Minnesota National Guard Troop Visit – Blog Entry No. 16

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on December 13, 2009 – 9:53 am

Vikings Entertainment Network’s Bryan Harper and KFAN’s Mike Morris, the former Vikings longsnapper and current host of “The Power Trip Morning Show,” will be traveling to Iraq to visit Minnesota National Guard Troops over the next week or so.  Both men will be updating fans via the Blog on their trip about the experience.

Below is the duo’s 16th entry, sent via BlackBerry from Kuwait.

Morris/ Harper: Had the opportunity to go thru rollover training which is a classroom setting on what to do if your ground convoy overturns at either 90 degrees or 180 degrees. Then went to the demo unit and went through an actual rollover at both angles. Phenomenal… you think its going to be no big deal but you become completely disoriented as to where you are in the vehicle.

They have a golf driving range on base…not your typical visit to a golf range either… you have green astroturf pads to hit off of and you are standing on plywood and hitting towards a big area of dirt (essentially what everything is). But it was nice to hit a few golf balls and to be able to say that we have hit golf balls in Iraq.

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