Minnesota National Guard Troop Visit – Blog Entry No. 10

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on December 12, 2009 – 10:40 am

Vikings Entertainment Network’s Bryan Harper and KFAN’s Mike Morris, the former Vikings longsnapper and current host of “The Power Trip Morning Show,” will be traveling to Iraq to visit Minnesota National Guard Troops over the next week or so.  Both men will be updating fans via the Blog on their trip about the experience.

Below is the duo’s 10th entry, sent via BlackBerry from Kuwait.

Morris on Saturday: Blackhawk Mission this AM scrapped due to low visibility (fog). You need to be able to see 3 miles and could only see 1.75 miles. Nice backup plan was the gun range. A handful of us had the opportunity to experience some real military weaponry. I of course am a sharpshooter and dominated the Mt Dew can at 100 feet. Been a whirlwind of a day. Just judged a weightlifting competition… well attended I might add. Some real talented guys in that group. We took video and some photos for the site… keep an eye out for those. Next up is the Serving Our Troops steak dinner. Not only are we serving to the 1200 Minnesota National Guard troops here but to the entire base… a crowd of 5000+. After dinner the troops will be entertained by Brian Leighton of GB Leighton… should be a good evening. You can feel the excitement. Met several Vikings fans today – they love to talk football… so do I… it’s a nice fit. Went to some authentic Iraqi shops today… got a few souvenirs. I’m ready to grill some steaks. I’m so glad I got to make this trip. Many thanks to the Vikings and KFAN as well as the MN National Guard.

Morris’ Top 3 tips on what NOT to do when in Iraq:

3. Don’t drink the water. Don’t brush your teeth with the water. Don’t bathe.
2. Don’t make jokes about Tiger Woods… you’re in Iraq… nobody cares.
1. If it tastes like crap and smells like crap… it’s probably crap.

Click here to view a photo gallery of the trip.

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