Field Condition In Pittsburgh Could Get Tricky

Posted by Mike Wobschall on October 22, 2009 – 1:54 pm

The Pittsburgh Steelers enjoy a great home field advantage in Heinz Field. But what isn’t great at Heinz Field, for the Steelers and any team that plays there, is the condition of the field.

And a number of circumstances could combine in the next few days to do anything but improve the field conditions for Sunday’s Steelers-Vikings game. Although the forecast does not currently call for rain on Sunday, rain is in the forecast for tomorrow and then the University of Pittsburgh has a game scheduled at Heinz Field on Saturday afternoon.

“It’ll certainly be a test,” Vikings special teams coordinator Brian Murphy said of kicking at Heinz Field. “You really don’t know until you get there. They’re going to replace the sod in between the hashes, which is always an adventure.

“It’s not supposed to be bad during our game, but the field may be torn up before we even get there. So it’ll be something that we just have to adjust to.”

Because of Longwell’s experience in the NFL, Murphy didn’t sound too concerned about making the appropriate adjustments.

“Ryan’s performed at a high level in a lot of tough places to play,” Murphy explained. “He spent his career in Lambeau and kicked in Soldier Field; I think he’ll be able to adjust.”

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