Packers organization in your final few years), but they understand how you think and what matters to you. You also has a GREAT young bunch of super talented guys around you, Your Team Mates, which are as hunger for the Super Bowl Championship Ring as
    you are, if not before the lose definitely now more after the lose.

    Brett, you said it yourself in an interview not to long ago that to win, “it’s the chemistry of the right players at the right time of the moment” which is very finite. Well, this is the moment, but unbeknownst to you Brett, this
    first year with the Vikings is just the start of what’s to come. Sometimes when things are happening in ones life that’s going great, (“better then one could hope for”) the euphoria one experiences can give them
    the sense of “this is it”, which can and does happen to most people who experience this and then they stop, and give up on the fact that maybe it’s only the beginning of something more, much more!

    I know it’s easy to sit here and write what I think, it’s not what I think, it’s what I know!

    Listening to you Brett over the season on how your were feeling and how you felt from week to week not only mentally but physically, Brett you did not feel your age! Brett as you stated “I felt the best in years”.
    Brett you felt reenergized, and it showed. You played like a 30 year old veteran in his prime, not some 40+ year old trying to recapture his by gone glory years. Brett you know more then anybody that you have
    more to give, you learnt more about the game and more about yourself this last season.

    There is no doubt that during the NFC Championship game you felt your age (maybe a little older then your age), but anyone who took the pounding that you did Brett, would too. Just ask Kurt Warner and Tony Romo how old they felt in there loses?

    But there is something more to why your not finished with the game that has given you so much, and what you Brett, have given so much to the game! And that’s something that only you know!

    There is no doubt that you may want to retire Brett. I know what it’s like to try and make a decision and not be 110% sure whether the decision is right until you’ve made it. Only once
    you’ve committed to a decision will you know if it is the right decision. Because what ever the decision it is that you make when you make it, only if it STICKS without any, and I mean ANY regret, only then
    will you know that you made the right decision.

    Before you make that decision, DON”T short change yourself. This is a once in a life time opportunity that almost nobody gets in their life time, ever, and you have it right in your hands for the second time.

    It’s better to try, and fail then to say NO! There is never regret in ones trying and failing, because you pushed on. But saying NO to not just any opportunity, but this opportunity that is here and now, and yours to make your own, that is a regret that time could never heal.

    If your decision is retirement, I’m sure that I’m not the only one hoping for it not to stick! I’m sure everyone in Minnesota (including myself) will be hoping right up until the kick-off of the first regular season game
    that it doesn’t stick.

    Hope to see you on the playing field.

    From you biggest fan in Canada,

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