Winning The War And the Battle

Posted by Mike Wobschall on November 2, 2009 – 9:53 am

Throughout Brad Childress’ entire tenure as head coach and throughout QB Brett Favre’s time with the Vikings, a team-first mentality has superseded any thoughts of individual accomplishment. And that’s why Sunday’s 38-26 victory over the Packers was so gratifying for Childress, Favre and the rest of the team – the win improves them to 7-1 overall and 3-0 in the NFC North.

But given Favre’s history with Green Bay and the hype that mounted prior to both matchups this season, it’s hard to ignore the battle that existed within the Vikings-Packers war. And it’s safe to say that Vikings fans are equally excited that Favre played well on an individual level in his 2 games against the Packers as they are that the Vikings won both games.

Favre never acknowledged a desire to prove himself to anyone by playing well against his former team; he was focused on the war. But those of us observing certainly considered the subplot of Favre playing his former team; we kept 1 eye on the war and another on the battle.

And Favre won the battle, too. In 2 games against his former team, Favre is 41 of 59 (69.4%) for 515 yards with 7 TDs, 0 INTs and 0 sacks. That gives Favre a passer rating against the Packers of 135.9.

And, more importantly, it’s led to a 2-0 record.

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  1. By Purplepride on Nov 2, 2009 | Reply

    Awesome Win….. Although we gave momentum to the Packers in the 3rd on the squib kick turnover that led to 7 points. However we showed adversity and withstood that Packer Surge and turned them away in defeat. A year ago we lose this game … With Brett and Percy …We Win… This team is starting to findthemselves and gel…. Once the D establishes their identy and hopefully after a bye week and getting Antoine Winfield back we may be Unstoppable….

  2. By lov_vikings on Nov 2, 2009 | Reply

    i was a big time packers fan nd i still am just not that much bcause of what they did to brett favre… and i don’t like aaron rogers. good thing you beat them. im happy your taking the vikings into a 7-1 season and you braking records. so come on brett favre lets go all the way. i know u guys can!!!

  3. By hank on Nov 2, 2009 | Reply


  4. By Alex on Nov 2, 2009 | Reply

    I think that this offense should start running with Peterson out of a shotgun to open up the defense even more so that defenses have to really respect the play-action. GO VIKINGS!!!

  5. By vikescot on Nov 2, 2009 | Reply

    Great game !!!!!!! I am also a little concerned about the 3rd qrt and how we seem to have problems closeing teams out !!!!! WE need to have the ability to put our foot on their throat and put teams away, close them out like New England seems to be able to do !!!!! I wish Childress would see that the quick slant play is soooo wide open esp. when teams clog the front up trying to stop AD…I know Favre can thow this as he made it famous w/ Greenbay …..Would be a perfect audible for Favre and the best part is if have used b4 in game then pump fake the slant and go post or corner !!!!!!!

  6. By Mike on Nov 2, 2009 | Reply

    7-1 into the bye week and Favres arm is feeling great. Hope they can get a commanding lead over Detroit and Seattle and sit Favre, Peterson, Harvin etc and keep everyone healthy going into December. By then hopefully they can also close out games when they have the lead. Sure hope this is the season…

  7. By vikingjack on Nov 2, 2009 | Reply


  8. By AussieViking on Nov 2, 2009 | Reply

    I’m with you PurplePride…take out the squib kick and slot in everyones favorite cornerback and we’re pushing 50pts in that game. Offence lost a lot of momentum on that play, they were red hot and then couldn’t get on the field, then when they finally did they shot 3 and 0… but let’s face it…if you were the Pack, you’d be sick of kicking it to Percy to eh…
    Always room to improve…

  9. By tom badger on Nov 2, 2009 | Reply

    Fair enough – y’all played a good game. Battle, war, what ever you want to call it. You brought some good football to Wisconsin. Here’s your credit. On the other hand, your quarterback is a gutsy player turned gutless sellout. Pretentious beyond comprehension. The handwriting is on the wall – he will use you Vikings fans too. Then he’ll blow you out – the way he expelled his snot all over Lambeau field yesterday. Lucky I wasn’t at the game cause I would have horked a GRAND greenie and deposited squarely on his silly purple/white pajamas. As for your ‘war’, sorry to deflate your egos but this war will never be won. The rivalry will go on. We’ll win some. You’ll win some. In the mean time, you’re WAY clueless as to how much you’ve already LOST by signing this self-absorbed GOON.
    By the way, it amazes us Packers – how forgiving y’all are. You know, the way your players are hugging Favre all the time – even after he skipped your training camp and schemed to sign his contract at the last minute. No hard feelings, ‘eh? WOW… Do y’all sing the ‘Barney Song’ together too? In your Barney-purple jammies?

  10. By Purple Tsunami on Nov 2, 2009 | Reply

    I’m one of the biggest Vikings fans around, but please don’t refer to a football game as a battle or a war. It’s only a game. If you want to see battles and wars, do a tour in Afghanistan or Iraq.
    P.S. Brett Favre is the best thing to happen to the Vikes since A.P.

  11. By ohioviking on Nov 2, 2009 | Reply

    Long time, Die hard Viking fan from the Eller, Page, Krause etc era. I would still like to see Childress open up the offense. Run the plays from the shotgun and even call some quick plays to keep the defenses on there heels. The play calling still got a little stagnent during the second half of which the packers adjusted to. Even though a good win that shouldn’t have got as close as it did during the third quarter and into the fourth.

