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Posted by Mike Wobschall on January 15, 2010 – 8:02 am

Today’s Mailbag feature is posted. You can read it by clicking here.

Do you have a question about the Vikings? Or maybe a comment/question about the outcome of the Vikings-Cowboys game? If you do, send it to me at We can’t post every comment/question, but I’ll respond to them all.

The Mailbag is posted on Fridays.

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  1. By Vikings Fan from Afar (West) on Jan 15, 2010 | Reply


  2. By Mromo on Jan 16, 2010 | Reply

    To many of us, tomorrow represents more than just another playoff game. It represents the hope that has lived within us for the last 30 years that we could possibly relive the years of the “Purple People Eaters”
    For me personally, it is about having a team that brings back the memories of childhood and watching Fran Tarkenton dominate in his position with class, integruity and the will and passion to play to win.
    As a young girl, I did not spend my Sundays riding bike or playing Barbies. If I did I dont remember. What I remember is my dad and I cutting up the summer sausage, lining up the crackers and cheese and cracking open the can of smoked oysters ten minutes before game time, each and every Sunday during football season. What I remember and charish is how the Vikings became a piece of my relationship with my father and a constant I as a child could always count on, me and dad watching football!
    Unfortunately I live1200 miles away from my dad and wont be able to crack open a can of smoked oysters with him but I hope to continue the the tradition with my 2 sons. Perhaps we will replace the oysters with a plate of nachos but the memories that we build together while watching the Vikes will continue on to another generation.
    And so, I hope every Viking playing tomorrow realizes that not only are they playing for thier win but for all of us out there that BELIEVE in them, that believe in the memories that have molded us into these crazy, fun and loyal Vikings fans!
    Good Luck Vikings! We BELIEVE IN YOU!!
    A Southern Vike!!

  3. By jasmine on Jan 17, 2010 | Reply

    I have also been a vikings fan since I was little and every year we get so far then its like they just give up. But this year it has been differnt like you take the chicago bears game on dec 28th they were doing a really bad job then after halftime it was like they did a 360 and was able to put the game into overtime , yeah they lost by 6 ponts but i they got them points on the score board and how quickley they got them is whast counts. now today they are playing against the cowboys and alot of people do not think that they can not win this but I dis agree I think if bret fayer can get the ball down the field , whice we all no he is one of the best quaterbacks in nfl history , and adrianne peterson needs to start catching that ball and getting down the feild like he was doing in the beging of the season, and we need to make sure that they do not even get the chance to sack bret . but I think the vikings have what it takes to beat the cowboys and even win the superbowl .Go vikings I have faith in you guys

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