Pass Protection Key Against Nasty Ravens Defense

Posted by Mike Wobschall on October 13, 2009 – 3:14 pm

Off to a 5-0 start, ranked 3rd in the league in scoring and ranked 5th in the league in scoring defense can get a team to start feeling good about itself. Even though the Vikings can claim all 3 of the accomplishments listed above, Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress said on Monday that he thinks his team has the proper mindset in light of its quick start.

“They are really pretty good at taking that (being 5-0) in,” Childress explained. “It is a fine line between being cocky and having a swagger and being beaten down and not thinking you are any good. You are always balancing that.

“I want them to think that they are good football team. Can we be a better football team? We absolutely can. When we go in here (to a meeting) we are going to look back at this last one and make those corrections and then embrace what we got to do this week.”

Childress indicated he was generally pleased with the way his team played on Sunday against the Rams, but he specifically referenced the pair of sacks allowed as an area that they’ll look to improve upon this week.

Favre was indeed sacked twice by the Rams, once on a safety blitz by O.J. Atogwe in the 1st quarter and then a 2nd time on a safety blitz by Craig Dahl.

“We had people (blockers) for those guys (that had the sacks),” Childress said. “We had a guy get physically beat and then we had a wrong call on the offensive line the one time. So that is something that we need to continue to work on. We are going to face a multiple defense this week.”

The defense to which Childress refers is the Baltimore Raven’s unit, which is one of the nastiest in the NFL and features perennial Pro Bowlers and defensive player of the year candidates LB Ray Lewis and S Ed Reed, among several other quality players.

The Ravens are an aggressive unit that loves to blitz on 3rd down (60% of the time). They rank 12th in the NFL with 11 sacks, while the Vikings offense ranks 19th in the NFL with 11 sacks allowed.

There might be an added twist to the chess match between the Vikings offense and Ravens defense on Sunday. Both teams will have to take into account former Vikings C and current Ravens C Matt Birk’s familiarity with the Vikings protection scheme under Childress from the 3 seasons prior to 2009. The Ravens might be picking Birk’s brain about how the Vikings operate and perhaps the Vikings are tweaking things to neutralize any advantage the Ravens might gain from Birk’s knowledge of the scheme.

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6 Responses to “Pass Protection Key Against Nasty Ravens Defense”

  1. By HornedHelm on Oct 13, 2009 | Reply

    Protection is always key. I want to see some plays between the guard and takle gap, utilizing the aggressive style of play to our addvantage. And of coursr our run game needs to get going. No more excuses. If Hutch is hurt then he needs to heal up and sit out some games. I don;t like the sound of that either, but something needs to happen in the run game. I thought we did a better job against the tight ends in the rams game, but we need to still work on defending the middle of the field. Cmon Vikes we can do it. this team is beatable.

  2. By Jon Michael Young on Oct 13, 2009 | Reply

    You are right on about the tightends but can we look at the positives. Brett gives new meaning to “40 is the new 20″. Peterson needs to be more patient and follow his blocks. But the Ravens have not seen a back like peterson and a rookie like Harvin. Sidney rice is coming on, Jared has been on fire. I think the Ravens should be in fear of the vikings pass rush. Leslie Frazier has found ways to confuse veteran QB’s I am sure he will have something special for the Ravens QB. And Ray Lewis is a cheap shot artist who would be out of the league if Roger Goodell was the commisioner in 99. it will be tough but I believe in my heart the Vikings will Prevail. You cannot mess with Destiny.

  3. By Vikings1 on Oct 13, 2009 | Reply

    I would love to see the Vikings run some plays like the Dolphins ran against the jets last night in the wildcat formation. Even with all of the hype the Jet’s defense has received, Miami ran all over them using the wildcat formation. I don’t know if Harvin can pass but wouldn’t it be nice if he could out of the wildcat. We need new wrinkles in our running game and this could be just the weapons we need to utilize Harvin, AP, and Taylor more effectively.

  4. By PAVikesFan on Oct 14, 2009 | Reply

    Good, valid points by you fellas. AP seems to be bouncing all his runs to the outside, consequently losing yards on a bunch of his carries. Our o-line will be furiously tested for the forst time this season, b/c, really, we have played cupcake defenses so far this season, besides SF. While our D is good, we do have issues. I’m a little concerned that we r allowing a lot of pas-sing yards, the RAMS?? with 400 yards of total offense??, teams opposing TE’s are hurting us all year long and our safeties need to make some plays. The good thing is, we haven’t played our best ball yet and we r 5-0. If we start peaking at the right time this year, then we can do some things in late January and possibly into February, yes I said that.

  5. By Big Bob on Oct 14, 2009 | Reply

    Hey Vikings Fans Matt Birk has already given us all we need to know about your O line. Cant wait to see Favre lying face up on the turf gasping for air as he walks back to the bench with his cane and sits in his rocking chair. The old man its’t quick enough to escape our D. The best thing he can do is take a dive like he did against Strahan for the sack record.

  6. By Radzinwisconsin on Oct 14, 2009 | Reply

    Matty B snapped the ball last year in the shut gun worse then our local hischool centers do. Sully can do just as good as Mr. I want more money!!!!!

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