Vikings Play Tonight, Blog Going All Day

Posted by Mike Wobschall on December 28, 2009 – 8:03 am

Normally Monday’s mean a full and active day for the Blog as we review and digest the previous Sunday’s game.

But of course the Vikings didn’t play yesterday because they play tonight at the Chicago Bears.

So while you’re waiting for the work day to end and the Vikings-Bears game to begin, the Blog will keep you occupied. Keep checking back here today for constant updates and blog entries.

We’ll be continuously posting relevant information to keep you primed for tonight’s pivotal late-season contest as the Vikings try to keep their hold on the NFC’s #2 seed and keep chasing the New Orleans Saints – who lost yesterday – for the NFC’s #1 seed.

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29 Responses to “Vikings Play Tonight, Blog Going All Day”

  1. By Rip on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    I foresee AD rushing for 350 yards with 5 td’s in tonight’s game

  2. By nuehrinht on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    vikings are going to win tonight… and next week.. the saints better not lose next week cause then we are in controll… ( at home ) that would be sweet

  3. By jimmyl on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    a v fan for almost 40 years, the weather spells trouble for brett, i dont know how this team will respond in the freeze zone as a whole either, its concerning

  4. By Vikingfan1 on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    I hope peterson goes off in the cold weather. It should be hard for Farve so the Vikes should stick to a good ground game plan. Hopefully he can have four or five TDs……

  5. By Larry on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    Do you think they will play the starters for the entire game tonight?

  6. By vikingsfan4life on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    as for the cold being a problem for favre? I don’t think thats going to matter he played for green bay for a long time so he should be used to the cold weather, thats not what worries me what does is , is this the down fall of brett favre???? we need this win real bad tonight and I hope favre can get it done now and in the playoff’s because if he can’t get it done then why did they even sign him ??? we will see tonight I guess !!!! GO VIKINGS !!

  7. By lifelongvike on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    Does anyone else question what our offense is doing somedays. I’m just not sure we are taking advantage of other teams defenses, we should be using the screen pass to expose the weaknesses caused by the over aggressive rush teams use to get to favre and peterson.

  8. By Bigfan on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    The Vikes are in control of their destiny with all the top guns losing this past weekend and Orleans playinig a red hot Carolina team next week. I think the Vikes will annihilate da Bears tonight.

  9. By vikingsfan4life on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    who knows what the vikings will do tonight we will have to wait and see one thing is forsure we need a big game from not only favre and peterson but from the defeense as well and just maybe will will find a way to win tonight and maybe even next sunday when we play the giants, but in the playoff’s it only takes one lose and your season is over..we will see I guess .. GO VIKIONGS !!

  10. By rap99 on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    vikes need the 1 or 2 seed and get the off week, and at least the first game at home. if we let philly get 2 seed we are done. better play our a’s off tonight!

  11. By tmanthey on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    Vikings will win only if they hold Chicago less than 20 points. I really believe AD will have a big game tonight.

  12. By vikingsfan4life on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    ya well AP needs a big game he hasn’t had one in a few games, but he’s not the only one who needs a big game favre and the whole vikings team needs a big game from here on out if they want to get to the superbowl.. GO VIKINGS !!

  13. By AlDavisJr on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    This team needs to step up and show some pride. Everyone wants to bury them and the Bears will not be pushovers tonight (underdogs on national TV). Hopefully some of the defensive leaders in the locker room are stepping forward. The Vikings D quit last week in the 4th quarter, when the offense sputtered. Someone needs to say “NO MORE”.

  14. By Nine 11 on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    We got this game. I’m not gonna be the one that looks to far ahead, we gotta get that O Line back on it’s game. We do that, it will all fall into place. AD has a good day, play action and the screen will be a huge factor. This game has to be our bounce back, Stat’s say the Bears are 10 and 0 in this weather. I say we’ll see.

  15. By Nine 11 on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    that would be nice

  16. By Jordan on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    I will give one dollar to this team and this horrible coach. Does anyone want my season tickets for cheap. Mr. Wilf have fun in LA.

  17. By Mike on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    This Viking team really SUCKS! NO offensive line- special teams SUCK! and the defense has decided the seasons over! AND THEY ARE RIGHT!!! When you lose to the 3 losers they have lost to– it’s over!!

  18. By 45 year fan on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    a few weeks ago there was a search for a name for this defense. How about the “people purple bleeders” cause they ain’t no “purple people eaters.I’ve got a logo for them too. My heart with a viking horn sticking in it and purple blood oozing out.

  19. By Mike on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    Thanks SPECIAL TEAMS!! You da men! you all belong in college ball not the pro’s!!!

