Career Day For Emerging Sidney Rice

Posted by Mike Wobschall on October 18, 2009 – 6:21 pm

There was no single star in today’s 33-31 victory over the Ravens, but it’s tough to point to a player who had a better game than WR Sidney Rice. Against a nasty Ravens defense, Rice earned his first career 100-yard receiving game.

Rice’s 176 receiving yards ranks as the 9th most in team history for single game, and is the most any Vikings receiver has gained against the Ravens.

The 6-4 receiver had 6 grabs on the day, but perhaps to catch was more important than his 58-yarder late in the 4th quarter that set up Ryan Longwell’s game-winning FG.

On the play, the Vikings faced a 2nd and 6 from their own 24-yardline with just under 3 minutes to play and trailing 31-30. Favre took the snap, run-faked to the left and then rolled out on a naked bootleg to the right. Rice changed his route mid-play and ran a fly pattern down the right sideline. Favre saw Rice streaking, pump faked a few times to allow Rice time to get down the field and then launched a pass in Rice’s direction. Rice located the ball in the air, ran under it and hauled in the catch, in spite of a pass interference penalty.

The result was a 58-yard gain that advanced the Vikings from their own 24-yardline to the Ravens 18 and allowed Longwell to hit the eventual game-winning FG 3 plays later.

Rice has been an emerging player for the Vikings all season and he took another step in that direction today.

“When he got here a couple years ago, he was twenty years old,” Vikings G Steve Hutchinson said. “He’s really matured as a player. He understands what this offense needs out of him.”

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30 Responses to “Career Day For Emerging Sidney Rice”

  1. By purplehorn on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply

    Rice did have a great game today. He has really developed into a solid wide out. We are going to need him and Berrian to step up. I think Harvin may have broken his collarbone today. I hope I’m wrong, but it looked like that is what happened. Who steps in if that is the case? Johnson, Reynaud, or Lewis? My guess would be Lewis.

  2. By PAVikesFan on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply

    It’s about time…I really likes him his rookie year, he showed a lot of promise…I’ve said he has the best hands I’ve seen since Cris Carter…I never understood why all of last year he was so underutilized, now I know why it was b/c of sub-par quarter-backing…This is what I always thought he could be…He doesn’t have top-end speed, but he runs good routes and like I said has tremendous hands…what a plus if he can be consistent.

  3. By PAVikesFan on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply

    I meant I really “LIKED” him his rookie year, not really “likes” him his rookie year

  4. By GrammarNazi on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply

    “…but perhaps to catch was more important…”

    It should say “…no catch was more important…”

  5. By PAVikesFan on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply

    dude, please, seriously, this a football website, go to the Bears or Packers website and critique their grammar. I guess u must be G A Y, that’s the only thing I can think of..NO ONE CARES,

  6. By wisvikefan4 on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply

    I saw his press conference, you can tell he’s a very articulate young guy, completely a team player, and a great complement to the other receivers we have. I’m very impressed in general with our receiving corps. So happy for Sidney to see him getting some well-deserved recognition! I’m really happy for Brett too that he’s got such a great group of guys to throw to.

  7. By purple08 on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply

    hey purplehorn, did you hear somebody say harvin broke his collarbone? or is it just your personal opinion that it looked liked that is what happened? don’t start saying s h i t like that if you did not hear it from the team you idiot!!! you are going to give me a heart attack!! how bad is winfield injury? paymah looked terrible on that TD. if winfield was in there it would have been no catch. you had to know some people were going to get hurt against that nasty ravens team. they are physical! it does not get any easier next week in Tittsburgh. Wow! Saints and Pats are looking great right now, they will be tough to beat.

  8. By Vikings1 on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply

    What a great win for the Vikings, however, what I feared reared its ugly head and that is the weakness of our secondary and the atrocious tackling also by the secondary with Winfield out of the game. I just hop his injury isn’t too serious along with AP’s and Harvin’s injury. No turnovers and only a few penalties were a plus, we were very fortunate to win the game even with Farve;s great comeback, thanks to the Raven’s missed FG at the end of the game.

  9. By Rap99 on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply

    offense got way too conservative after 14/0 lead, and was too conservative at the end. the D sucked at the end of the game, when you know the opp. has to throw, why do we give them all the time in the world, it never works. lucky to get the win, thats hard to accept in a game we dominated from the start. but a win is a win i guess. thank heaven for favre, without him we would be in trouble! go brett, GO VIKES!!!! HOPE INJURIES ARE NOT SERIOUS!