  12. By vikingsfan1955 on Nov 2, 2009 | Reply

    I have to say I was happy for favre with this win and he is now vindicated.I also feel he has shown for now he is truly a viking and I am now a favre fan.The way he has played for us has made us true contenders.The team played for favre this week,they showed him they respect him for doing what is needed for us to go all the way.How many viking fans still want favre gone.

  13. By vikingsfan1955 on Nov 3, 2009 | Reply

    Oh yes we need this bye week to get healty and when we come back watchout.

  14. By Steve W. on Nov 3, 2009 | Reply

    Badger, you are completely without class, or a clue for that matter. Gutless sellout? Given all the physical and mental pain the man has played with throughout the years, gutless is the last thing any rational person could ever call him. As for sellout, after 16 years of playing his heart out for the Packers they kicked him to the curb. Actually, it’s worse than that. They sent him to a team coached by Mangini! Heaven forbid Favre decide to play for a team that actually wanted him. The man didn’t scheme to avoid training camp. He was recovering from a surgery to his throwing arm, and wanted to make sure he was going to be able to play before he signed a contract. He was unsure of whether or not he’d be ready, so he initially said no. After some more rehab, and some discussions with his doctor, when Childress called to offer him the job one last time he said yes. Favre didn’t control the timing. He didn’t even know there was going to be a second offer. As someone who was raised an Eagles fan, I’ve often chafed at the way we’re all described as being horrible fans. Sure, I’m ashamed of some of them, but most of us are good people. Even the questionable Eagles fans, however, would never treat one of our legends the way you folks in Green Bay did. When Dawkins returns to Philly with the Broncos, we won’t boo him. We’ll give him the standing ovation he deserves. It’s sad really. Packers fans spent decades earning the reputation for being some of the best fans in all of football, only to throw it away in one day. Those of you who treated Favre so poorly are nothing but a joke now…and on a national level to boot. If you really want to put that loogie to good use, go to your bathroom, step in front of the mirror, and send it flying at the first person you see. If you do that, then I assure you it will go where it’s most needed.

  15. By Purplepride on Nov 3, 2009 | Reply

    Well said Steve

  16. By Packerfanforever on Nov 3, 2009 | Reply

    To Packer and Viking fans alike: 8 games to go-nothing guaranteed. Great win for the Vikings. The Vikings beat the Packers not Favre beat the Packers. The Vikings worked hard as an organization to get their team in this position and the Packers hope to do the same.It was a defining moment for both teams at this point in the season. Vikings are ready for Prime Time and the Packers are not just yet. My hope is that the Packers can learn something from this and use it in the next 8 games and beyond. I have much respect for the Vikings, yet I will always consider them our arch rival and therefore have no choice but to competitively hate them. The NFC North is till the best division ever! Peace Out!

  17. By Purplepride on Nov 3, 2009 | Reply

    For some reason my other post commenting on Steve’s comment’s didn’t post… This is more than about the Game”s about the Shamless disresptful Packer fans… Shame ! Shame! on you guys …Like most people you don’t know what you got until it’s gone

  18. By ColtNavy51 on Nov 3, 2009 | Reply

    Gee, you started out with class, and wound up with your face in the gutter. All of Favre’s petense is demonstrated by how he plays the game. With enthusiasm, courage, and stamina. How else does he have all those starts? How is Favre a traitor when the Packer organization showed him the door? Did he leave when they were sucking 5 years ago? Nope, he kept playing. The organization decided to go with Rodgers, and while he is a good QB, he still needs more than receivers. The Packers need a running game. They need an Offensive Line, and they need a better defense. Until TT and group spend some of their salary cap money, they will continue to languish while other teams improve.
    So, I used to follow the Packers, and now I see that they will do little to get better, and I have a fun and exciting QB and team to follow in the Vikes!
    From an orphaned LA Rams fan who followed Favre and the Packers for 10 years, and still cares about that team, but despises the front office.

  19. By ColtNavy51 on Nov 3, 2009 | Reply

    You want to see quick plays? Did you see Favre torch Al Harris with a TD to Berrien the first game? Harris was still getting set when Berrien blew bye enroute to 6! When it will work, #4 has the smarts to do it, and Chilly has the smarts to let him do it!

  20. By Packerfanforever on Nov 3, 2009 | Reply

    Purple Pride, did you read my comment above yours? Not all Packers fans booed him that night. I can easily remember Viking fans doing the same to some players that joined an arch rival team. It’s just a football game. The reason why those fans booed so much with Favre is not because they don’t appreciate what he did for the Packers (which they do) but its because he ia Viking. If he was a Steeler, a Titan, a Cardinal-then it would be a different story. Obviously, you don’t understand rivalries. It’s kinda like a son being punished for something he did against the family and the parent still loving him no less after its all said and done. Believe me, Brett Favre understands the love the Packer fans have for him. Let’s just call it what happened Tough Love. LOL

  21. By Mugwa on Nov 3, 2009 | Reply

    Mugwa is back! I forgot to show you guys a math problem that I was trying to solve: Vikings + 4 Superbowls = 0 Rings. Steelers + 7 Superbowls = 6 Rings. You do the math.

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