Minnesota National Guard Troop Visit – Blog Entry No. 1

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on December 9, 2009 – 7:43 pm

Vikings Entertainment Network’s Bryan Harper and KFAN’s Mike Morris, the former Vikings longsnapper and current host of “The Power Trip Morning Show,” will be traveling to Iraq to visit Minnesota National Guard Troops over the next week or so.  Both men will be updating fans via the Blog on their trip about the experience.

Below is the duo’s first entry, sent via BlackBerry from the plane as the duo prepares for the long journey overseas.

Departing Minneapolis for the long trip overseas. Ran into Rich Gannon at the airport. He is headed to Tampa to do the Jets game for CBS.

We are already planning the Friday Power Trip morning show which is planned to be with a LIVE audience overseas. Its going to be tough to adjust to the time difference (9 hrs).

We will definitely be tired as the show starts just hour after our arrival. But can’t wait to see our troops.

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  1. By Dave Stefano on Dec 9, 2009 | Reply

    I work here at Victory Base Complex in Baghdad. If you make it up here, I look forward to trying to make time to break away and meet you guys. I have met some Minnesota Guard troops down at Camp Buehring in Kuwait. You want to make sure you stop there too, if you can.

    I have found that wearing any of my Vikings gear always attracts fellow Norsemen and NFC North fans alike to an instant conversation of how well the Vikings are doing or how poorly their team is. These are good people up here and I’m sure you will enjoy the trip and they will enjoy and appreciate you making the effort to come visit.

    SKOL always!
    Luft Krigare

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