  10. By the purple flood on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply


  11. By blacknblue on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply

    I watched the first 2 scores and had my sons B-day to run. Thought it was going to be a blowout but knew in the back of my mind that the D has nap time during the 4th quarter. Needless to say I missed my kid opening his presents. We didn’t win so much as the Ravens lost it. Glad to see AP uncorked, a cutback might have gotten him 6. The D cut him off well. Too bad we couldn’t have gotten a new set of downs in that last drive to kill the clock but that hasen’t been our strong point so far this year. All in all a very explosive game. Gald we were able to get a win. I see the same kind of game next week. Maybe a lower score.

  12. By Vikings Fan from Afar on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply

    Good win by the Vikings. The team’s record, 6-0, does not mean anything. The Vikings were 6-0 in 2003 and missed the playoffs.

    Losing to the Steelers at their home field would not be absolutely terrible. It is a non-divisional, non-conference game. They have a good team. They have a great passing attack and a physical team.

    If the Vikings hold some nicked up players inactive, like Percy Harvin, Antoine Winfield, and perhaps others, they will be more ready to play the more important Packers game or in a game later on.

    What would be bad is if the Vikings who are on the field don’t play to win for all 60 minutes. A great team must always go out and play hard no matter what.

    Championship teams play unworried.

    After the Vikings have won but not dominated games, nobody expects the Vikings to win the Super Bowl. All the pressure is on the New Orleans Saints, the Giants, the Colts, and whoever.

    Just go play free and loose next week.

    And study hard this week. The defense showed some weakness to the hurry-up offense and to the draw play. When the defense blitzes, it isn’t very effective. You have to disrupt the quarterback or it isn’t worth blitzing.

    EJ Henderson missed tackles. Tyrell Johnson missed tackles. The offensive line needs to get some more creases for the running game.

  13. By PAVikesFan on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply

    Yes, I sure do hope our defense comes to play in the 4th quarter next week…It’s getting ridiculous, really. I watched the game, they didn’t say that Winfield was out of the gaem, so I had had no clue he was out, I guess I should have figured that out, b/c Karl Paymah was G O D awful…our safeties stink, they never make plays, all they do is arm tackle air and put themselves in poor position…I never understood why we released Charles Gordon, I liked him, I guarantee he is better than Paymah…I also knew that one of these games we would break instead of bending…teams seem to be able to pa-ss at will against us, it’s ridiculous.

  14. By Brownicus on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply

    Winfield is scheduled for an MRI tomorrow, I really hope he will be able to return this year. Paymah didn’t play very well, but he’s not the only reason the vikings played so poorly in the 4th quarter. Hopefully that poor finish for the defense can act as a wake up call or motivate the defense to play better. Very good day for Rice, it would be great if he can continue to play so well this season.

    I hope to hear more on Harvin tomorrow, purple08 its clear that purplehorn was talking about what he thought he saw and not what he heard. No reason to get upset about that.

  15. By PAVikesFan on Oct 18, 2009 | Reply

    ‘vikings fan from afar’: I completely agree with your as-sessment..Our blitzes take so long to develop, that by the time we finally get in the backfield, it’s way too late. I’m hoping Leslie Frazier can fix some things there, our boyz worry me at times.

  16. By PAVikesFan on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    I listened to Jared Allen’s comments on here, he’s pis-sed, but obviously happy about the win, but he knows his defense played horribly in the 4th quarter…this should humble them, bring them down a peg. I’ll tell ya one thing, if they do not respond this week at Pittsburgh, then I will be in serious panic mode about our D…think about some of these stats here…CLE scored 20 on us, DET had a lead on us 10-0, we blew a lead in the 4th qtr. vs. SF when we were completely dominating THAT game, just like we did this game( is there a trend there???)…we let GB throw for a zillion yards on us in the 4th qtr, remember that game, had a big lead, then it waddled down to a 1 possession game…there was last week when the happless Rams drove down the field on us all game for 400 yards of total offense, only to turn the ball over a bunch of times b/c they are the Rams, and now this game today…

  17. By PAVikesFan on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    So what do you see??…here’s what I see…our 3 home games we started out with moderate to big leads, only to collapse in the 4th quarter, in each game…something has got to be done, if we really expect to win in January or maybe even in February, we have got to fix a lot of things up on our defense.

