Sitting On A Big Game?

Posted by Mike Wobschall on December 28, 2009 – 7:25 am

I was listening to a fantasy football radio show on my way into the facility yesterday to fly out to Chicago. A caller was asking the trio of hosts which player, between Brett Favre and Alex Smith, he should start at QB this week in his playoff matchup.

The question at face value seems silly, especially if you’re not one who delves into the world of fantasy football. But given their opponents – Favre playing the Bears on the road and Smith playing the lowly Detroit Lions at home – and also given the Vikings last 2 performances on grass fields at night, I guess the question and subsequent debate has some merit.

The hosts of the show recommended that the caller go with Favre because he may be sitting on a big game, citing the QBs outstanding numbers against the Bears historically. Favre has completed 61.9% of his passes against the Bears in 33 games and has also thrown for 8,052 yards and 56 TDs. Those are pretty good numbers, in fantasy land or the real world.

While I agree that Favre might be sitting on a big performance tonight against the Bears because of his history against them and because of the Monday Night Football stage, it also got me to thinking about another player who might be sitting on a big game, especially considering the weather conditions may not be favorable for an aerial assault.

RB Adrian Peterson.

Like Favre, Peterson has had success against the Bears historically. He averages 127.8 rushing yards per game against Chicago and has also tallied 9 TDs.

“Just being a Walter Payton fan I’m always pumped up for that game, especially in Chicago,” Peterson said when asked what contributes to his productivity against the Bears. “It’s also that I love playing on grass fields. So I think that helps a little bit.”

If Peterson is indeed sitting on a big performance tonight in the Windy City, it will help the Vikings more than a little bit. With a pair of losses in the past 3 games, the Vikings need a win tonight to get momentum going in the right direction and to stay ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles for the #2 seed in the NFC.

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