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Posted by Mike Wobschall on November 15, 2009 – 5:30 pm

Be sure to check in with and the Blog tomorrow because we’ll have extensive coverage of reaction to today’s 27-10 win over the Lions.

The blog will be updated frequently tomorrow with thoughts and stats, and will live stream head coach Brad Childress’ usual day-after-the-game press conference. We’ll also have video highlights from today’s win.

The Green Bay Packers are playing the Dallas Cowboys right now at Lambeau Field, with obvious implications for the Vikings on the line. So we’ll have thoughts from that game as well as from the Vikings win all day tomorrow on the blog.

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8 Responses to “Check Us Out Tomorrow”

  1. By wdnemesis on Nov 15, 2009 | Reply

    Great game by the way, I was impressed by the way we used Sydney rice. I also seen improvement by the way we used Adrian Peterson today. Overall it was fun to see a long bomb and see rice catch an amazing catch. It give me flashbacks of when Randy Moss was playing, not to mention Cris Carter as well.

  2. By Radzinwisconsin on Nov 15, 2009 | Reply

    Will Bernard Berrian be with the team next season?

  3. By blacknblue on Nov 15, 2009 | Reply

    If bernard keeps dropping throws… who knows. They won the game the big plays were impressive but the turnovers and penalties are unacceptable. 13 penalties? Do that with a good team and it’s over at the half. The 4th down stuff was embarasing. Glad to see AP break some plays open and make over 100 yards. This kind of game reminded me of the Tice era and I’d rather forget it. No focus, looks like they didn’t take Detroit too seriously.Neither did NO and they almost lost that game. Too bad. They keep this up and we will see some more in the loss coulmn. Not a good win. These teams we are supposed to bury not break a sweat.

  4. By Minnybaby! on Nov 16, 2009 | Reply

    Nice win despite the miscues!

  5. By PAVikesFan on Nov 16, 2009 | Reply

    Yeah, we should have buried the Lions, but, look, all through the years, division games are brutal…I remember in either ’01 or ’02, when we had terrible teams, we would always beat Green Bay at home, when they were good…division games are like this, they know our personnel and what we can do…I actually give major props to their coaches and players on the snap count, seriously, Favre tried to get them to jump offside all game, it may have worked once, but, they never even budged, their d-line did not fall for that, that’s coaching and that’s where I’m talking about teams knowing each other…

  6. By PAVikesFan on Nov 16, 2009 | Reply

    On the other hand, maybe, and I dont mean this, but, I’ll throw it out there, maybe we all as fans think our team is better than what we really are, I’m not sure…I tell ya, could we beat the Colts or the Patriots, we’ll see in a few weeks if we can beat a really good AFC team in Cincy, b/c they are for real…We’re going to see a bunch of pas-sing teams in the playoffs and if our pas-sing D does not sure up then it doesnt matter how we beat the Lions on Nov. whatever, no one cares and will remember…can we handle the high-flying Saints, or the Cardinals (it’s a different Cardinals team than when we played them last year)…I personally think Peyton Manning or Tom Brady would pick our secondary apart, they scare me…dpnt get me wrong, we are a good team, but maybe, just maybe, we’re not as good as we think we are

  7. By PurplePeopleEater on Nov 16, 2009 | Reply

    Some of those penalties we had control over, but it seemed like the refs are just getting flag happy at us. At the game I had an angle on the controversial roughing the passer call such that I could see the flag flying in the air BEFORE the ball was. There’s no rational explanation for that. And can anyone explain what our defense is doing (please facts only, I don’t want speculation) to get delay of game calls? That is the third one that has been called on us now while I’ve never seen one called on ANY defense before this year, outside of the obvious moving the ball after it’s been placed. The refs continue to call us for this penalty without explaining their reasoning, something that I think NEEDS to happen for any penalty that isn’t blatantly obvious. Otherwise it just leads far too many of us to believe that these refs have a guy at Buffalo Wild WIngs on call waiting.

  8. By hank on Nov 16, 2009 | Reply

    i haven’t seen what the dbs do to get a delay of game call on them……the call doesn’t make sense

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