Peterson Chasing NFL Greats For 3-Year Mark

Posted by Mike Wobschall on December 20, 2009 – 10:54 am

Tonight the Vikings will continue their chase of a 2nd consecutive division title and also the NFC’s #1 seed. And as RB Adrian Peterson assists his team in that chase tonight, he’ll also be chasing marks set by some great NFL RBs.

With 22 rushing yards, Peterson will move into 8th place in NFL history for the most rushing yards in the first 3 seasons. He currently has 4,301, with former Lions runner Barry Sanders sitting in 8th place with 4,322 through his first 3 seasons.

If Peterson rushes for 33 yards, he will climb past Sanders and also past Ottis Anderson, who had 4,333 in his first 3 seasons and is in 7th place all-time. The next RB on the list is Terrell Davis, who had 4,405 yards in his first 3 seasons. Peterson needs 105 yards to move past Davis into 6th place.

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5 Responses to “Peterson Chasing NFL Greats For 3-Year Mark”

  1. By PAVikesFan on Dec 20, 2009 | Reply

    That’s good for the guy, but, let’s get real here, I don’t care about his stats. Winning is what matters most…Barry Sanders, in my opinion, the best “runner”, and how many rings does he have?…No matter how good u are, it’s all about the Super Bowl…Running backs have this short window of greatness, he’s in that window right now, I just hope we can take advantage of this window and bring a ring home to our fans, the city, and to the franchise of the Minnesota Vikings. The most underrated and underappreciated franchise in pro foobtall, never got the credit that the franchise deserves. IF we would win a SB one day, that would officially solidify this franchise as one the best. All we need is that 1 win in the month of February, can the football GODS please shine down on us for 1 season, c’mon, 1 season.

  2. By Seth on Dec 20, 2009 | Reply

    PAVikesFan, this is our year. I knew it back in August when they signed Favre that this was it.

  3. By PAVikesFan on Dec 20, 2009 | Reply

    Yea, I said that in 1998 also…I guess I’m cautious, it’s too good a story, can it really happen?, Brett Favre coming back to an old NFC rival, beats GB 2, having one of his best years ever, at 40!…It almost sounds too good to be true, that’s what scares me…Bottom line, it’s never your year until it actually comes to fruition, and we cant say that until we’ve played our last game of the year, and won it, then, and only then, is it our year

  4. By south dakota raised, on Dec 20, 2009 | Reply

    I try to forget about the 98 season, and the 75, 73, 72 and 69 seasons. It was a great season this year just for the fact we beat green bay twice and we will be chicago twice also. Thats the bottom line.

  5. By jimbo on Dec 20, 2009 | Reply

    It only takes one play to end our season,remember Gary Anderson?Mr.Clutch.What is different this year is we have a very deep and experienced team full of leaders.It’s not a one man team.We have a 53 man team and more important the undeniable TWELTH MAN. GO VIKES!!!

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