Five Positive Trends For Vikings Heading Into Playoffs

Posted by Mike Wobschall on January 7, 2010 – 11:24 am

1. Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson
This is less of a trend and more of just a statement of fact, but having Favre and Peterson on your team in the playoffs isn’t going to be a bad thing. Both Favre and Peterson have the ability to take over and win games. Favre did it this year against the San Francisco 49ers and twice against Green Bay, and we’ve seen Peterson do it several times over the course of his career, including this year in the season-opener at Cleveland.

2. A Bye and Home Playoff Game
For the 2nd consecutive year, the Vikings closed out the regular season with a huge win in Week 17 against the NY Giants. Last year they clinched the NFC North with a 50-yard Ryan Longwell FG at the buzzer. This year, they dominated the Giants 44-7 to help clinch a 1st-round bye in the NFC playoffs. The bye allows some key players (Bernard Berrian, Steve Hutchinson, Pat Williams, Antoine Winfield) to rest up and rejuvenate and then when the Vikings do return to action they’ll be playing their 1st playoff game at home, where they are 8-0 in 2009.

3. Pass Rush On Turf
The Vikings had 29.0 sacks in 10 games while playing on artificial surfaces during 2009, which included 25.0 sacks in 8 home games. Jared Allen and Ray Edwards love rushing the edge on the fast surfaces and they’ll be in line to play on the artificial stuff all the way up to Super Bowl XLIV, which is being played outdoors and on grass at Land Shark Stadium in South Florida.

4. Vikings On Fire In Last 7 quarters
The Vikings went on a tough run in December, losing 3 of 4 games and struggling to keep a rhythm on offense. But they have outscored their opponents 74-27 in the last 7 quarters and the offense is trending upward heading into the playoffs.

5. The Kicking Game
Often overlooked – except when something goes wrong – the kicking game is an important aspect of every game played in the NFL. And the kicking game is a broad spectrum that encompasses kickoffs, FGs, PATs and punts, from a general standpoint.

The Vikings kicking game in 2009 has been solid. K Ryan Longwell converted 26 of 28 FG tries this year, including 2 of 2 from 50+ yards, and he was 54 of 55 on PATs. On top of that, Longwell generally did a nice job of spotting his kickoffs. While Longwell doesn’t record many touchbacks, he’s improved over the last couple of seasons on his accuracy from the tee.

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17 Responses to “Five Positive Trends For Vikings Heading Into Playoffs”

  1. By michael a. on Jan 7, 2010 | Reply

    Would another positive trend possibly be Overall health/lack of injuries? (knock on wood) It seems almost everyone you’d want on the field, is out on the field with exception of E.J. Henderson. I mean look at someone like New England Pats with Brady (ribs) and the loss of Welker.

  2. By Kevin WI on Jan 7, 2010 | Reply

    7 quarters (Bears went into overtime)

  3. By mikewobschall on Jan 7, 2010 | Reply

    Good point Kevin. I’ll make the change.

  4. By MKRED on Jan 7, 2010 | Reply

    All 5 positive points but have seen vikings playing playoff games since my childhood and also my grandpa used to say about vikings that vikings will play half a game and give up in the second half. how that sound to you all?
    So, hope this year, my grandpa can go wrong…

  5. By Acempls on Jan 7, 2010 | Reply

    can someone tell AP to go out of bounce, knowing that he won’t be able to correct his mistakes. Also, the Williams need coffee before the game because they seem to be sleep walking now. Brett and the pack will go to Miami. go vikes.

  6. By Acempls on Jan 7, 2010 | Reply

    not the packers. also next we will do the same

  7. By paul on Jan 7, 2010 | Reply

    Noting like a bye week to stop a teams momentum.

  8. By VikingsFanatic on Jan 8, 2010 | Reply

    Bye is awesome not a momentum killer. Does anyone with some degree of football knowledge not see that out front 4 on D is exhausted? I would bet my bottom dollar that the williams boys, edwards, and allen will be firing off the ball again like madmen after this week off. Also as far as a bye killing momentum, that happens if ur a young green team. That wont happen here. Lets all enjoy the weekend games. God bless. GO VIKES!!

  9. By Kenny on Jan 8, 2010 | Reply

    you remember how dog slow everyone was playing the lions the first half of the game after the bye….nobody was doing anything…even the coaches were being stupid…with the trick plays…but also with the older team that we have we need rest….i also see AD needing rest….his ankle may still be sore…his cuts are not as crisp……Kevin and Pat need the most rest….they don’t do anything!!!!!

  10. By TDP on Jan 8, 2010 | Reply

    We could create another positive trend by benching Tyrell and putting in Jamarca Sanford. Just saying..

  11. By garryvike on Jan 8, 2010 | Reply

    The bye week is a good thing, I do not think the players are sitting at home eating Lays chips and drinking beer (shancio’s twitter page, he has at winter park everyday) Players play to get to the Super Bowl. Do not believe for any minute that theyare taking this lightly. I know the media wants you think so, but they know what to do, and what is at stake.
    The only person on the D-Line that is not worn out is Allen. The three road games he was double teamed for the entire game and none of the other three linemen did anything, from a pressure standpoint.

  12. By reindeer35 on Jan 8, 2010 | Reply

    Strange…. >ooks like everyone needs the bye week except Brett

  13. By Earle Swift on Jan 8, 2010 | Reply

    I love the Vikings! I think we will be okay as long as the line protects Brett. I would like to see them leave someone in the back field the entire game to help protect him. The defense misses EJ. I think the boys will pick it up. It is a now or possibly never attitude. I think now that we are in the playoff’s Coach Childress/ Bevell will come out with different plays for the playoff’s. Go Vikes!! I wish you’ll all the best of luck.
    Viking fan in Virginia

  14. By rap99 on Jan 8, 2010 | Reply

    the bye week is a benefit, everyone can rest, and maybe we can use this time to fix the pass D. whoever we play will be a good team, and if the pass D sucks we will not win. hope we are working on some blitz packages to confuse opps O line

  15. By tprranc on Jan 10, 2010 | Reply

    The excitement of this pending game is too much to bear,Concidering how both Teams are matched. Romo has to be contained,and Witten and Austin need to be shut down,And protection of Brett is the utmost,this because he needs to find Harvin,Rice. Peterson needs to hang onto the ball,If we can dominated like we did with the Giants we can get to the Super Bowl,and us Vikings fans need a Super Bowl win,Its been too long since we have been there,GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. By Big D on Jan 10, 2010 | Reply

    Ohh I think well be alright as long as we can protect farve.Ha Ha Ha Favre Is going to be running for his life.Philadehia thought they could leave in protection to a running back and tight end still couldnt protect Mcnabb and Mcnabb is a moblie quater back farve is a statue who when he gets presured will throw picks.Ohh yeah Dalls has one of the best secondary`s in the league..Not to mention a offence that put up 900yards and 58 points in two games.You guys didnt want to see dallas and you no it…

  17. By Rwalters on Jan 14, 2010 | Reply

    The only 5 positive things will be the steroid tests that come back from the Vikings line…lol

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