2nd-Quarter Adjustment Propels Vikings Offense

Posted by Mike Wobschall on November 23, 2009 – 7:00 am

QB Brett Favre threw 4 TD passes in the 2nd quarter and 3rd quarters on Sunday and then Tarvaris Jackson came in for 4th quarter duty and threw one of his own. The Vikings 35-9 victory over the Seahawks at Mall of America Field turned into a route, but it didn’t begin that way.

After Seattle quickly went 3-and-out in the game’s opening possession, the Vikings began their drive on the Minnesota 41-yardline. After a false start penalty on 1st down backed them up to 1st-and-15, the Vikings gained just 3 yards on 2 plays and then Favre was sacked on 3rd down to end the drive.

On Seattle’s 2nd possession, they once again went 3-and-out. But the Vikings were also forced to punt on their 2nd possession after stalling out on the Seattle 36-yardline.

Eventually, the 1st quarter ended with no score for either team. It’s odd that in a game where the Vikings scored 35 points, they were held scoreless in the 1st quarter.

Penalties hurt the Vikings early. But so did Seattle’s scheme on the defensive line. Favre was sacked twice during the opening 2 series.

“They slammed a lot of things inside,” Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress said when asked about the 1st quarter struggles on offense. “A lot of twist games, a couple of stunts that we hadn’t seen before.”

But the Vikings figured it out immediately during the 1st possession of the 2nd quarter and quickly scored 14 points. The answer was to turn to the passing game to neutralize what the Seahawks defensive line was doing. Beginning with the Vikings 3rd possession, Favre dropped back to pass on 11 of the next 16 plays, resulting in 2 TD passes and a comfortable 14-0 lead. In the Vikings 1st 13 plays, Favre dropped back only 5 times.

“We spread out a little bit and actually went to the pass a little bit more,” Childress said of the Vikings adjustment. “We are good enough to be able to do that. That is why it’s nice to have a couple different dimensions.”

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson said that although the Vikings haven’t started the past 2 games in ideal fashion, the fact that they’ve been able to overcome the slow starts and eventually put away inferior teams is a good sing.

“I feel like we haven’t … the last two weeks we didn’t come out with the start that we would like,” Peterson commented, “but we’re able to pick it up and put away some guys. That’s good and we continue to learn from it.”

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  1. By SkolVikings on Nov 23, 2009 | Reply

    I’m glad the Vikings are multidimensional in ways we haven’t seen since Robert Smith retired. Im also glad there’s so many good singing Vikings….

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