  20. By Terry Roe on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    Team didn’t show up for the first twenty minutes of game . Kick off coverage was not even there. Pitiful. Its over for this season!

  21. By james on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    If the viks want to win the superbowl they need to stop running the ball and let Brett do what he is paid to do, PASS the ball.

  22. By jeff on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    Well…has anyone seen where the problem was????? The game was lost in the fourth quarter when the Vikings were 3rd and 2 and Childress INSISTS on running his play. Gruden saw it so obviously when he pointed it out after the play. Favre had Rice one on one with no safety to help out, Chicago was stacked with three guys waiting for Peterson at the line. They knew what was coming. If Favre would have been left to make the call himself, then we would have been ahead 30 – 23 and there would have been no need for overtime. The Bears would have had the burden of coming from behind and Cutler would have been pressured to make bad throw. Game Over. Well Cildress? I guess its your team. Lets win the big one but not at the expense of your EGO. You have a quarterback that has forgotten more about the game than you will ever know. I would never have a fumble prone player like Peterson. Trade him to someone for three good offensive linemen. With depth at the line, Chester Taylor is plenty of running back. Percy Harvin is ideal at utility and the receiving corps is incredible. Now Brett will be gone. and that leaves… Tavarius? God help us. Fire Childress b-4 next week. Put Peterson on the trading block, hire John Gruden ( and pay him what he is worth) to coach and Buy a quarterback that is in his prime.

  23. By robin anderson on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    HA! your team sucks! you will be out in the first round!

  24. By Feed-up fan on Dec 28, 2009 | Reply

    Horrible, horrible, horrible coaching. Special teams looked as if this was the first pro game they have ever played. And you are demanding a new stadium Ziggy? For what, so I can pay more for what your staff put together tonight? Brett and the receivers did put on a great show, in spite of the coaches best efforts.

  25. By Andy Miller on Dec 29, 2009 | Reply

    Childress is the downfall of what could be a very powerful offense. Let Brett call his own plays and see how productive the Vikes will be. I remember a time when SIr Frances called his own plays. I think Brett has been around long enough to be trusted as well. I yell at the TV every weekend and am sickened by the sorry plays Sad Childress calls. I agree with Jeff. I nearly cried when I heard Sad was given an extension. I will never be comfortable or confident in the Vikings with Childress as coach. How can a coach, with so many deadly weapons, be so conservative? Use the force Brad, let go! I don’t see Minnesota getting out of the first round. Too weak at defense and far too conservative at the coaching position. Maybe next year. I have said that for the past 38 years, so another disappointing year that could have been special.

  26. By jlb104 on Dec 29, 2009 | Reply

    same old queenies. always choking when it counts. doesnt matter who they have at qb. GO-PACK-GO

  27. By Greenbaypackers77 on Dec 29, 2009 | Reply

    I have been expecting this from Favre. Comes to the end of the season and he likes to choke. I hope we get another crack at the queens of purple just to show them that they have a washed up QB with no more talent. Brett Crybaby Favre Who? I predict another loss next week and the Queens will be in trouble. You all suck…

  28. By Josh on Dec 29, 2009 | Reply

    Moments of brilliance in a sea of mediocrity! That is what we endure as fans that bleed purple!

  29. By wendymaddy on Dec 29, 2009 | Reply

    I’m a Detroit Lions fan who also follows the Vikings because they are doing very well this year, and Favre’s comeback inspires me.
    My pet peeve is that everyone, including, apparently, the qb himself, mispronounces his name. It is a French name, pronounced FAH-VREH, with the emphasis on the first syllable. To hear announcers repeatedly mispronounce it grinds my soul! I taught English, French, Spanish and German, and for the life of me cannot understand how Americans who are otherwise competent can mangle their own and others’ names into unrecognizable and stupid sounding syllables that make the name silly and incomprehensible.
    The name means “craftsman,” later meant ironworker or smith. It has spelling variations such as Favret or Favres, or Favrier. In plain English, it means “blacksmith, or “smith.” The one thing it most definitely is NOT is “Farve,” which is the stupid mispronunciation one hears from the mouths of all the sports announcers and commentators. Somebody please clue this meatheaded hero in on how to pronounce his own name. Once he gets it right, maybe the rest of the world can! This is not to take away from his physical talents as a star qb, of course, but it is bad for the image of football players as mental marshmallows from the neck up to mispronounce one’s own name, let alone permit others to do so. Favre is big enough and famous enough to enforce it, so my question is, why on Earth doesn’t he do it? I’m sure you readers wouldn’t put up with anybody misspelling or mispronouncing YOUR name, so why mangle this famous player’s?

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