Vikings Were “About Their Business” vs. St. Louis

Posted by Mike Wobschall on October 12, 2009 – 10:18 am

The issue of Sunday’s game against the Rams being a “trap game” for the Vikings was discussed several times throughout last week. The Vikings had just come off an exciting win over rival Green Bay on Monday night and they had games against tough AFC North foes Baltimore and Pittsburgh later in the month.

If there ever was a trap game, this was it. Playing an 0-4 team after such an exciting win and before such highly-anticipated matchups is exactly what constitutes a situation that could lead to a letdown.

But as was predicted right here in the Blog by yours truly (shameless claim of credit, sorry), the Vikings didn’t fall for the trap and it was probably never a real possibility. Even during the mega-hype that led up to last Monday night’s Packer game, Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress down-played the existence of increased anxiety for the game because of the unique circumstances.

And that fell in line with the philosophy that Childress has been preaching during his tenure in Minnesota – “each game during the season is 1/16th of the season”…”we’re trying to go 1-0 this week.” How many times have we heard the coach say something similar to those 2 phrases? Quite often.

“The big thing for our team, and I even talked about this last night, I thought this game was more important than last week’s game or next week’s game,” Childress said Sunday during his postgame press conference. ” Just from the standpoint that good teams find a way to play on Monday and come out and play on Sunday night. Regardless of the short time, regardless of who you are playing or if you are playing in a dome. I thought our guys were rested and prepared to come in here and doing what they needed to do and setting the standards. It wasn’t about last week’s game, it was this week’s game and they did a good job at being about their business.”

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