A Couple Of Streaks End, But One Continues

Posted by Mike Wobschall on October 26, 2009 – 11:57 am

The Vikings loss to Pittsburgh on Sunday ended their streak of 7 consecutive regular season games won, dating back to the 2008 season finale against the Giants. The Vikings now sit at 6-1 as they head for another highly-anticipated matchup with border and division rival Green Bay.

Part of the problem in Sunday’s regular season win streak-ending loss to Pittsburgh was a bunch of penalties – 11 to be exact. Way too many for a team as disciplined and solid as the Vikings. Going into Sunday’s game, the Vikings were the 2nd-least penalized team in the league. One of Sunday’s 11 penalties was called on an unlikely target – G Steve Hutchinson. The 6-time Pro Bowler was flagged for a false start on a goofy-looking play, and that penalty ended a 26-game penalty-less streak that dated back to September of 2007.

But while the regular season win streak and Hutch’s penalty streak were ended on Sunday, the Vikings defense continued their impressive streak of not allowing a 100-yard rusher. The Vikings defense has now gone 30 consecutive games with allowing an opposing RB to hit the century mark, the league’s longest active streak and a streak that will be put to the test again next week in Green Bay. Packers RB Ryan Grant is the last RB to rush for 100 yards against the Vikings, and he did it in Lambeau in 2007.

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21 Responses to “A Couple Of Streaks End, But One Continues”

  1. By Hornedhelm on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    Penalties were huge. Some of the calls were VARY questionable. the tight end tripping call. the defensive delay of game call. take that stupid tripping call away and we score and the fumble never happens. Why was Loadholt the only man downfield to try to stop the return? where are all of our speedsters? I don;t care if you are late but you need to be there.

  2. By Abel on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    I agree! we made tons of mistakes and the bad calls made it worse.

  3. By disappointed on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    You know what streak I would like to see started? Playing to win. I am so sick of this playing to not lose play calling. Look at the offense, when they want to score, they do. When they get a lead, they sit on it, figuring, “oh well we have the lead why score more points?” Look at the patriots, 59-0. Some call it running up the score, but like the patriots coach says, his team plays for 60 minutes, if the other team doesn’t, that’s not their problem. Coach Childress, start playing to win, maybe after getting a 35 point lead you can think about sitting on the ball.

  4. By purplehorn on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    Everyone is missing the real story here. The Vikings went into Heinz field- which is about as lousy a facility as Giant stadium, played sub par as far as penalties (with referee assistance) and still nearly won the the game. I’m very confident that the Vikings have the tools to demolish ANY team if they play their best four quarters. Forget about the Steelers and the East Coast media hype machine. They looked pathetic yesterday on offense and not for lack of trying. The Steelers got real lucky yesterday- turnovers are the name of the game.

  5. By Purple Artist on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    To Disappointed: Childress never “sat on the lead” because we barely lead the whole game. The Vikes did not play it conservative like they did against the Packers on MNF or on some possessions in recent weeks. They marched down the field twice on the vaunted Steeler defense and ended up getting unlikely turnovers on plays that were far from conservative. I understand your frustration at the loss but the play calling wasn’t the problem, nor was Childress.

  6. By doug on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    yes, i think the refs got paid off, there was no tripping on that play. that was a 14 point swing, and the vikes would of won. the refs gave the steelers the win, it’s too bad, but the head ref will need to justify it on nfl network as a blown call. thats too bad that the refs put the game in their hand

  7. By ibleedpurple on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    Did anyone else notice this? It was Dugan that was called on that HIGHLY questionable tripping call. And it was Dugan who FLATTENED that Back Judge during Percy’s K/O return. Wasn’t it the Back Judge that called the tripping on Dugan? If it was, then could the NFL look at the hit on the judge as ‘retaliation’? I hope it wasn’t retaliation, because I absolutely LOVED the hit. And it did look like the judge was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was like…”What goes around, comes around”. Know what I mean?

  8. By Vikings1 on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    Does anyone remember the super bowl where the Steelers played Seattle. I thought I was watching it all over again where the refs gave the Steelers the game on fanthom calls, it was the same yesterday, the Steelers got all the calls and the breaks, however, with a team like the Steelers you cannot have turnovers and a bunch of penalties and expect to beat them and the refs, overall, the team especially the secondary played relatively well. We out gained the Steelers in total yards but we beat ourselves in penalties and turnovers, fix them and we can beat anybody, go Vikings beat Green Bay!!!!!!!!!

  9. By Valhala on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    Ya the calls were very suspect. True on childress playing not to lose…but the big thing that shocked me was Farve threw 51 times!!! Thats waaaayyy too much and late in that game after AP crushed Gay, he should have been right back in and been given MORE handoffs against a tired defense…..we could have ran and tired to pound it in on the last drive, and if we didn’t, at least kick for the tie. Childress dropped the game again with poor poor playcalling….and this isn’t the first game this season.

