Vikings Offense Spreads The Wealth

Posted by Mike Wobschall on December 30, 2009 – 12:36 pm

There is still one regular season game to be played, but this year’s Vikings offense is already the most productive unit head coach Brad Childress has had in Minnesota. The Vikings currently have 5,587 total yards, which is more than the previous Childress/Vikings high of 5,379 (2007).

Setting the standard for total yardage this year was a product of a drastic improvement in the passing game. And that improvement in the passing game was a product of the old adage “many hands make light work.”

According to Elias Sports Bureau, this year’s Vikings team joins only the 1983 Cowboys as teams with 6 players who have 40+ receptions. Accomplishing such a feat is the product of the team’s offensive system and its steady improvement under Childress as well as the weapons in that offensive system continuing to develop.

But Childress also pointed out on Wednesday that the Vikings ability to spread the ball around so well is also due to having a veteran QB under center who knows what to do and when to do it.

“It speaks to him (QB Brett Favre) being an equal-opportunity thrower,” Childress said. “Sometimes there’s the perception that he’s singled out Sidney Rice. Sidney’s done a great job of working himself open. He’s (Favre) relied on him to be able in one-on-one situations to put the football up and Sidney’s made a bunch of plays.

“But by the same token, he (Favre) knows his way around this system to where he knows where a backside number four (receiver) is. And that’s a huge thing, to be able to progress (through reads).”

Childress explained that progressing through reads sounds easy at face value but that often times young or inexperienced QBs struggle with this facet of the game. Favre clearly doesn’t struggle with progressing through his reads, as the 6 players with 40 receptions stat proves. Most telling in that stat, perhaps, is the fact that 2 of those 6 receivers are RBs.

It also helps that Favre has run a similar offensive system for 19 seasons and there probably isn’t a situation that’s foreign to him.

“As I always say, he (Favre) knows where all the bones are buried so you better be alive on the backside,” Childress said. “If you’re not back there working, you’re not going to see the football very often. So it keeps everybody with a stake in the action.”

Vikings players with 40+ receptions
77- Sidney Rice (WR)
53- Percy Harvin (WR)
53- Bernard Berrian (WR)
49- Visanthe Shiancoe (TE)
42- Adrian Peterson (RB)
42- Chester Taylor (RB)

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6 Responses to “Vikings Offense Spreads The Wealth”

  1. By Stephanie on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    I was very encouraged by the offense to come back in the second half and score 30 points, thanks to Brett reading the defense and spreading the ball and also the recievers making great catches (something that lacked last week). let’s hope the offense can keep that rythm going this week….and let’s especially hope the defense starts stepping up and the special teams can bounce back, that’s the main reason the Vikes lost!

  2. By Chris Brooks on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Why aren’t we talking about AP’s inability to hold on to the ball? He can’t be a bonafide superstar until he proves he can protect the pigskin.

  3. By Tony on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    I wonder if any of the Viking players or coaches read these blogs ? If so, here is a message from a long time fan:

    As the 2009 season began, we had great hopes for this team. As of late, we have had reason to let that slip away. As fans, most of us have had a longer connection with the Vikings than the players and coaches. We have spent our time and money supporting a team without compensation. We have been ridiculed by other fans and still stood behind the team. We travel to games (I am from Vermont), wear purple (does anyone really look good in purple ?), and try not to swear in front of our children on game day. We have watched other teams raise the Lombardi Trophy and have asked, “Why not us”? Somehow we are always left saying, “maybe next year”.

    So, if you are reading this as a player or a coach, I speak for my fellow Viking fans and pose this request, “HORN UP AND MAKE IT HAPPEN THIS YEAR “!

  4. By Dthayer on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Our O line is suffering some integrity issues. but why are we not hollering at the D more? blitzes? has anyone seen a successful bliltz by the Vikes? we get burnt on man 2 man coverage. we stay in the zone too much. we need more help with coverage with safeties. Also our Fierce Pass Rush? Who Dey? yeah whats happened with getting pressure on the QB? nothing!!! we let noob QB’s to Vet QB’s have all day and make plays.

    Like when we first played the bears. we HARASSED the bears to no end. lately we have let them put their make up on in the pocket and flip their curly hair before making a nice throw. This Defense needs a surge and fast.

    Granted you can not replace E.J. God bless him and pray for his rapid recovery. but our backs need to not only step up but read the O. sniff it out and shut it down instinctively. don’t hesitate. be the beating heart of MN’s team.

  5. By GJ on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Without a pass rush, the season will be over soon. Try giving Brees, Romo, Wanrer, or McNabb time to pass. They have the recievers to burn you bad. Defense, you gotta want it.

  6. By Kim on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Hey! Don’t give up on this TEAM! It has been a great ride this year. I will always be a VIKINGS fan and appreciate the effort of our Team. Yes, they need to step it up & BELIEVE that they can WIN the Super Bowl! Coach Childress…watch “Remember the Titans” with your Team…every time I watch the Vikings…my saying is…”Leave NO DOUBT”! The team needs to Believe this…YOU HAVE everything you need to WIN! You just need to BELIEVE! WAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!

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