  18. By Brownicus on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    Charles Gordon was released after he failed his physical. Gordon suffered a serious injury last season, and was deemed not ready to play at the beginning of training camp. Funny though, how during the preseason the Viking had a problem with too many cornerbacks and had a tough decision on who to cut. We injure one cornerback and suddenly now we have no depth.

  19. By PAVikesFan on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    ‘Brownicus’..Yeah, I forgot about that one, my bad there…anyway, I’ve been a few sites, reading comments from not just fans, but “insiders”…I’m seeing things like “sprained left foot”, or “possible turf toe” on Winfield…from what I’ve seen, it looks like it might not be as serious as thought…there are also reports that he wanted to go back in but was told no by Childress, if that’s the case then “thank heavens”

  20. By PAVikesFan on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    let’s get to the bye week healthy, we desperately need a bye week…we need to heal up…teams that go deep in the playoffs have 3 things: Talent, luck, health. We have talent, we’ve had some luck so far, and now we need to stay healthy.

  21. By Brownicus on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    Here’s how I see it, Cleveland scored 1 offensive TD the entire game and it was at the end of the game when most of the starters were out of game. Detroit was held to 13 pts, no problem with that. SF was held to 17 offensive points, not a big deal. Green Bay was held to 17 offensive points, not a big deal. St Louis was held to 10 points, good.
    Finally the 4th ranked offense, Baltimore, comes back in the 4th quarter to score 21 points. That was the defenses fault.

    So the way I see it, its really just one bad game for the defense, or really just one bad quarter for the defense. No reason to panic, wait til next week and see if this continues or not.

  22. By PAVikesFan on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    I like to be devil’s advocate sometimes…Bottom line is, they are what they are, 6-0. I just hope we can sure up some things defensively in the coming weeks.

  23. By wdnemesis on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    This game was a close one, it had me on the edge of my seat steaming. Overall though it was very lucky for Baltimore to miss that field goal. We played very well in the first half but fell apart the second which shocked me. hope everyone is fresh for the next game I look forward to watching you guys.

  24. By purple08 on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    good posts! this could be a blessing in disguise. we are 3 up in the division. like PAvikesfan said, jared allen is pis sed, defense should improve. i tell you what though… if we lose winfield,and/or our defense does not improve, i don’t see us getting past the saints. they are looking unbelievable right now. how about junior seau back with the pats. man, has belechek(sp) ever heard of letting up on a team? 59-0! it is still early in the season and a lot can happen. sidney rice was player of the game… no question!

  25. By Longshowerz on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    Someone needs to remind the Defense Secondary that the game does not end till the clock reads 0:00 and tell Childress just because your ahead don’t mean its time to be conservative, keep doing what works! do what the Patriots did ! We have the combo to do it! if the coaching staff can’t get it together, have Farve make the calls!

  26. By Longshowerz on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    Someone needs to tell #11 you can’t make a defensive play with your back turned to the opponent !

  27. By vikingfan1955 on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    Yes we did very well and I will not complain that we are winning close games I will praise the team for doing what we haven’t in tha past and that is win close games.We have good recievers and it seems if one is a little off others take up the slack.Favre like him or not has become a viking and he was said to be distant from teammates with the jets but thats not the case here.As I have said many times we are finally clicking on offense and trust me as the yr goes on the defense will pick it up.Look all chilly is calling better plays,not great but he’s winning when the d seems to be tiring so give him a break.He got lewis which saved a game,favre who has saved 2,harvin who may be rookie of the yr now that sanchez if floundering.This is our yr go vikes.

  28. By Vikings1 on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    Brownicus, you are right on time about the D, however, I am still concerned about the play of the secondary especially their tackling or lack thereof, by the way does anyone know who the secondary coach is, maybe we need another one?

  29. By dmac32 on Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    Call me crazy, but I can see our boys playing the role of Atlanta in 1998. New Orleans is this high powered, high flying offense, who should lead the league in scoring, have the league’s best record, and probably have the league’s MVP. I like the fact that NO is being put on this pedestal, because it’s less pressure on our team. Remember, in 1998, Atlanta was 14-2, and not given any chance to advance. I do hope that we can shore up our pas-sing D…the Ravens killed us yesterday on screen plays. The reason that game was so close was that the Vikes let up off the gas. Hopefully that was a learning experience, and the fact that we’re winning and still have things to coach the team up on bodes well for our playoff run.

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