  10. By Lou Betts Jr on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    Valhala: I totally agree with you. After that fantastic head busting run by AP all of the momentum was in the Vikings favor. The TV annoucers providing coverage of that game on FOX referred to AP as the “beast” after that play. With less than two minutes to play the beast (AP) should have been on the field. Why take the best player out of the game within two minutes to play? Man, I am telling you the Vikings coaches really know how to suck the momentum right out of the game. It was painful to see AP standing on the sidelines wearing no helmet.

  11. By ricker09 on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    so i watch AD run over a steeler, finally gets taken down and he growls like a man possessed, why take him out? REALLY!!! give AD the ball when hes like this and the win belongs to the Vikings……take him out? cmon man!!!

  12. By Viking-ology on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    It was a great game, but it would have been better if we won. I agree with the previous posts on AP. We were already in field goal range- no need for a screen. AP should have run until either we scored, or kicked a field goal. Oh well… Next game Green Bay. Get back on track- GO VIKES!!

  13. By vikescot on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    The V I K E ‘ S played hard and were cheated by the REFS!!!!! I agree AD was needed in the backfield in last drive but I liked that they tried a screen rather than 3 runs up the gut and then miss the field goal attempt !!!!!!Alla 1998 playoff game w/ Billick calling plays…..I do not understand that they pull AD like that either and only assume coaches think he is tired and a rested Chester is better choice,I disagree w/ that but REFS got what they wanted and a Steeler win !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. By Thorrulz on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    Enough monday morning quarterbacking. There are questionable calls in every game, some more questionable than others. The fact of the matter is when you are playing an away game, mistakes need to be kept to a minimum. While the defense played lights out, the special teams and offense committed too many errors. Penalty’s, shanked punts and turnovers are all correctable with practice and preparation. We need to get ready for the next game and not dwell on the past. Green Bay here we come.

  15. By J-dog on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    To all who are wondering about A.P. at the end of the game. if you guys can’t tell I’am pretty sure he has breathing issues. when they take him out he is gasping for air holding his chest. So i dont think it was chillie who took him out.

  16. By Bktjdk on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    WAAAAA!!! Blame the refs all you want. The real person to blame is Favre. He may win you a few games but he’ll lose some too. Now you quit your whining!

  17. By Bktjdk on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    Oh yeah the Pack will smoke you Queens next week!!! Favre will be welcome at Lambeau again but not while wearing girlie purple colors!

  18. By Bruce on Oct 27, 2009 | Reply

    You can’t burn the clock up with run plays at the end of the game. You have to pass and work the side lines unless you have someone down field in the middle. That strip was a result of not blocking properly. You HAVE to stay with the defender and in front of him. That pass was a little high but any pass that hits the receiver’s hands SHOULD be caught. These are NFL players and I have seen high school players make that same catch!


  19. By purple08 on Oct 27, 2009 | Reply

    couch potato coaches make me laugh! Childress for coach of the year. look what he has done for this organization. Tice? Dennis Green? Tice?… Tice??? compared to Mike Tice, Jim Zorn is a mastermind! godda mn morons the bunch of you dumping on Coach. you should be ashamed of yourselves. who went and got your freakin’ big hero favre to come out of retirement? Childress! that’s who a s s h o l es!!

  20. By disappointed on Oct 27, 2009 | Reply

    Look at every other game they’ve had the lead, look at the first half of the game. 30 seconds left in the first half and we kneel on the ball? Pathetic, thats called playing to not lose, SCORE POINTS, GET THE LEAD, DON’T LOOK BACK. Tired of the weak play calling, terrible clock management

  21. By vikescot on Oct 28, 2009 | Reply

    Hey “PURPLE08″ and “THORRULZ” why don’t you 2 Fudgepacker wannabe fans MOUSE it up on the FUDGEPACKER Blog.Quit wasting critical space w/ your pathetic take on “penalty calls are made in every game” they r but not as DUMB or lame and totally Steeler GIFTS!!!!!! Defensive delay of game!!!!!Comeon,the Steelers were hopping and thrashing at our off. line the whole game to try and get them to flinch…..Refs called us False all the other Steeler gift calls ,FREAKS.Hey purple08 Childress wasted all of 2008 hoping to get Favre when we all knew “aint gonna happen and then almost cost us w/ tampering charges!!!!!What did we end up w/ last year culd had Matt Cassel,Warner,Leftwich etc all were gone by the time Chilly figured out what we fans already knew Green Bay was not gonna let #4 come to Minnie!!!!!So Chilly pulls Frerote out of retirement….Cutler was long term answer Favre will retire again next year and then unretire…Am lovin how this team is comin together but do not think it comes close to “98″ DREAM TEAM w/ the 2 FREAKS 1} “MOSS is boss , I have a need for speed” and 2} Robert “the RABITT” Smith…..PURPLE08 you R the MORON !!!!!!

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