Minnesota National Guard Troop Visit – Blog Entry No. 3

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on December 10, 2009 – 3:11 pm

Vikings Entertainment Network’s Bryan Harper and KFAN’s Mike Morris, the former Vikings longsnapper and current host of “The Power Trip Morning Show,” will be traveling to Iraq to visit Minnesota National Guard Troops over the next week or so.  Both men will be updating fans via the Blog on their trip about the experience.

Below is the duo’s third entry, sent via BlackBerry from the Kuwait airport.

Morris/Harper: Well we made it into Kuwait. Leaving the airport… think LAX or O’Hare x 10. “Busy airport” wouldn’t do it justice. Temp is about 60 degrees but seems warmer.

Caribou Coffee and McDonald’s first two places we came across. 22 hours from arrival at MSP til we got here. Not too bad.  Its almost midnight here though and we feel like its 3:00 in the afternoon.

Every sign is in both Arabic and English. Photos to come at some point.

Morris: This place reminds me of Texas as far as terrain. Rainy season is in effect now so there is decent greenery. It isn’t raining now and since we are sleeping in a tent tonight I hope it doesn’t rain anytime soon.

A lot more American cars than expected too.

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