Vikings Wearing Throwbacks Vs. Bears

Posted by Mike Wobschall on November 29, 2009 – 2:06 pm

Today’s game at Mall of America Field features a matchup between teams that have been playing one another every year since 1961.

And the Vikings will wear the same style of uniform that the team wore back in 1961.

Dressed in their classic throwback uniforms, the Vikings will host the Chicago Bears today. Today marks the 97th time these teams have matched up, tied for the most times the Vikings have faced an opponent (Green Bay).

Chicago is fighting to stay in the playoff hunt and the Vikings continue their pursuit of a 2nd consecutive division title.

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7 Responses to “Vikings Wearing Throwbacks Vs. Bears”

  1. By PAVikesFan on Nov 29, 2009 | Reply

    Love the ‘unis…I must say, that was BEAUTIFUL, in almost every aspect…Exactly what I wanted, we completely anhilated the Bears and humiliated them, I couldn’t be more happy…I must say, and I say this hesitantly, “this is the best Vikings team I have seen”…However, we as Vikings fans know that awarding any team pre-December doesn’t mean squat, we must do this in the playoffs…I just hope that they don’t get over-confident and lack focus for some of these games left..we still want that #1 seed…this has been a magical year so far, I hope it can last all the way thru February…

  2. By Vikings1969 on Nov 29, 2009 | Reply

    Yes, this IS the best Vikings team I’ve seen since the days of Joe Capp!! We have been dominating the opposition all season long with the exception of the Steelers game. Favre has been making it look easy all season long. This is the year to cheer. Super Bowl Valhalla!! GO VIKINGS!!!

  3. By oiioiiioiiyuo on Nov 29, 2009 | Reply

    favre will throw an interception in the playoffs sorry to break it to u

  4. By rap99 on Nov 29, 2009 | Reply

    1998/99 was the best team i’ve seen, saints will not win vs pats mon night! they are not that good. lock of the week “pats over saints” you heard it here first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vikes looked good today, way to go brett!!!! harvin, first 100 yd game. peterson 2 fumbles and stupid penalty . chilly should sit him for a series or 2, and use taylor.

  5. By PAVikesFan on Nov 29, 2009 | Reply

    I love all these people saying that #4 is going to choke and that he’s gonna “throw an interception in the playoffs”…yes, he probably will, BUT, by no means does that mean we are going to lose…ridiculous stuff…’rap’: The Saints are not that good???, r u crazy?…u don’t get to 10-0 by not being that good, they are a real good team, I also think they will lose but they are for real…I agree with ur opinion on AP, I don’t know what it’s going to take for him to tuck the ball away, hold on to the darn thing…it scares OC to even give him the ball in crucial situations b/c they lack faith in him, I think that’s why we have been pas-sing so many times these past couple of games, b/c it seems like every so many touches, he coughs it up…I thought they should have sit him for a while myself…notice when Chester is in the game he finds some holes, I think AP looks for the home run too often, he needs to be more patient and things will come to him…I think, in my opinion, the difference between this team and the ’98 team is the defense…the ’98 defense was not this good, and, consequently, when a team finally shut our offense down, our defense couldnt rise to the occasion…it’s going to happen in the playoffs at some point where our offense is going to be out of rythym, and that’s when championship teams rise up, that’s when our defense is going to come up, and this team can do it…

  6. By purple08 on Nov 30, 2009 | Reply

    chris johnson had another huge day. AP can forget about the rushing title. Rap, I am gonna be all over yer a s s if the Ain’ts win Monday boy!

  7. By 07blackdog on Nov 30, 2009 | Reply

    I am very much a traditionalist when it comes to the Vikings’ uniform.However,I do like the black accents to the horn on the helmet,though I wish they would have stayed with the dark solid purple and gray facemask.

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